Free 1 year license of Lavasoft Ad-Aware Plus! (24 hours only this Friday!)

Ad-Aware is a security software offered by Lavasoft. It comes in four different flavors and the features offered by the software vary on the version you have:

Ad-Aware Plus is the version users can get a 1 year license for free! The promotion is being sponsored by and will only be open for 24 hours starting March 26, 2010. The promotion will start “from midday GMT, Friday 26th of March 2010 through to midday GMT, Saturday 27th of March 2010”. Take special note that the starting times are in GMT timezone; be sure to calculate what time 12 PM GMT is in your timezone (it is 8 AM EST for reference). Since the promotion has not started yet, I don’t have very much detail on how the promotion will work; the only thing I know is that the link for the free 1 year license will be available via’s download section starting Friday.

Thanks Luffy!

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  • yourpalal


    It states it is anti-spyware, anti-virus, & anti-rootkit, plus the Adwatch features, so thats one reason for 104 MBs

    TO those who had problems with downloading & kept getting the free version (like I did):
    Just go to this link. log-in & download

    Here’s an updated message from them:

    “Important – Distribution & Activation

    Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 (1-PC, 1-Year) is licensed exclusively from Lavasoft as part of this promotion and is strictly prohibited from general distribution. This software is available to Software Store members. Store membership is free. If you subscribe to the store newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time.

    You will only be able to activate the product within the 24 hour period whilst the promotion is available. Please activate during the period of this promotion. The promotion runs between midday GMT Friday 26 March through to midnight GMT Sunday 28 March.

    The serial code is built-in to the software. Activation is automatic, as soon as you start Ad-Aware Plus. Do not try and register as this will result in an error. You should receive a 12-month license automatically and the license expiry date can be confirmed with ‘Manage License’.
    Note that a number of people, with Ad-Aware Free installed, have reported that this download does not activate as the Plus Edition. We’ve made Lavasoft aware of this situation and expect an answer by Monday.”

    My humble & free advice:
    If you have Ad-Aware Free installed– REVO it, reboot, run CCleaner for remnants, then look in program files & program data for any leftovers. Adaware uninstalls quite well & using this to remove traces SHOULD avoid problems with trying to install PLUS over free version.

    After installing & updating, I went to settings & made updates manual & disabled AdWatch for now, so I can add protection 1 item at a time later, to see how it behaves with all its mates.

    Hope this helps.


  • alan

    Is there any evidence that the files hosted by are trustworthy, and have not been modified and impregnated with exploits ?

    That I tend to respect.
    If you search for “All software on Download has been tested to ensure it’s 100% free of spyware, viruses, and other malware” you will find this gives a link to their software policy.
    That PLUS THE HIGH REGARD in which is held means I have no expectation of problems when downloading from there – but I still keep my FireWall and A.V. on full alert regardless. appears to host whatever they are given,
    and appear to have no software policy, nor any indication that they test for malware.

    An MD5 checksum would be useful, but only if certified by Lavasoft. n.b. MD5 is now crackable, i.e. a virus can be introduced and then a bit of extra cryptography magic will cancel its effects upon the MD5 checksum. SHA encryption gives more peace of mind.
    That indicates the web-site itself is good and tends to NOT annoy with pop-ups, but siteadvisor itself makes no comment about uploaded malware.
    User comments indicate that malware IS a problem.


  • Joji

    Mr. Kunk0n0508 gave us a link where a “Vietnamese Blog Site”, a technology/IT Site downloaded the file and uploaded it online through sites like RapidShare. I downloaded the file and it’s named “”. It looks like the promotional Adaware Plus. I’m not sure, but that’s what it says on that site. Just be sure to turn on translation to read what it says. In addition, the product key is already with the installer so once you finish installing Adaware Plus on your computer, it’s already activated. :)


  • Mohamed Hassan

    Hi Everybody,

    Could anyone please let us know the MD5 for the exe file for verification. Thanks

  • MikeR

    Not sure about bogus, TBH.

    It’s more likely cock-up than conspiracy. But your experience is typical of mine when it comes to so many of these ‘time-limited’ offers: a complete shambles from start to finish, and only after it’s all over does the developer materialise to say oops, sorry, hadn’t realised there’d be so much demand.

