Are you not receiving e-mails from dotTech? If so, please read this!

Hey Friends,

I have gotten numerous e-mails from lots of people telling me that they are no longer receiving e-mails from dotTech (e-mail notifications/registration confirmation e-mails). Believe me when I say I am not ignoring your e-mails of distress that you have sent me. I have replied to each and every request of assistance regarding these issues; the frustrating part is that people who are not receiving e-mail notifications or registration confirmation e-mails are also not getting any reply e-mails I send to them manually, so it seems like I am ignoring everyone whereas I am not. So, please bear with me for a few days – I am trying hard to fix the issue.

If you are one of the people not getting e-mails from dotTech, you can help solve this problem by posting a comment below telling me what e-mail service provider you use (i.e.,, etc.). I believe it is Gmail users that are having problems but need to confirm this.

Thank you.

Take care,


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  • Robert

    I recently found my dotTech emails going to the Google spam folder. Folks may  want to double check that folder and redirect if necessary.

  • Caleb

    @Samuel: Well, that is true.

  • @Caleb: Ah..but you had to jailbreak it, so that doesn’t count when comparing…anything can do anything once it’s opened.

  • Caleb

    @Ashraf: and @Samuel:I am quite happy with my jailbroken iPhone.


  • ih

    I’ve not been getting e-mails for a couple of months. And yes, I also have a Gmail account. I checked and all messages have been going to the spam folder. I already created an exception rule. Let’s see…

  • Jeremy

    Have not been receiving e-mails @gmail…

  • Joji

    I see a new freebie on the advertisement bar! It’s “WinX DVD Copy”! Well, I don’t need it ’cause I don’t have any DVDs to backup and I rarely use them anways… O_O

  • A. S.

    I guess you’ve already isolated the source of the problem, but, for what it’s worth, I use “…” for e-mails and have received every one you have sent.

  • @Ashraf: Well, offically WP7 is comming out sometime the end of the year.

    I think I head of it…I’ll wait and see.

    Well…not too off topic…well….at least theres a thread off connection!

  • Jim Carter

    Until I read this notice, I didn’t realize there was an email notification system for your site (which is invaluable). I signed up using an Earthlink address. I received a prompt response for confirmation and clicked the appropriate link with no problem whatsoever. Thanks!

  • pm55

    just to let you know my last e-mail from you which i received was March 4, 2010 via GMAIL.
    I hope that is of help to you.

  • jivadas

    I use gMail. Sometimes dotTech messages are filed as spam. This happens sometimes to other regular sources of email, I don’t know why.
       I strongly suggest that gMail users check their Spam folder regularly.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Yeah, I can see a similar thing coming to other smartphone platforms. Any idea on how far off WP7 is ? I am currently running a WinMo phone and not particularly impressed with it.

    You hear about Bada OS? Samsung is coming out with their open smartphone OS. If they make it non-proprietary, I can see it kicking everyone else’s *** simply of how many phones Samsung makes.

    That said, dude we are so off topic. Man I am really bad at enforcing the no-off-topic-rule.

  • @Ashraf: True, but they updated in 4.0 so now you can’t use third party tools offically, like MonoTouch.

    Lol. I’m sure some one can and maybe will make that for WP7.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Ah, that agreement. Yes that is what I was referring to when I said they are trying to get rid of Flash (i.e. the clause that goes something along the lines that you need to write programs in native code or something – I am clearly not a developer.)

    I heard Windows Phone 7 was a fairly good OS. However, I just can’t see it out doing Android at this point. (I want that talk-to-text app – my friend has it on his Droid and its so cooooooool.)

  • @Ashraf: Developers License Agreement. 

    For the most part yes, though on the flip side as a friend of mine said it’s better to not have to jailbreak.

    Eh…I want my Windows Phone 7.

  • Ashraf

    @Ashraf: What I really want is an Android phone.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: DLA? Speak English man, I don’t understand French. (I Googled DLA and I came up with Defense Logistics Agency which, in my opinion, is not what you are referring to.)

    That said, I hear many people aren’t very impressed with v4.0 – new features that are being added have already been added by jailbreakers, etc.

