This screen protector is made from “bulletproof glass”

holy grail

Stories of phones protecting a person from a bullet fired from a gun is not uncommon. Usually, the knight protector is a Nokia because as we already know, Nokia’s are built like bricks. However, a new company is in town that calls itself, Sir Lancelot’s Armor. And guess what? It’s all about giving your smartphone the ultimate screen protector made from “bulletproof glass.”

Sir Lancelot’s Armor calls this bad boy the Holy Grail, and it is designed to give your smartphones and tablets the best protection available. Well, you’d have to be willing to pay between $31 and $55, which is entirely dependent on the type of smartphone or tablet you own. The pricing might seem steep, but CEO of Sir Lancelot’s Armor, Jon Cyr, believe it is best to pay $55 to protect the screen, rather than $250 to fix it.

“Estimates of people with cracked or damaged screens range between 11-% and 23%*, which is no surprise because fixing broken screens costs an average of $250,” said Jon Cyr, CEO of Sir Lancelot’s Armor. “The Holy Grail was created to help people protect their investments. When we demonstrate the technology, we use hammers, drills, razors, keys, knives, saws – anything we can think of to scratch, or crack the screens of a variety of mobile devices.”

Time will tell if the Holy Grail will catch on. Still, I have a feeling it would whither away just like every other tough screen protector.

[via Sir Lancelot’s Armor]

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