Google must display warning on homepage about how Google violated French privacy laws, says court


A French court has ordered Google to display the fact that it has gotten a fine for privacy violation on its French search page.

The ruling was made by France’s top administration court over the way Google collected the individual user data across it’s other services such as Gmail, Google+ and YouTube. Google will comply with this demand, though they are still going to fight the fact that they’ve been fined 150,000-euro ($204,000) fine by CNIL, a watchdog group that concentrates on privacy.

“We’ve engaged fully with the CNIL throughout this process to explain our privacy policy and how it allows us to create simpler, more effective services,” a Google spokesman said in a statement.

“We will comply with the order to post the notice, but we’ll also continue with our appeal before the Conseil d’Etat,” he added.

France isn’t the only European country that has become critical of Google recently. Other countries such as Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain have all started their own cases over Google and its privacy policy.

[via The Verge, Reuters]

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