Two senators want to ban in-flight calls, believe calls will raise tensions between passengers

in flight calls

Two US senators want to ban in-flight calls because they believe that they will raise tensions between passengers and possibly be the cause of physical altercations.

“We are concerned that the addition of this entirely avoidable aggravation of a confined space will create a possibly hostile atmosphere on commercial flights,” wrote Senators Lamar Alexander and Diane Feinstein to Anthony Fox, the Transportation Secretary.

The two senators are echoing the fact that apparently 54 percent of Americans support the idea of airlines banning in-flight calls privately. “We strongly support the agency’s efforts to preserve the last vestige of quiet in our busy skies,” the senators  said after introducing the Commercial Flight Courtesy Act.

Airlines like Delta and JetBlue are already saying that they will continue to uphold the ban on in-flight calling, which makes sense as it could definitely get annoying, and as long as you can text or send emails or there’s an emergency situation, a ban shouldn’t be a problem.

[via Tech Crunch]

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