Microsoft is expected to announce Office for iPad on March 27th during first event with new CEO


Microsoft has an event scheduled in San Francisco on March 27th. According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft will be announcing a version of Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad.

Office is currently available on iOS in the form of Office Mobile for Office 365, which is specifically made for iPhone. The app is unlike the traditional Office software in that it requires an Office 365 subscription. Though the iPad version is expected to be similar, it might be a missed opportunity to challenge the other Office-style apps currently available on the App Store if Microsoft chooses to go with a subscription requirement.

The event will also mark the first major press event that Satya Nadella will host as Microsoft CEO. Nadella has consistently emphasized a new “mobile first, cloud first” mentality for the company, and this month’s event should be our first taste of that philosophy.

[via The Verge]

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