SociBot is the robot that can steal your face


What if a robot is capable of stealing your face? For some odd reason, a group of people knocked heads together to create a robot with the abilities to steal our face. Do these people ever thought about what could happen in the future if these things formulate a mind of their own that is situated in the cloud? My god!

This creepy looking robot we’re talking about right now is called SociBot, and it is able to change its face to please your needs. It is possible this robot could change its face to that of Justin Bieber; then you can tell your friends you punched the Biebs in his face, and they will believe it, no problem.

To get your face mapped to the SociBot, users are required to scan their face and have it uploaded to the robot’s head. We must say; it does not look convincing, but it does look OK for a version 1 product. The robot is capable of tracking gestures, face expressions, and can also speak in over 20 languages.

Furthermore, SociBot can track up to 12 people in a crowd, this should come in handy when these robots take over the world in the future to come. By then, we’ll be too fat and depressed to respond in any meaningful manner.

The man behind the SociBot is called Will Jackson. He and is co-workers at Engineered Arts have done a great job here, let’s see if they can improve further on the task of wiping out the human race.

[via SociBot]

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