Let-Me-Google-That-For-You redirects users to Bing instead of Google – April Fool’s joke or more sinister intentions?

Update: It seems like the Bing redirect was an April Fool’s joke because LMGTFY.com is back to normal.

LMGTFY.com (“Let Me Google That For You”) is a website that allows people to run Google search queries for other people and link the queries to them. Just for the heck of it I decided to click “Who is Ashraf?” at the top of dotTech. To my surprise, LMGTFY redirected my search query to Bing instead of Google:

Is this LMGTFY’s April Fool’s joke, or is it a more sinister plot to turn us Topekans into Bing’ers? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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  • @Mike: See Gizmodo, page 414 for an example of how NOT to do an April Fool’s joke. (As a side note, they’ve published 414 pages of articles in the last year!)

  • Mike

    I don’t trust ANYTHING on the Internet on April 1st …

  • Jyo

    lol, this is good

  • @Joji: Lol, I just want Topeka’s gigabit internet.

  • Joji

    The future looks grim. I don’t like “Topeka” at all.


  • David Roper

    Such tricks, even on April fool’s day, are not welcome to me. Let me enjoy less tricky actions on a website.