Green Mountain Coffee’s next coffee machines will have “DRM”


In what is most likely the first for the coffee machine market, Keurig’s — which is owned by Green Mountain Coffee — next-generation coffee makers will feature a sort of “DRM.” The new machines from the company won’t be able to interact with third-party pods, forcing customers into buying only Keurig-branded K-cups or cups from approved partners.

Ars Technica notes that Keurig’s original single-cup coffee brewers started a trend followed by many other  brands, and their K-Cup patent expired in 2012. The reason for putting this kind of restriction on their new machines is that competitors continue to sell their own K-Cups, which are often 15 to 25 percent cheaper than Keurig’s own.

It’s unclear at the moment how exactly this DRM will prevent users from using other pods, but we’ll find out this fall when the Keurig 2.0 is launched.

[via Ars Technica]

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  • Mike S.

    [@Mr.Dave] $. Pure and simple.

  • Ashraf

    [@Mike S.] Ditto.

  • Mr.Dave

    Everyone I know who has one of their coffeemakers has said they last about a year with very few being repairable. Anyone have a different experience? A quick trip to shows that other companies are selling their own coffeemakers at much lower prices. What does Keurig hope to gain?

  • Mike S.

    Very likely, they’re going to add some patentable (and unnecessary, in reality) connector doo-hickey to the pods and machine–pods without it won’t work in the machine, and the patent will prevent others from adding it. Of course, just to avoid competition. And sad.

  • Tom

    This won’t last a month and suitable work-arounds will proliferate. Why should my choice of teas and coffee be limited to one vendor’s offering. If that’s going to happen, they need to give the machines away.