Free 1 year, 3 PC ZoneAlarm Pro license! (24 hours promotion only so hurry!)

ZoneAlarm Pro is a professional firewall by Check Point Software Technologies. These are the main features as per the developer:

For a limited time (from 6:00AM PDT 4/13/2010 to 6:00AM PDT 4/14/2010), users can get 1 year, 3 PC license of ZoneAlarm Pro for free! The promotion is being run via ZoneAlarm Pro’s Facebook fan page. However, you do not have to become a fan – nor do you even have to own a Facebook account – to take advantage of this offer. Simply visit ZoneAlarm Pro Facebook promotion page and click on the offer that you want to take advantage of:

Get ZoneAlarm Free will redirect you to the registration page for ZoneAlarm Pro where you need to fill out a short registration form:

If you want to take advantage of the other offer, Identity Guard, you will need a credit card and will be asked to fill out a must more length form. Take note also that after you fill out the above mentioned form for ZoneAlarm Pro, you will be redirected to the Identity Guard form. If you don’t want Identity Guard, just close that next window.

Currently I am still waiting for my ZoneAlarm Pro registration information to come to my e-mail so I don’t have any further information about this offer, like how to register the software.

Thanks belacan!

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  • Iused PC Tools for a while on my Win7 32 bit because at the time was the highest until Comodo got a 100%, but upgraded recently to Win7 x64, and decided to go back to Comodo..

  • Joji

    @kingpin: Thanks, in fact, my email came 2-3 hours later!

    Ok, I made a mistake, online support was a bit confusing so I asked another guy and they said Zone Alarm PRO already activated. So use it now!
    Oh, one las thing, it’s compatible with any of your AV programs! ;)

  • Arun

    I register myself with email but not have received any thing from ZA. How much time does it take. ? I try different emails but nothing yet.

  • Albi

    @Alex:I got the key very easily and with no problem. When you read Ashraf’s posting, you have to click directly on “Registration page for ZoneAlarm Pro“, and then fill in the registration form with the green font letters. Submit it and then after a short time you’ll get the license for three computers. I don’t know if there is a time limit for the activation of the license. In my case I got the license but  might not want to activate it for two more months. The email I received doesn’t say anything about the expiration of the license. It just says that it is valid for a whole year on three computers. Now, with regard to the Identity Guard Offer, it says that it is valid only for USA, so I’m not interested in that.
    Good luck

  • Jon

    Oh, I don’t know; if you already have a Firewall your happy with you probably won’t want to take advantage of this offer, but if you don’t have a Firewall it’s hard to argue with Free.  And if you start having problems with it or your not satisfied with the result there is always the “uninstall option”, but it’s hard to argue with free.
    Comodo and Online Armor; both outstanding Firewalls, first rate.  I’ve used both.  Problem is that I eventually had problems with both and ended up uninstalling them.  And everyone I’ve ever talked to that used either of these Firewalls eventually ended up having problems with them.
    Now with that said I have to say that I’ve eventually had problems with every Firewall I’ve ever had installed, except one.  Of course I share my computer with my wife whose surfing habits aren’t quite as safe as my own.  And she has never gotten along with any Firewall I’ve ever installed.  Maybe that’s the problem; don’t know.
    Kaspersky; another oustanding Firewall.  I’ve used it too and can highly recommend it.  It is the only Firewall I’ve ever used that I never had an ounce of problem with.  No, I don’t use it now because I can’t afford it right now and the free version is only a two month trial.
    This is my experience on my system.
    Like I said though if you are happy with your Firewall then leave this offer alone, if you don’t have one or you’re not happy with what you have what the heck; it’s Free.  Can’t beat free with a stick; especially a Pro Version licensed for, count em, 3 computers.
    And the reason they;re asking you for your credit card is that you said during registration that you wanted the Identity Guard and that’s what Identity Guard does is it protects you from identity theft or more accurately credit card fraud.  If you don’t have a credit card use your check card number.  It needs protecting too.

  • Alex

    @Albi: how did you get the KEY ? Isn’t it a Big lie ? with out credit card number they wont let me in nor I have received anything from ZA- I think its a big scam by the ZA with Identity Theft Guard Company

  • kingpin

    No you don’t have to,the Identity Guard is for optional and US residents only.After submit when you reach Identity Guard page just close and check your e-mail for the key to arrive.

  • Joji

    Ok so I filled out my email… and then after I pressed “submit” it re-directed me to that Identity Guard thing. Do I have to fill that in too in order to get the product key of ZoneAlarm to my email?

