Free Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 (this weekend only)!

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 is a software that, um, tries to speed up your PC. How it tries to speed up your PC I don’t know (I have never used SpeedUpMyPC so I don’t know how well it works either) – this is what the description on the developer’s website claims:

The problem:
Is your PC getting slower? With so many different settings, files and processes to monitor, it is hard to identify just what is slowing you down, let alone implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance.

The solution:
SpeedUpMyPC scans your computer to identify the processes, files and settings that are slowing you down, before wielding a powerful range of tools to optimize your system for improved performance. With single click simplicity, network settings, RAM and CPU function are all scanned, cleaned and tuned for speed, while junk files are deleted for space. The result is a computer that works faster and better.

For those willing to give SpeedUpMyPC a try, will be running a promotion giving away Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 for free! Here are the details of the promotion:

Between midday GMT [8 AM EST] Friday 2nd of April and 9am GMT [5 AM EST] Monday 5th of April 2010, you can download Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010, the superb system optimisation tool worth $39.95, from the V3 Software Store, free of charge. This is a free download for store members and store membership is completely free. No purchase required.

Since the promotion is not yet live, I don’t know exactly how it will take place. However, as clearly stated above, you will be required to register with and you will have to access over the weekend to get a hold of Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2010.

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  • ed little

    Uniblue promises to give out drivers for varfious graphic cards, but when you go there all they want to do is scan your computer to see what they can steal to resell. The drivers are never delivered.

    Uniblue is a big rip off operation. Stay away if you are smart.

  • tejas

    I downloaded a free trial of UniBlue’s registry cleaner, or some such a year or so back. The free trial will scan the registry for problems, but will not do any cleaning until you buy the software. I wrote them to tell them this is not a free trail, it’s a free tease. An actual trial would actually work, so one can actually test it. They didn’t bother to reply.
    I will not purchase software in order to test it. If I can’t test it before I lay my money down, then I’m pretty sure I don’t need it, and absolutely sure I don’t trust that company. If a program is good, these pay now, money back guarantee tactics aren’t needed.

  • Joji

    @Catherine: You bought that stuff for $60!? O_O
    Ohhhh k? Ugh… word of advice. Return the crapware if possible, and download and install REVO Uninstaller, WinUtilities, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010, and Glary Utilities.
    If you can’t return the crapware and get your money back, sell it on E-Bay… don’t know what other ways to help you.
    Here are the links to get the full versions, all legal, free, and :D.

    REVO Uninstaller:
    WinUtilities: 2010 (guide): Utilities (guide):
    That should help. :D

    Donwload and Install REVO Uninstaller first. Find that crapware under the list of programs, and uninstall it. Do an “advanced scan” to find and delete any left over files from the crapware. Select all and delete what it finds.

    Next download and install all that. Do a “registry” and “disk clean” using WinUtilities and Glary Utilities. For WinOptimizer2010, click “Full Scan”.  Once again, select all and accept what it finds.
    Now that crapware should be 99.99% removed  and out of your computer.
    Be sure to also read reviews and suggestions from other websites too.
    Here are other great sites to check out: Specialized in software reviews and similar to dot.Tech. Microsoft employee and proffesional at tweaking OS, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7. A nice site with many reviews and other fun stuff about technology. Subscribe to their magazines if your’e a real tech geek, or check out your local drugstore for coppies of their magazines and see if you like them; I subscribed, but I’m mad my copy didn’t come yet! D:< GRRRR… WHERE IS MY MAXIMUM PC MAGAZINE!!! I WAITED FOR A MONTH ALREADY!!! LoL.
    Another thing, before buying something, ask your techie friends and listen to their opinions. :)

  • Emrys

    Ash? Help?

  • Emrys

    Rarely have I seen .tech readers so divided. A little more guidance from our fearless leader?

  • Gil

    I tried a product of uniblue awhile back and wasn’t impressed with it at all. I uninstalled it and use alternatives that do a better job and have higher ratings and recommendations online and in forums I belong to.