  • @Ashraf: I was thinking more about the new DLA for iPhone OS 4.0

  • Ashraf

    @mary: I sorry – your comments probably got sent to dotTech’s spam folder (the irony…). I will look through it now to clear any legit comments.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Yeah, Steve Job and his stuck-up crew of punks – trying to get rid of Flash, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Hi Ashraf

    I ‘ve been watching you on gaotd for some time, I like that you give your opinion.  I am a novice so to speak. I do not download a lot.
    But, I did do the Avast when you said you were going to try it..But but, I just  uninstalled it, Hey it is 163MB, and I found that it really did slow down my PC.
    I thank you for al the advice (the good) the (bad).
    This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to send this..hope it works this time.

  • @Ashraf: I was thinking of that one too! Maybe we should ‘bash’ some other company…Apple seems like a good target right now :D

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: ROFL! Wait till I ever get around to that other Google article we talked about… =).

  • @Ashraf: Hmmm, maybe they’re not too happy with our articles on them?

  • Ashraf

    Google is out to get me.

    @Everyone: Thanks for the feedback. I am making a few behind the scene changes to helpfully get this rectified. (However, please everyone check your spam/junk folders and add admin [at] to your white/safelist!)

  • Seems to be a SPAM filter problem, leading me to wonder why the email’s are flagged as SPAM…

  • Jon

    @ Ashraf this seems like a good time to dust off and start reviewing and  reviewing SPAM Programs for email.  Just a suggestion.
    @ Everyone esle
    1. get a SPAM program for your email
    2. create a folder in your email client that contains all the addresses of all newsletters, or any email you recieve on a regualar basis.  You can call it the “White” folder or anything else you care to call it.  I’m assuming you already have folders with your personal contacts.
    3. notify your provider directly and tell them to stop blocking Ashraf’s email to you.
    4. consider getting the rss feed instead of email.
    just a suggestion

  • Joji

    I got emails from dot.Tech right away when I first signed up, everything is working good for me!

  • Mick

    Ashraf —
    I use gmail.  I am (or was?) selected to receive indications of new articles (except the GAOTD reviews) and received them for months.  It looks like the last message I received was on 3/4 – “New article posted : Free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe”.  I am not certain, but I believe this coincides with the *long* break you took away from the site.  It didn’t occur to me that the emails had stopped – because my daily dottech trips always showed no updates.  When you did return, I noticed that new articles were posted, but I received no email updates.  I believe the two events coincide in the timeline (the long break and the email “stoppage”), but I am not positive that is the case.
    Regardless, I have received no emails since before the time away.

    edit : Upon further review, I see that I actually DID start receiving messages again on 3/18… although they are all located in my spam folder, where they had never gone before….

  • John C

    I had the same problem – GMail suddenly started sending all dottech mails to the SPAM folder. Since I autoforward mail the account I used to subscribe to dottech, I didn’t initially even notice the problem. By chance I signed into the account directly and found 52 dottech mails there!
    The solution, however, is simple, quick (and completely painless :-) :

    Open a message from dottech (any will do);
    Click on the little arrow next to “Reply” and select “Filter messages like this”. This will open the “Create filter” window;
    Change the “From: ” line to read simply “”;
    Click “Next step”. This will automatically check the filter and return the list of matching messages;
    Choose the LAST action option: Never send it to spam;
    Click on “Create Filter” (and optionally on “Also apply filter to ### conversations below”, although in this case it shouldn’t be necessary, unless you also choose a new label or other action).

    And that’s it! Now mails from will never again end up in the bit-bucket!
    Hope this helps…

  • BrotherWolf

    I get some of the article notification emails, but not all. The last one I got was for previx safeonline, I didn’t get one for this article or zonealarm.  I also don’t get them for PMs in the forum anymore.

    I use gmail and did find some of your emails in spam, but have marked them as “not spam” yet the problem seems to continue.

    Good luck figuring this out.  :-)

    Just in case it’s somehow connected, I’ve noticed that lately it takes quite a bit longer to load pages on dotTech than other sites I go to.

  • Jerry

    Greetings Ashraf,
    I use GMail and believe that I have been receiving all your emails.
    I would sorely miss them if they stopped.
    Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • karen

    I use gmail.  I used to get email when I received a PM, but I don’t anymore.  I’ve never signed up to receive any other dotTech emails though.

    I’ve checked my spam folder and they’re not in there.

