Twitter accounts hacked, sent lots of spam

It’s been seven years since I made Twitter my main social network. Yep, I prefer this microblogging site over Facebook every time. But between Twitter and Instagram, I prefer the latter. I’ve been checking my Twitter less these days though. I guess I follow a lot of people that scrolling through my Twitter feed becomes too taxing. Even if I have lists of people I follow, I find that reading stuff on Twitter now is becoming more of a chore. I’m thinking of making another account just so I could organize my “social” life once more.

Or maybe not since we’ve been seeing a lot of spam already. For one, some accounts have been sending spam that includes links to testimonies and promotion of diet pills. This is nothing new as I’ve received similar messages in the past but more accounts reportedly have been compromised last Wednesday, April 23. Good thing Twitter had sent out a warning that the site may be unsafe. I know it’s only common sense that such is obviously spam but sadly, there are some that fell prey to this gimmick. Flagging this as harmful is the responsibility of Twitter.

No idea where the attack came from but it could be yet another marketing spam technique by a third party. Twitter disabled sharing and sign-in temporarily to avoid spreading.

[via CNET]

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