Apple Maps error leads random skiers onto lady’s house


It appears Apple’s mapping woes are far from over, with one troubling case in Pennsylvania proving that the app is far from ready in some places, even today. Judy Saltsburg has been dealing with skiers for the past year and a half (since Apple introduced Maps) who think that her home is the best way to get to a local ski lodge.

Despite the fact that her house is marked as a dead end road, and even after putting up multiple signs warning drivers to keep away, the skiers keep coming. Saltsburg has even tried to contact Apple, but they have yet to fix it.To make things worse, the skiers sometimes refuse to believe that her house isn’t a ski lodge and are convinced the app is giving them the right directions. Their argument, she says, is “My app says this is the way to Roundtop.”

Judging from this story, Apple Maps doesn’t seem to be ready just yet.

[via BGR]

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