  • Syafiq

    I use gmail. Before this, I got dotTech email properly into my inbox. But last time, ur email was notified as spam. After some time, ur emails keep going into the spam. Finally, I flagged one of ur email as “Not Spam”. After that, ur email entered my inbox properly again~~~

  • jumbi

    gmail seems fine to me also.
    In past, I used to send emails to customers using Groupmail from Infacta. During that time, I had done a research and also talked to internet providers and verified that this software is the most “compatible” with email servers. Afterwards I purchased this.
    I have got a licence which is used rarely nowdays and I would be very glad to share it with you, if you think this may be useful.

  • RoseD1st

    I use gmail and I get all your emails :)

  • Tony

    Hi Ashraf,

    I am using GMail and initially the first email I received from you was classed as spam, once I clicked not spam in GMail itself, there has not been any problems, all your emails arrive as they should.


  • Stan Wallner

    Have had no probs w/ yahoo address, but do know gmail has been getting ‘pickier’ in terms of what they consider spam;  AND people who forward their gmail to an outlook client rarely think to go back to gmail directly to check their SPAM folder!

  • Toast

    I have Gmail, and I was receiving them fine, until randomly all messages went into the spam folder. Now I get them fine, once I set your newsletter as one of my contacts.

  • SKYC

    Hi Ashraf,
    FYI……I use gmail, and have not had any problems with e-mail notifications , announcements, freebies, reviews, et al.
    Have been a member for about a year so registration confirmation e-mails are a moot point.

    etims suggestion of numbering emails does sound like a good idea, but I do not know how you would do that.

  • redmaledeer

    A couple of providers NOT having problems receiving your emails are

    Maybe this helps narrow in on the problem providers.   Of course,  all I really know is that I get some of your emails;   I have no way of knowing whether I get them all.   I think numbering them would be a fine idea.   Maybe also giving the title or subject of the preceding email.   I think some people would remember text better than just a number.

  • Blackbird

    No problems with  Windows Live Mail [ ].
    Numbering the E-mails is an excellent idea!
    (Of course,…. I am,… kind of wondering,… how the people whom aren’t getting these E-mails are going to get this E-mail,…… Hmmmm…….. )

  • Well with my tricky junkmail setup where I have legit sites strung through 3 emails on 2 servers, somehow I manage to not lose yours.

  • David

    Hi Ashraf,

    one month ago I stopped to receive DotTech e-mail, without any apparent reason. I checked in DotTech home page and I saw that the latest post was dated two or three weeks before. So, I guessed some problems on publishing temporarily, hopefully.
    After few days I checked the GMail “spam box” founding there all DotTech e-mails … I checked all them and select “not spam”, solving the problem. 
    I’m quite sure that GMail modified their spam blocking criteria, or something else.

    Thanks a lot for your job, very appreciated indeed.

  • patara

    I was not getting your emails a few weeks ago. Went to the site to investigate and saw you were away but then once you were back I still got no emails. I subscribed again and since then presume I’m getting them all. I use a GMail address. I think also like Kevin at that time I found some in my GMail spam filter.

  • WECH

    if  you sent everybody test email, I didn’t get it, not in the last month or  two.

  • Kevin

    When I first signed up for your e-mail alerts, I didn’t see a response from you for a few days. I use Outlook for my mail so I finally went into my Gmail account directly and checked the spam filter and their was your e-mail. I have no idea why they flagged you as spam, but I marked your e-mails as safe and I have had no problems since.

  • etim

    Hey A– why not start numbering your emails? Then we can tell if/when we miss any.

  • tejas

    I gotta tell you, I thought it was very funny when I got this email;

    Are you not receiving e-mails from dotTech? If so, please read this!

    The only problem I’ve had is quite the opposite. I un-subscribed from the Giveaway of the Day Reviews some time ago, but they keep coming. I’m sure the one has nothing to do with the other.

  • Hi, I get most of the email alerts, although on occasion some I do not, but I tend to look in any way, most days. I use Gmail and still think it is the very best out there, kind regards Mike.

  • Emrys

    I understand your frustration. I will keep sending you links for your review, but I can’t see how you have time for everything you do. Keep up the good work!

  • Ed

    Ashraf: It seems obvious, but if someone got your email saying please see this posting, they got they email. However, I have noticed that about two months ago I stopped receiving your emails altogether, for quite some time (weeks).  I am one of those people who do not check your website daily, weekly or with any other regular frequency: only when an email alerts me of something I might be interested in do I visit, therefore an interruption of that service is bad for both. Hope it helps, best regards.