Over 400 people want to join lawsuit against Mt Gox

bitcoin march 5

Over 400 people, from all over the world, have said that they want to join in on a class-action lawsuit against Mt Gox, which until its recent closure, was one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges. The main reason why they closed was because of the theft of $480 million in Bitcoins.

The law firm handling this class-action lawsuit is Selachii, which is based in London, UK, and according to their co-founder Richard Howlett, there are no shortage of people who are unhappy with how their dealings with Mt Gox went down.

“There are already over 400 people who are joining in … From every country you can think of,” Mr Howlett said.

According to Howlett, the law-suit will pay special attention to how Mt Gox failed to properly inform its customers of the troubles they were experiencing in the short time before they filed for bankruptcy.

“On the back of the Mt Gox collapse a lot of people say they feel the truth is not being stated,” Howlett also said. “There are lots of unanswered questions. Some people have had their life savings disappear.”

[via The Telegraph, image via antanacoins’ flickr]

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