    A developer incapable of legislating for demand doesn’t strike me as one over-endowed with much forethought. And if absence of forethought spills over into the developer’s products, then, um, well. . .


  • Joji

    @kunk0n0508: Is that the exact promotional giveaway for Adaware Plus?


  • Frank Ylagan

    You have to register to avail of the free offer. But the registration is buggy – you can’t do it! Seems to be a Bogus Promo. :-(

  • MikeR


    I guess prospective users need to make the decision first as to whether this software is worth all the obvious hassle or not.

    LavaSoft has no track record in the new fields in which it is claiming expertise, yet this product is clearly intended to replace software of already well-established provenance.

    Methinks that not for the first time, the prospect of something being free will bedazzle many — rather than the prospect of whether it’s actually appropriate to their needs.

    Software as ambitious as this appears to be merits an exhaustive review but as yet, I haven’t come across one.

    Perhaps if you do manage to hook it, you could thoroughly test its AV capabilities and whatever else Lavasoft has incorporated — and report back here?

  • I wonder how someone was able to register. 14 hours over, no confirmation email yet. Can´t login without confirmation. Register form says username alredy in use. How can be downloads the reason for undelivered mails? Are they that poor that they only got one server for webpage downloads and email? They said on another page they got 4 servers with 100mbit for downloads. The offer now is available for one more day but i doubt i will receive any mail in the time the offer still is on. I´ve never seen such an unprofessional giveaway offer ever.
    I hope the posted hotfile link contains the right file and is clean. Seems the only chance to get this giveaway.

  • MikeR

    @ 18, yourpalal:

    Amazing to learn the Ad Aware download is 104Mb.

    My Malwarebytes installation is 4Mb, winPatrol less than 2Mb, and the entire fully-loaded Online Armor firewall + anti-virus, 143Mb.

    Quite what it is that this version of Ad Aware is intended to replace on a user’s machine — and at that size, it really must be replacing a lot of apps — I’ve no idea.

    104MB though. Ye Gods.

  • jeh17580

    I registered and got confirmation after 2 hours. Same experience others – It says my user name and password are invalid. So, no software for me, either.

  • kunk0n0508
  • Emrys

    I registered with the site and have tried over and over to log in and always get told that I am an invalid. I always knew it would come to this. Good bye, cruel world…

  • DrLongBear

    Ashraf, I went there with 17 hours left (within the past hour)and after joining and receiving the confirmation email – plus the obligatory click to confirm – and it still will not accept my user name or password – so, no download…from the comments here though, I am pretty sure I most probably lucked out not getting to download it…sorry, preposition was all I could think of to end the sentence. :-)

  • Joji

    Can’t make the account for some odd reason… any help?

    I didn’t get an activation email after 20 mins!


  • yourpalal

    Also, they have other freebies: the link:

    “More Category/Brand Titles
    Backup4all Lite 4.3 RRP: $19.95 Save: $19.95 (100%) Our Price: $0.00
    Protect yourself from data disasters with this straightforward backup tool. Free full current version commercial software worth $19.95. Follow the instructions on the ‘More Info’ page to get your serial code.
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    Manage your photos more effectively using this free full software
    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio 2010 Our Price: $0.00
    Easily convert your favourite digital photos into professional video slideshows, with subtitles, soundtracks and image transitions.”


  • yourpalal


    To all still interested:
    I’m one who d/l early on but it is the free version.
    from their forums:
    1″Note that the download servers are being hammered as everyone wants the download (which is 104MB) immediately. Be patient. Please don’t abuse us (like some of the comments) as the FREE download isn’t instantly available.

    If need be, we’ll allow the promotion to run beyond 24 hours, so everyone can download.”


  • buyerbeware

    this is garbage and does not work even after becoming a member of their site. garbage in garbage out. too much effort for garbage software anyway. good bye garbage truck, too many hoops for this non-conformist.

  • mark

    Hi, I Would just echo what others have said…I used to use it several years ago quite happily. As other AV’s and spyware detectors got faster, smaller and more effective, lavasoft became increasingly bloated and strangely ineffective (comparatively) Once a leader, now something I personally would not use for free!

