B-Shoe helps prevent you from falling


Are you a young fit person who falls on a regular basis? Wondering if there’s a cure for your oddness? Well, there’s no cure, but there’s a fix, and it is called B-Shoe. So, this shoe basically prevents people from falling, and the Israeli start-up company behind the B-Shoe designed it specifically for older folks.

Elder people above the age of 65 in the United States are prone to falling, which can cause severe damages or death. It also increases the cost on health spending along with lowering life expectancy by a great deal. In order to fix this issue, Israeli start-up created a shoe that is able to tell when a person is losing balance. Once this is realized, the motors in the heels drive the shoe forward, which allows the elderly to regain balance.

What we have here is a simple solution that is quite genius, if you ask me. It could allow the elderly to stop using walking sticks or whatever else that is used to help with balance.

Currently, there are 3 different designs of the B-Shoe and a fourth that is in the prototype stages. Furthermore, the company behind it is testing the shoe in Israeli hospitals, but don’t expect it to worldwide anytime soon.

[via B-Shoe]

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  • etim

    If I get these shoes will it mean I can safely chew gum again?

  • Cool, I can see this being useful though I would think some falls are more sideways balance related than backwards.

  • jmjsquared

    Okay, since it’s You, I’ll read and research a bit further before laughing out loud at the claim that any shoe can suspend the laws of physics and gravity. Even if these shoes perform as advertised, they will do nothing for lateral falls, right? And, since the human body is not rigid like a stick, how will the acceleration in the foot be transmitted to the upper legs and torso? Seems to me they would cause the foot to come out from under the person in all but the most limited circumstances.

    Hell! If they really DO work, forget the older folks. The youth market is the real target. I could have used these when I was a sprouting clumsy teen, bumping into walls and tripping over… well, nothing!

    Beam me up Scotty.