    To each their own though. Some will find this useful and that’s great. I just want to point out that like many products in life (let’s take vehicles for example) one may prefer a Ford Escape and another a Volkswagon. I won’t drive anything except a V8 1500 sized pick-up truck – like a Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado.
    To each their own.

    I would like to respond to giovanni’s post about 60 users on Softpedia and their “good” reviews. Do a Google search on “Uniblue Sucks” and go through the hundreds of links where people don’t like this company.

    Bottom line – be intelligent in your choices as to what you put on your computer. If you’re fortunate to have a backup or test computer, like I do, test out these software programs there. That way, if it screws up your computer – it isn’t your production box.

    Thank you for your time and have a happy and safe Easter weekend.

  • laduqesa


    60 users on SOFTPEDIA, that bought this SW paying 30 bucks, rated it as GOOD:

    So it looks like they don’t agree with you at all…LOL!!

    Well, having paid up to £60 for this piece of %*”@, they WOULD say that, wouldn’t they? LOL

  • Catherine


    Thank You

  • Catherine


    Dear Everyone:
    This is the first time I am on this site. I wish that I knew about it before.
    I bought Uniblu Powersuite for $59.95. I noticed that it was backed up by microsoft and CNET

    I downloaded some of it….the driver will not install…..then i get messages to say that certain files were replaced.

    I am 64 years old and not computer savvy. I still have time to return the program to Uniblue. i PAID $59.95 for the powersuite which includes registry cleanup , driver installation and tweeker

    MY GREATEST FEAR IS THAT WHEN I RETURN IT, THEN THEY WILL SCREW UP MY COMPUTER. I have spent the last week back and forth to Uniblue and they said that the reason for the installation not going well is that I have files in my start up that should not be there.\ WHY DID i PURCHASE UNIBLUE…IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO CLEAN THE Registry and so difficult to download,. CNET approves this program…..I would like to tell CNET that they stink…..I am not computer savvy at all….my computer is so slow. I do not even know how to disk fragment…PLEASE HELP ME.THANK YOU and tell me how to return this program and will UNiblue crash my computer out of spite and make me lose everything. I AM SCARED….VERY SCARED…PLEASE ADVISE ME WHAT TO DO AND WHAT PROGRAMS I NEED TO GET to put my system in order….my e-mail address is:

    Thank you so much for your kind help and advise.
    Best Wishes to All

  • Moonarie

    I installed this and it took out my Dragon Naturally Speaking. I restored the system and gave it a BIG miss.

  • muhammad

    Thanks Ashraf
    Thanks giovanni

  • giovanni

    60 users on SOFTPEDIA, that bought this SW paying 30 bucks, rated it as GOOD:

    So it looks like they don’t agree with you at all…LOL!!

  • Jon

    Uniblue used to be Liutilities; changed their names years ago. Liutilities made some really fine software, such as, WinTasks; exactly like Autoruns and very similar to AnVir Task Manager – the main difference being that AnVir is active and more of a live protection program. Uniblue no longer develops or supports WinTasks, they call it retired; they have replaced it with Security Task Manager. Gee, I wonder what that does. But, it seems to me, my opinion, when they changed their name to Uniblue their focus changed to marketing instead of developing and so I do agree that their advertising techniques leave little to be desired.

    But this is about SpeedUpMyPC. I have that one too, it was bundled with WinTasks – I didn’t order it, but never got past version 2. I had it on an older machine and it seemed to do it some good. Of course the memory upgrade probably helped too; I think. But then I got a new system, oh I guess it was about 4 years ago; Rockefeller I’m not. Any ole’ way I debated about installing SpeedUpMyPC and then finally did. I just wasn’t sure what it could do to help a system that was already fast. I can’t say I noticed any improvements anywhere, but it didn’t seem to be hurting anything so I left it alone, but then little by little, after a couple years, its tweaking started messing with my Internet Connection. I mean how much faster can you get a wide open 15 Meg connection to go? Final result on my newer machine is that I noticed that it was starting to degrade things not improve them, and so it had to go. Uninstalled it and uninstalled it stays.

