Free Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal (only for a limited time so hurry)!

Paragon Partition Manager is software that allows you to manage your partitions. Since dotTechies already know about Paragon Partition Manager, I won’t bother to give a large description of the software; rather anyone that wants to know more can refer to my full review on Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional. Paragon Partition Manager comes in two flavors, Personal and Professional. Here are the differences between Personal and Professional as per the developer (note: the follow chart depicts the differences between Personal and Professional for v10 not v9.5, but it gives you the general idea):

For a limited time – until 9 AM EST April 5, 2010 – users can get Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal for free:

To get Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal for free, follow these simple directions:

Supported OS: Windows 2000 Pro/XP Pro/Vista/Win7

Version being given out for free:

Free updates: No

Download size: 130 MB

  • Download Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal (32-bit version | 64-bit version).
  • Install Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal. During installation, you will be asked to register the software; click on the “Free Serial” button:

Fill out the registration page; you will get a confirmation message if you successfully registered:

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. There should be an e-mail from “” with the subject of “Your Product Registration for Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal – Covermount (English)”. In the e-mail you will find your registration information:

  • Go back to the installer window and enter the registration information:

  • Finish installing.
  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal, feel free to post below and I will try to help.

Thanks Zhrmrn and PeterB!

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  • Mike

    Kudos to Paragon for getting back to me, as to my partitioning woes.  I provide the bulk of the response below. 

    Perhaps most helpful and as Francis notes above, perhaps best to create a recovery disk and to run re-partitioning from that, outside of Windows, rather than do the task from within Windows.  The other recommendations seem wise as well–it would be beneficial if the Paragon software would pop up a screen as to these recommendations when one has chosen to do re-partitioning (Paragon really should do so, it seems to me; for example, I don’t recall anything about turning off anti-virus software).  I do note that Paragon’s software advises you to make a recovery disk and to have a backup of your drive, in the software as a whole; but it would be nice if the software forcefully would reiterate the advice once you have chosen to re-partition   (I missed the earlier warnings–I guess, pop-up overdose).

    To their credit, the folks at Paragon even offered to walk me through re-partitioning.  Pretty good, especially given the free nature of the software!  

    Paragon’s comments/recommendations:

    It looks like something prevent Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro to perform operations in blue screen mode.

    For partitioning operations it is recommended to :
    * run CHKDSK with /f key enabled to find and fix errors in file system of all partitions.
    * use HDD vendor’s original utilities to check the HDD surface (please refer to
    * disable anti-virus software
    * perform operations with system partition step-by-step (shrink one partition, Apply operation, enlarge another partition, apply operation)
    * perform operation from Paragon Recovery CD (Warning message to create Recovery CD appears at first start of the program and then could be disabled by user)

    Please kindly create Recovery CD of Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Pro and perform partitioning from it. It will guarantee that situation with system failure not appear again. Also if something makes you system unbootable, Recovery CD will allow to restore it not using Windows CD.  

  • Mike

    @Francis:  And so I wonder, especially given your use of the good old, tried-and-true XP OS, if it is an issue of resizing being done from inside the OS rather than before the boot, as you thought might be the case.  If so, would be nice if Paragon would encourage people to create a boot version of the program and use the program pre-boot.  I also wonder if this is an issue with other partitioning software from other companies as well:  Easeus, Partition Wizard, etc. 

  • Francis

    @Mike: I think it is has something to do with the MBR getting messed up by HDM 9.5 due to resizing of the system partition. My OS is Win XP Home Edition (32 bit). I have done it twice, both resulting in boot failure.

  • Mike

    Francis and George, thanks for the info., matching my own problems with the Paragon products on my Win7 64-bit system (could it be an issue with Paragon and Win7 /64-bit?).  I’ve since downloaded  Partition Wizard Home Edition and will keep a boot disk around for the future …

    I also wrote to Paragon about my issues–will post here if I hear anything back.

    It does make me think twice about using Paragon products in the future (which I hate saying–the company and its products seem good).

  • George

    Wow, based on roughly two years of trouble free imaging, etc. with other Paragon programs I had little reason to question this one. My HP desktop is just three days old and so decided it was time to cut the C: partition down from half a TB to around 50 GB and create a big partition just for data. I jumped at the chance to try out this Paragon ware on Win 7 64 bit. Followed the prompts and then the program said I must restart for the partition work to continue. That was about it — PC did not do ANYTHING after turning off and it would not boot. My HP Win 7 Repair disc and the HP Recovery System did not help at all.
    After about three hours of googling I found Partition Wizard Home Edition Boot Disc (free edition). I created the boot CD on my old PC. Popped it into my new machine and it quickly showed me all the partitions on my Win 7 drive. Apparently, Paragon Partition Manager did not actually, thank goodness, mess with the partitions at all; nothing appeared changed. A menu option in Partition Wizard was “fix MBR” (or something like that). That did it! Win 7 was back!
    I uninstalled this Paragon program and will think long and hard before using Paragon programs with Win 7 again.

