Taco Bell will let you order through your smartphone later this year


Later this year, Taco Bell will begin taking orders through a specialized mobile for smartphones. There are currently other solutions that would provide a similar service, but Taco Bell has spent more than two years on making and perfecting its own.

The goal of the app is to make everything about ordering Taco Bell as convenient as possible. The prices and operating hours that will be displayed in the app will be specific to your nearest Taco Bell. You’ll also be able to save your favorite orders so you can access them again later on. Another neat feature is that through GPS, Taco Bell employees will know when you’re nearing the restaurant — so they can start heating up your food for you. Users will be able to choose between picking up orders at the drive-thru or in-store, and credit cards or gift cards can be used to pay for orders. Finally, when line’s get long, users that place their order via the mobile app will have a separate section to pick up their food.

Taco Bell is banking on people downloading the app later this year so that more users have a “portal” to Taco Bell right from their pockets. And for the users, they’ll be benefitting from one of the more convenient fast food systems to be thought of yet.

[via Nation’s Restaurant News, The Verge]

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