[Review] Wondershare Photo Collage Studio (v4.2.12)

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Wondershare Photo Collage Studio

Version reviewed:


Supported OS:

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7


$29.95 but you can get it for free for a limited time at Giveawayoftheday.com!

Software description:

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is an easy and funny tool to make amazing photo collages and digital scrapbooks for print. With plenty designed scrapbooking templates, stickers and photo frames for any occasion, you can easily assemble your still photos into an artistic compilation. What’s more, you can create photo books, greeting cards, calendars and more you can image.

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  • Straightforward and fairly easy to use.
  • Comes with many predesigned templates and layouts.
  • Has templates for collages, calenders, greeting cards, and letters.
  • Has a built in image editor where you can add frames, filters and other effects.
  • You can customize collage by adding text and clipart/stamps.
  • Has a built in “paint like” feature where you can create your own drawings.
  • Can create multi-page collages.

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  • Interface is very slow at times.
  • Program window always started fully maximized – doesn’t give user the option to start it in un-maximized position.
  • Program window is not resizable except for maximized or not maximized.
  • A feature to toggle between “blank” pages and templates or templates and different templates without having to start the page all over would be handy.

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{for=”Ease of Use” value=”10″}Pretty much point and click.
{for=”Performance” value=”8″}Interface can be very slow at times. Otherwise, it works well.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”10″}With so many templates to use, I am sure everyone can find this program to be very useful.
{for=”Price” value=”7″}$29.95 is a fairly reasonable price for a program of this caliber, but a drop in $5-10 would make the program a lot more attractive.
{for=”Arbitrary Equalizer” value=”9″}This category reflects an arbitrary number that does not specifically stand for anything. Rather this number is used to reflect my overall rating/verdict of the program in which I considered all the features and free alternatives.
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Back in November I reviewed Wondershare Photo Collage Studio when it was v4.2.11.20; today’s giveaway is of v4.2.12. Unfortunately I can not find any changelog so I don’t know the exact changes made to this new version. However, looking at the version numbers, any changes would have to be minor since it is only a minor update to the software. The only real change I noticed is that Wondershare Photo College Studio now sells for $29.95 as opposed to $19.95 when I last reviewed it.

That said, please read the full and comprehensive review on Wondershare Photo College Studio that I wrote earlier to learn about the program in detail. I will list free alternatives and final verdict on this post also for convenience’s sake.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.



Photovisi is an online based collage maker. It allows users to make upto 18 different types of collages. While Photovisi is handy, it is no match for Wondershare Photo Collage Studio.

Google Picasa

Google Picasa is one-in-all image management software. Picasa will scan your computer for images and add them to its menu. You can manage all your images directly from Picasa. You can also use Picasa as your default image viewer. You can make movies of your images, or collages. You can directly upload your images onto Blogger.com or Google Earth or Picasa Web Album.The interface is beautiful.

The reason I have Picasa here is because it does have a “collage making” feature in the program. There are a few features that Picasa has that I think WPCS should have (like scramble images =D), but the templates in WPCS make WPCS a much better collage making software then Picasa.

Shape Collage

Make picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks


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{rw_verdict2}Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is a really nice program; thumbs up. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs it.
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  • Joji

    Today was a great day for me (sorta).

    I bought a cooler fan, screen protector, and a set of cleaning tools for my PC’s screen! Hurrayz!

    The cooler fan even has 4 USB hubs… but the other 2 are uselss since the memory sticks stick out from the sides, which means there aren’t enough space for other USBs to be pluged in…

    Ugh… anyone knows how where to get other free templates? I heard in order to use it on today’s giveaway, you have to convert it to .PNG format.

    UPDATE: USB hubs doesn’t work at all! D: Exchanging it for the Targus one!!!


  • Joji

    @Barbara: True, Ashraf has a built in “anti-“omfg-I-got-insulted-so-badly-and-I-want-revenge”” program in his brain telling him to calm himself down and all that.

    For me, not really. For example, the mods at 4freeOnInternet pissed me off like crazy and I felt like installing Spy-Net 2.6, find the mods on my list, and remove system32 from their hard drive as revenge. But… that would only exist in my own imagination. :) Though, this was not the worst, I had the worst nightmares in my life when 2 of my old classmates from my old school insulted me severely at me about my race, appearance, and used old school stuff such as “your-mom-jokes (severe)” and other insults (also severe) that I kinda forgot. And yes they were all done on messenger that time on 2 or 3 different days. I think it happened in both November and December… not sure. Though I was able to keep my self calm and try to outsmart them, but deep inside my soul, I could feel all the pain inside of me from the time it happened, until now. Damn [bleep]; they were those rich kids who were frigin spoiled by their parents and got everything they wanted! >:(


  • Joji

    @Robert Morris: You could have been nicer and not talk like you know everything you know…

    If you want to complain or something, say it nicer!

