New Netflix hack detects when you fall asleep and automatically pauses videos


Netflix recently held an internal “hack day,” where company developers created a variety of experimental features in a 24-hour time period. The result was a handful of useful features that may or may not make it as an actual feature, with one in particular standout that most definitely should.

One of the hacks was the “sleep tracker,” which when combined with a Fitbit, would be able to pause a video when it detects a viewer has fallen asleep. When the Fitbit detects that the user is sleeping, it pauses the video and bookmarks the time in the video so the user can resume watching where they left off. See it in action in the video below:

Though many of the features won’t become real Netflix feature, there’s a possibility that some will. Hopefully the sleep tracker is one of them.

[via Ars Technica]

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