    I am not a professional software reviewer and I don’t have the time to download this and test it out, I’m spending most of my time looking for work, but, my gut feeling is if you have a newer machine you really don’t need SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and you really won’t notice any improvements. One simple reason I won’t download or install it is that when I went looking on the Uniblue site for OS compatibility the first thing I was greeted with was, hey let us scan your computer. It’s safe; see its Microsoft Gold Certified. Like I trust Microsoft; well, I do, you know I do.

    Also, I just have to mention it; one of Uniblue’s big selling points is that it will speed up a machine that is slowing down. What? You mean the parts are getting old and tired? I’m thinking defrag your hard drive then get rid of your scumware, then maybe defrag the drive again, and clean and defrag (some call it compact) the registry. I’m betting you’ll notice a marked improvement. And see all those background programs you have running now, that weren’t there when your shiny piece of machinery was brand new? Yeah those; they slow things down too, so bust open that wallet and hop on over to Crucial, Kinston or whoever (my favorite seller is newegg) and lay some cash down to upgrade your memory; that’s a discussion for another time. However, if you are financially challenged, like I currently am, then your only other option is to make some hard choices and get rid of some of those start-ups. And I’m betting you will see an improvement in load times.

    If you have an older technology computer then it might be worth your time to download and install SpeedUpMyPC. However, if you have a machine that will not run XP, then as far as I can tell you are out of luck; Uniblue still charges for version 2. I only did a quick search, but didn’t find it free anywhere. But then I believe that most, if not all, the people that frequent Ashraf’s site, and similar sites, are intelligent enough to be able to tweak their own system without having to pay $30.00 to do what you could have done yourself, my opinion, but I seriously doubt that SpeedUpMyPC will help a newer system, at all; my opinion.

    Disclaimers; somehow I’m thinking I need to write some, but I really didn’t have the time to write this, so THE END. Thank goodness ya big wind bag.

  • Barbara

    Don’t remember exactly WHY I have a bad taste in my mouth from Uniblue, but I think the website actually tried to force a download on me some months back. I do remember reluctantly trying it and deleting it–not good memories, at any rate. Not very factual, I know, just a headsup to be cautious.

  • Pwnana

    Ive been wary of any Uniblue software for the reason Joji gives too.

  • Joji

    Isn’t UniBlue one of those companies who spam advertises like almost anywhere on the internet and says “exclusive for (website’s name)! “Free scan for Windows errors!”

    Well how convincing and how cunning of Uni-Blue to place only one page with 2 big “Free Scan PC” buttons on the page! Nothing else is clickable except the “light coloured” links below.

    How shady… oddly, many people says its rogue soft an it contains viruses?

    Dunno, but I am NOT trusting Uni-Blue at all! This is the link I am talking about: <—- Don't install anything from there, you never know what it will do to your registry on your system!


  • Lantz

    Actually, I apologize, I’m just getting over the flu and my head isn’t all together…lol. I meant to say that most people reading this will NOT find it useful, but you can always pass the info on to someone not as computer literate as most readers of this site are.

  • Lantz

    This is actually a decent piece of software….Depending on your experience and reasons for using. an old system of mine that I had to turn to when me main computer was down, had been bogged down and needed major maintenance and tweaking to get it up and running right. It sped it up enough to let it run well enough to get downloads I needed to fix my main system. This software is not really needed though for anyone who has computer experience enough to optimize their own system….for the casual computer user who is not really computer literate, this can optimize settings for system, network, etc. For the price there are better tools out there with more functions, but this is a really basic, easy to understand program. So most of you who read this will find it useful, but you can always pass the info on to the type of user who could benefit.

  • Shueygal

    I have tried this software, and there really was no great improvment noted. My advice, save your time.

  • David Roper

    Reading Article on CNET and dotTech here, I see no reason to allow them to touch my system. I’ll pass, thanks. YMMV.

  • Greg B