Internet Bill of Rights is passed by Brazil senate


The Internet is fast becoming a world on its own. Admit it or not, the Internet is everything to you and me. No one really owns the Internet, we live in it. Who leads it? Nobody can really say but countries are busy making their own rules. For one, there’s Brazil establishing rules and passing bill of rights that aim to protect the privacy of the people and neutrality of the net.

Brazil’s law gives equal access to the Internet to everyone in the country. Add to that, mobile carriers are asked not to charge more for services like streaming video that are heavy on bandwidth. Internet companies are no longer required to store data in Brazil but metadata reach is now limited as described. This means international companies are still bound by the laws in Brazil if ever there are issues that involve the citizens.

The bill mainly protects the privacy. Free speech is protected. Providers can delete offensive content if there’s a need.

The Senate in Brazil approved the legislation unanimously earlier this week. Everyone in the country is given  equal access to the Internet , as well as, privacy is protected. This is a response to reports of US espionage as revealed by ex-NSA analyst Edward Snowden.

This is definitely good news to those in Brazil. I hope more countries follow suit.

[via Engadget]

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