Gamers in Korean university are to be considered student athletes

dota2Chung-Ang University is currently one of South Korea’s best educational institutions. According to Kotaku, the university consistently places in the country’s top ten rankings. And now, Chung-Ang will begin accepting gamers as student athletes, just like it does with sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and other sports.

While it might be a very long time from this happening in a place like the US, it’s not too surprising that it’s already happening in South Korea. eSports and competitive gaming in general is much more popular and accepted in the country, especially on a mainstream level. Video game tournaments are often televised or viewed by thousands live in an arena, not unlike basketball or football games.

Prospective students can apply as eSports athletes in Chung-Ang University beginning next year. Both the students’ academic record and sports abilities factor into their admissions. With eSports and video games in general only growing in popularity around the world, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see more of this in the very near future.

For a look into the eSports culture, check out the recently released documentary Free to Play, which focuses on three gamers as they prepare for their first million dollar gaming tournament:

[via Kotaku]

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