realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is released, features realtime 3D

myst 2

The realMyst: Masterpiece Edition has been released and it brings the classic gaming world in the realtime 3D space.

With this newest edition, aside from the realtime 3D, it also introduces a day and night cycle, a flashlight to use at night, and weather changes as well.

“We located and marked every still image location and angle from the original Myst in 3D space in realMyst,” Jason Calvert, who is a senior software engineer that worked on newest version , said. “The idea was to provide an uncompromising 3D experience with the simple point and click interface that made the original Myst accessible to anyone.”

Myst was originally released back in 1993, and since then it has garnered a legendary amount of acclaim for it’s beautiful world and tough puzzles. An earlier version, realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition, was introduced in 2000.

The Masterpiece Edition cost $17.99, is available for the Mac OS on the Mac App Store, and on PC through Steam. If you already own the previous realMyst game on Steam you will get a 33% discount if you decide to buy this one.

[via Polygon]

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