  • Francis

    I had a similar experience with partition resizing(using HDM 9.5 SE) as well. I tried reducing the size of my system partition(only 25% of the partition is occupied). The system would just not start up so I used the built-in recovery console of my laptop. It seems resizing of the system partition, especially reducing it, should be done prior to booting eventhough the program has a Hot-Resizing.

  • Mike

    I think this offer is great–thanks for it!

    But, a WARNING: I’ve had some bad luck and experiences with Paragon partitioning software recently, with a hard drive upgrade on my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop. And disaster was narrowly avoided.

    First, I tried using Paragon Hard Drive Manager 2009 Special Edition to increase the partition size, on my installed new drive. The program started but then almost instantly gave me a blank, dark screen, and just stood there. I was afraid to do anything, but it was clear after numerous minutes that the system was frozen. The only way I could get my computer to respond to anything was by using the laptop’s off switch; fortunately, the system started up again fine. A second attempt to use the program resulted the same as the first.

    Second, I then tried Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional, to increase the disk partition size. This time, matters began smoothly. But about 3-4 hours later, as the task was getting towards the end, my laptop again went to a dark screen and nothing happened; the hard drive light on my computer was completely still. After numerous minutes, it again seemed that the system was frozen. Although I was frightened to do so, I couldn’t see how I could do anything but again resort to the computer off switch; the computer otherwise was totally unresponsive, and there was no hard drive activity.

    This time, as one might expect, matters did not proceed rosily. Windows tried to start up again, but I immediately got an error screen and a message that Windows would try to repair itself. Unfortunately, numerous attempts at that, for considerable time, led nowhere, and I ultimately received a Windows message to speak to my computer’s manufacturer or to my system administrator (me!), as the system was non-functional. You can imagine the shocked look on my face.

    Very fortunately, I had a Windows Recovery/Repair disc, that I had created earlier that day. I rebooted my computer and used the recovery disc, and Window’s utilities were able to reverse my computer’s operating system to an earlier restore point, before the attempted re-partitioning process (which had not taken). In the end, that did the trick and my system was back.

    I’m still not sure what happened with the Paragon products and why they continually froze on my laptop, early on or later. There is nothing special about my system, and it has not been greatly modded. But for some reason, Paragon’s partitioning software seemingly kept on malfunctioning on it (unless going to a blank, dark screen is normal–in which case, Paragon might want to post a warning notice on the screen).

    Paragon seems to be a fine software company, and its products nice and useful. But take this as a warning, to be sure to have backup measures in hand before doing any partitioning: set a computer system restore point; have an up-to-date copy of your hard drive around; and have a recovery/repair disk at hand, in case it is needed. Hopefully, you won’t need them–but better safe than sorry. Perhaps this warning will assist others in that regard. (And actually, it would be nice for Paragon to add a warning screen before re-partioning commences, advising the user to have back-up remedies in hand, should matters not proceed correctly.)

  • I am always amazed at the high quality software Ashraf finds for us; but there is just something about my box that won’t play nice with Paragon. I’m still using Easeus Partition Master and the always free companion ToDo Backup. Nothing works better on my system. Maybe Paragon doesn’t like the boot up sequence I have on WinXPsp3 that offers Safe Mode and Recovery Console on a 3 second delay. It doesn’t seem that should cause problems; it’s common enough to see XP boxes with edited boot.ini files. Easeus backs up my system drive just fine without a reboot; but I tried Paragon 3 times… each time it demanded a reboot and failed to run the partition image after it was “Applied”. After the third strike I uninstalled it and noticed 11 registry entries it failed to clean up. One of them was for a service which would have led to a little boot delay if I hadn’t caught it. Don’t think I’m complaining… I just thought I would mention these quirks in case other dotTechies have a box similar to mine.

    Eases software is a lot smaller. The only problems I could see anyone having with Easeus is that it has an ugly green gui. But I am very familiar with ugly things and have come to appreciate them. It is also slow. But I am good with slow as well. :-)

  • Ron

    Nice find, Ashraf! As it happens, I have Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Professional installed on a couple of my machines. It’s very good software, imo; I keep it on XP boxes – haven’t tried it on Win 7 yet. Acronis’ Disk Director is still my “go to” for these tasks, but it hasn’t been substantially upgraded for quite a while. Keeps me checking on potential substitutes.

  • bill

    Woops… that should be “friends” (plural), not “friend”.

  • bill

    Thanks for another great freebie, Ashraf! I love the high quality and usefulness of Paragon products, and you just keep finding ways to get them for free. You and Paragon are a cash-strapped computer user’s best friend!