  • raven

    Watch during installation because it wants to install chrome browser so if you don’t want chrome do NOT just click through the install people!And my install did not automatically license itself so at present I have the free version

  • The promotion is out already, here’s the link:

    Enjoy your free AV product!


  • Greg Ber

    ready now. must register first to login.I installed over free w/o uninstalling. shows lic in place. does want a restart of comp .
    says av but no conflict so far with my av installed. think it just uses during scan ,hopefully. do not see a way to turn off lavas av so built in?

  • jumbi

    it has started:

    its only for members.
    membership is free.
    activation is only valid for today.
    (I will bypass…)

  • Ashraf

    @DrLongBear: As Annie said, that is because it hasn’t started yet.

  • DrLongBear

    Same as #8. Searched all over the site, got a great coloring book for my kids, but nothing mentioned in this article.

  • annie


    Peccadilloes – it’s not yet start of the business day in the UK. Should be up in 2-3 hours.

  • Peccadilloes

    went to the site you gave and even after searching for it in downloads…nothing! why?

  • Max

    My own experience from useing Lavasoft Ad-Aware reminds me from what is mentioned already.
    Actualy the free version was the first cleaning tool I used for get rid of spyware and cookies.
    After a while I’ve heard of the project Norman had with Lavasoft and changed over to their AntiSpyware product instead. Was useing it during a short time but had to leave it when I understood how much power it took and how little difference it made.
    Like other saying, useing CCleaner together with a good Antimalware are much much better.

    I do not recommend Norman Antispyware product to anyone in this moment as it’s extremly hungry in resources and buggy.

  • Lutfi01

    is it ok to run ad-aware plus with other antivirus? as we all know that ad-aware plus has full an-virus feature……..

  • MikeR


    Wow, talk about resonance: your experience exactly mirrored mine. The app’s debut version was light, slim, fast (I think it even pre-dated Spybot by a short time.)

    Then as Spybot racked up supporters, Lavasoft for some unfathomable reason not only took the bellows to their freeware and puffed it up mightily, they also messed it up mightily, too: an updated version I ran repeatedly crashed and generally caused more harm than good.

    Finally, finally. . . another version sorted out the problems of its predecessor, though at the expense of yet more bloat.

    That’s when I walked away. (And have done subsequently with Spybot.)

    Computing’s like life: everything changes; nothing stays the same. Apps that once were indispensable to me are now apps I’ll take pains to avoid — including, Lavasoft’s Ad Aware.

  • alan


    I was happy – before the monstrous installation bloat.
    Suddenly I had the latest download which produced a similar sized monstrosity some where in C:, which had to be run to unpack an MSI installer that finally detected and removed cookies – and no longer had the ability to be removed unless the MSI installer was retained.

    Horror of horrors, I found that it was no longer content to scan on my demand, it insisted upon launching its *.exe junk processes, interfering with my real-time requirements, and when I used Windows Task manager to end the offending process I was only successful for 2 or 3 minutes, and then it launched itself again, and again, and again.

    I went back to the previous version and was happy until they no longer supplied compatible signature/whatever updates, and then I decided I would rather lose a little “cookie privacy” than to use their real-time killer.

    At no time did it actually detect/remove any cookie with significant risk – perhaps because CCleaner was (and is) keeping the situation under control.


  • Ad-Aware Free failed to install properly, but seemed to work fine, but became kinda glitchy. I uninstalled it after and installed Malwarebyte instead. I did that on my Win XP Laptop… I might get that if the product key doesn’t expire in less than 30 days or so. :)

    Please also mention when the key would expire if I don’t activate it too Ashraf!


  • Ashraf

    @OldElmerFudd: I am not a fan of Ad-Aware either, for much of the same reason as you just stated.

  • OldElmerFudd

    I was a beta tester for Ad-Aware Pro. For years, I’d used Ad-Aware before it went commercial. It worked, I liked it, and tended to install it along with Spybot and SpywareBlaster routinely on machines. During the beta testing, I couldn’t help but notice how the size ballooned and the overall usefulness of the program diminished. Ad-Aware was a fine program until bloat took it over, imo. I haven’t used it in years. (For that matter, I no longer use Spybot and SB, but for much different reasons.)

    Still, it may fit some of your readers’ needs, if not mine. Ymmv. Thanks for the alert.