Apparently, Google is “pretty sure” that user data is protected from government spying

eric schmidt

During a session at SXSW 2014, Eric Schmidt, who is Google’s executive chairman, discussed Google’s security while sharing the stage with Jared Cohen, who is Director of Google Ideas.

Despite the news that the Britain’s GCHQ and US’s NSA was able to gain access to data sent in between Google datacenters, Schmidt believes that because of the new upgrade to Google’s security he is “pretty sure that information within Google is now safe from any government’s prying eyes.”

According to Smith there are a number of other aspects to their security upgrade that will remain undisclosed, along with the increased protection that Google has spoken about in the past.

He also talked about how improvements in encryption would help protect them further in the future, and while “pretty sure” aren’t exactly the most confidence-inspiring words, you can see, because of the events in the past year, how Schmidt might be inclined to speak in a more politically-conscious way.

[via The Next Web, image via magnus hoij’s flickr]

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