    When I complained to another blog site, I talked in a very nice way and not like saying “YA RIGHT I DON’T BELIVE YOU BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP”.

    Do you get what I mean, sir? If you haven’t noticed before, or read his other posts, I believe he mentioned how his computer was “fast” and how he could play his “favorite game which required lots of ram”.


  • MikeR

    @Robert Morris:

    Although I wouldn’t have phrased it in as articulate a fashion as you, I sympathise with your sentiment that those who go on the ‘Net to pontificate on a subject they obviously know nothing about should indeed stop trying to impress themselves and, er, get a freaking life.

    I’ve just finished tidying a video project where my screen estate has been divided between the editing app and PhotoShop CS, it being necessary — as you yourself will doubtless appreciate — to split-screen the work so as to quickly adjust Photoshop’s font sizing of reversed-out text whilst simultaneously previewing the editing app’s fade / transition / scroll speed of this draft end-credits sequence.

    Obviously to accomplish this routine task I have, equally routinely, re-sized the windows of both programs to facilitate their co-display.

    I therefore agree with you that the author of an Internet comment which asks why anyone would want a photo program to be able to be re-sized to a smaller window is not merely plain ignorant when it comes to working with pictures, but may indeed be freaking hopeless.

    PS: welcome to dot.tech.

  • Barbara

    @Robert Morris:


    If-unlike most people who visit here–you find negativism and personal attack your only contributions, perhaps it would better serve if you simply didn’t waste your valuable time.
    I know I would appreciate it!
    Thanks so much for dropping by~~but don’t feel obliged to return ;)

    Hats off to Ashraf for his high tolerance level and long hours of work to give us his carefully considered opinion to help us make our software choices.

  • WECH

    I read the comment because sometimes different view point or additional tips offered provide valuable contribution (focus on the subject, not name calling)

    for example, someone said the Scantoit utility could revive 2nd hand scanner without s/w or the s/w not compatible with new OS, that is a valid point. “Normally” we may ignore it when Ashraf verdict as Rejected, added with brain storming
    everybody win.

  • Terri Lockerridge

    I always read your reviews before I download anything GAOTD offers to the public. I appreciate your expertize and the time you put into your reviewing of the products. Your always very through and I have yet to find a time when you are wrong.
    I am posting a comment today because frankly that Robert person ticked me off with his unhelpful and totally uncalled for comment. I get so tired of people commenting on things when they have nothing really to help with the subject being discussed, they only take away from the help that is being offered… FREE OF CHARGE to the public.

    I realize your reviews are the source of your “click the advertisement “income, and your motives for the reviews are not entirely because you just want to help, but that is beside the point! The point is that you DO help and I for one appreciate the effort enormously.

    Thank you very much

  • Yes, the program is slow, and no, I do not have a slow system. Very fast in fact.

    I also do not like the window always full-sized. Sorry for the dude who thinks it should be, but in this case I am with Ashraf. His review is pretty close to my feelings, though I find the interface clunky.

    I have (and seldom use) the first version he reviewed. I’m not sure I’ll waste the time to install this “update”.

    As a professional I don’t find the software all that useful, but scrapbookers and home-users or hobbyists may find it useful and suitable.

    Robert’s remark are slightly on the ridiculous side.

  • Patric

    Robert, you should not put his analysis so down. As a layman I learn so much from him and enjoyed the way he puts his analysis and verdict. For me it is always impressive and knowledge. You might have had come from with high technical background, but most of us about 90% of us are not. And we enjoy his verdict all the time. There will be certain percentage of readers who does not probably need his review. But majority really needs it. It is very important to us that he keeps writing.

  • Ron

    Curious…I wonder if the trolls have been blooming lately because it’s Spring?

    I occasionally use Shape Collage and like it fine, so I’ll pass on this one. Another, and more powerful software I’ve run into is Xtreme Photo Designer 6. It’s a freeware (registerware) version of Xara Xtreme that includes collage making. ~15MB download. http://www.magix.com/us/free-downloads/free-software/xtreme-photo-designer/


  • Robert Morris

    Dude, you’re to funny. Do you know what the word “bad” actually means? If your system is slow of course the interface will be slow DUH. What you call bad should be changed to “If I was smart enough to create it I’d” because your bads are nothing more than personal preferances. Why would you want a photo program to be able to resized to a smaller window? Are you freaking hopeless or just plain ignorant to working with pictures? Any fool knows that if you’re working with a “Templet” no photo tool will let you toggle between them while keeping the images you’ve selected. In short, get a freaking life and quit trying to impress yourself.