  • Joji

    @Ez Does It: Online Support from ZoneAlarm. That’s what they said. :)


  • Albi

    Thanks a lot for this offer. I registered with ZoneAlarm and got the license key and download site by email. I don’t know if I’m gone install it or not. I’m currently using Outpost Firewall Free. I’m surprised with the new Firewall Tests by Matousec. A few Months ago Outpost Free was excellent in the tests and now is only good (and not recommended) with 71%. I have no idea how reliable these tests are anyway.

  • Ez Does It

    How do you know that if i don’t activate it now i’ll still be able to use the activation code later?
    I didn’t plan on activating now, so it will be a big help if someone can confirm that this is indeed true.

  • Alex

    Why Its asking for my Credit card number ? I don’t have one how do I get Free ZA ? any help ?
    Thank You

  • Jeoff

    I tried several times. It still requires SS#.

  • Joji

    One of my comments is gone… that’s odd… and why didn’t I get credited… that’s odd. I thought I told Ashraf first? Oh well… XD
    By the way, I found out you can keep the product key they send you FOREVER as long as you don’t activate it.

  • Coldmile

    I have to correct my earlier statement because i actually got an email with the serial number and download link,i didn’t know this was going to happen because it went straight to step 2 without saying anything-it is free.

  • True

    @Jeoff: If you only sign up for ZoneAlarm, all they ask for is name and email address.  SS# is only needed if you sign up for IdentityGuard as well.

  • Coldmile

    To get Zone Alarm i would have to do step 2 which is subscribe to Identity Guard and i could not see any way around step 2-Not Free.

  • Caleb

    Just by any chance, did any of you comodo users read the privacy policy?

  • Beachsandguy

    Actually, funny thing, I DO use Comodo Firewall, in the old testing environment, it was the top scoring firewall along with PC Tools Firewall.  I used PC Tools for a while on my Win7 32 bit because at the time was the highest until Comodo got a 100%, but upgraded recently to Win7 x64, and decided to go back to Comodo.  On the new band of tests matousec does, they haven’t tested Comodo yet, but would anticipate great results.
    Still looking for feedback on the antivirus programs.  I know Avast and Avira are highly recommended, but read somewhere that Panda Cloud AV is VERY good due to lack of false positives, and quick response to threats as well as low system resources.  I am using it and it seems good, but don’t know of any good resources.  If anyone knows for AV, that’d be awesome.

  • Zone Alarm Pro is an ok firewall though I would be more likely to choose Online Armor or Comodo.  Check out the result of Matousec’s Proactive Security Challenge at and draw your own conclusions. 

    I myself use Online Armor with great success so I guess you know my choice. Be safe.

  • Jeoff

    Even if you want to get ONLY thair Virus protection, they are requiring your SS#. NO FREAKING WAY. I’ll give them my number if they give me their bank account numbers and any passwords to get in. I promise not to use them. Trust me. By the way, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn that I am selling.

  • jivadas
  • rachana




  • giovanni (Ethical King of Freebies…LOL!)

    Hi man!!
    Thanks for your reply!
    Yes I knew that ZONEALARM PRO  got a poor rate on  but I asked Ashraf to give me a feedback about this Firewall since, as far as I’m aware,  most of (naive??) people around the world use ZONE ALARM as FIREWALL and AVG as Antivirus….LOL…can you believe it??
    Finally…you said that ONLINE ARMOR and KASPERSKY are the best ones: what about COMODO FIREWALL?
    As far as I know, according to  most reliable PC MAGAZINE,  it’s definitely the BEST (FREE) FIREWALL out there right now.
    Have you ever tried it?

  • Emrys

    They want my SSN for identity protection? Not going for that. I have millions in the National Bank of Lagos to protect. :D

  • Beachsandguy

    Giovanni, FYI, per the site, Zone Alarm Pro fared very poorly in its firewall tests.  In the latest testing rounds this year, Zone Alarm Extreme (an even beefier version) got a grade of “poor” and was not recommended.    The best so far this year is Online Armor Free, Malware Defender, and Kapersky.  They haven’t tested everything yet this year with their expanded testing suite, but clearly Zone Alarm isn’t near the top.  You can see this at, a WONDERFUL independant site for firewall ranking/testing.

  • giovanni (Ethical King of Freebies…LOL!)

    Great find but…
    …is in your view ZONE ALARM PRO better than the freeware COMODO FIREWALL, OUTPOST FIREWALL or ONLINE ARMOR?
    I have some doubts about it…how about you?

  • raven

    Once again you come up with the goods my friend….thank you :-)