New v2 of CapsLock Warning brings new features

Back in February I introduced CapsLock Warning, a program written by our very own Rob. Since February Rob has made improvements to CapsLock Warning, based off feedback he has received and new ideas he has conjured on his own. This new version of CapsLock Warning – which I am calling v2 – includes three main new features:

  • Audio Warnings – CapsLock Warning now has the ability to play a sound along with the popup warning it already provides.
  • Choice of Popup Color – You are now allowed to change the color of the popup warning.
  • Watch NumLock Instead – CapsLock Warning now allows you to set it to watch NumLock instead of CapsLock. Take note that CapsLock Warning can only do either or – it can’t watch both at the same time. However, if you would like CapsLock Warning to watch both NumLock and CapsLock, download CapsLock Warning two times and place each copy in a separate folder. Configure one copy to watch NumLock and the other to watch CapsLock. Both copies will run together at the same time, one watching NumLock while the other watches CapsLock.

As per Rob’s request, CapsLock Warning is still only available to dotTechies. In other words, you must be a registered member on dotTech in order to download CapsLock Warning. If you are already a registered member, please login and come back to this post; if you are not a registered member, register, login, then come back here.

NOTE: Rob took his own time to create this very handy program for us. Please respect his wishes. Please do not host CapsLock Warning on any other website/server, and please do not directly link to the file on dotTech. If you want your friends and family to know about and get CapsLock Warning, simply provide them a permalink to CapsLock Warning homepage.

To get CapsLock Warning, simply download it from the following link:

Version reviewed: v2.00

Supported OS: All Windows

Download size: 23 KB

CapsLock Warning download link

Thanks Rob!

P.S. Please provide feedback to Rob in the comments below. For example, if there are any bugs with CapsLock Warning, please say so or if there are any features you want added in CapsLock Warning please say so.

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  • share d dis app.

  • Shades

    @RobCr: Hey Rob,

    I would Love to have both the Clip List & Launch programs and I don’t remember using the Ins key for anything. Can you please e-mail them to me, or upload them somewhere? Thanks.


  • ebony

    That is what I was hoping. I sometimes limit what is in the sys tray, but I did not want to uninstall. Thanks much.

  • RobCr

    That just stops it running.
    You can get it running again, by one of the following –
    – Double click the exe in it’s folder
    – Click the shortcut to it, in your Start Menu / Programs / Startup
    – Or, restart your PC

  • ebony

    @RobCr: As I continue to play with Caps Warn, I have one question.
    The option to unload program completely, does that mean I am uninstalling it or just turning it off?

  • ebony


    This is my review of the changes. I hope this format is OK

    “I have enhanced the program to play a wav file.  ”

    The enhancement works perfectly. It dinged one time and was soft enough to be used in anywhere. However if you wanted to get wild and crazy (I did) try a shot gun sound or a rooster crowing, that is so fun. (Only try this at home) :)

    “If you have Ticked the Play Sound to ON, and you have set theWarning How Many Times to 5 times or to All Times ”

    I set it to 5 times and worked just fine

    “Thus if there is a wav file, it plays it (through your external speakers).”

    It did work through my external speakers. Before I was not getting any sound. I believe due to my sound card being part of the mother board and is disabled when external speakers are installed.

    “I will also send two wav files for you to place in the folder, to see if you like the sound. Just place one or the other into the folder to hear them, and choose which you prefer.”

    This step worked just fine. I made a sub folder to the CapWarn folder for the wav file and move one into the sub folder. I hope that is right, it worked.
    One is a ding and the other is a soft ringing sound. Neither is intrusive or annoying.
    This is an excellent program if you are like me and your fingers wander all over the keyboard especially if you are not a touch typist. (many of aren’t) Even though there is a Shift Key and a Cap Lock, it seems, caps lock is the one we hit the most.

    Great program and thanks Rob for the the extra effort and concern :)

  • RobCr

    I sent an email to the address you sent me,  at 3:00 AM on 1st May (Aust time).
    I got no ‘undelivered message’
    I have Just tried again, but I have left the attachments off, in case they were stopping it getting through.
    I did not use the Reply button, on the email you sent me, as it was redirected from my Scotland GMail to my iPrimus email. So perhaps there was a typo in the address in the body of your email.
    If the email I sent you 10 minutes ago, does not get through, try emailing me on my real(main) email address. that way I can use the reply button.
    robhp  AT  iprimus  DOT  com  DOT  au
    PS I just went to the email you sent me, and hit the reply button. Yup the Reply email address differs from the one in the body of your email.

    Perhaps you should use mu iPrimus email address


  • ebony

    I did not get anything from you. I have been checking feverishly. I thought you were busy and I was waiting patiently.

  • RobCr

    There is another user interested in using a WAV file.
    Did the version I sent you work ok ?

  • RobCr

    I have not used Vista (nor Win 7).
    Did you create a folder such as –
    And place the unzipped exe into there.
    Then right click the exe, and choose –
    Create Shortcut
    That should have place a shortcut into the same folder as the exe.
    Now right click the shortcut, and choose –

    Then right click your Start Button, and choose –
    Explore All Users
    Then expand the Programs sub folder, and right click the –
    Startup folder, and choose –

    The next time you start Windows, the program should start without any intervention, from you.

    The above is based on XP, so hopefully any Vista users, will chip in and correct what I have said.

    Hope this gets it running,

  • foxygrandma

    I keep getting this message: File does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel.
    I know where this is but I do not know what to open it with. When I get to Choose the program that windows opens by default, I do not know what item to choose out of: Set your default programs, Associate a file type or protocol with a program, change auto play settings (I know it is not this one), or set program access and computer defaults.
    I have Vista 64 bit

    Anna Ruth    Love your programs.

  • RobCr

    Does anyone use the INSERT key ?
    If you all say NO, then I may use it in any future enhancement to CapsLock.
    If I added a clip storing and pasting ability to CapsLock (or to a standalone program), I would be tempted to ‘take over’ the Insert key.
    Pressing the key would popup a list of clips (or whatever), and block that horrible ‘eating characters’ mode).
    That would mean the The Insert key would never haunt you again.
    Presently if you accidentally press it, it starts eating characters, whilst you are typing.
    If my program ‘takes it over’, that will never happen to you again.

    I have a program (called ClipList) that runs all the time, and remains hidden.
    To show it, I either move mouse to center top of the screen, OR press the Insert key.
    Either action shows me a large Form (which fills a 4:3 1024*768 screen).
    That form has –
    Lists of clips on left and right sides of screen (and there are Tabs to see multiple Lists)
    A central area, which can launch Programs, or Files, or Web addresses.
    (You can set hot keys, to launch any of those.)
    It is also possible to open text files from a List of Text File names.
    There is a button to grab the contents of the Windows clipboard (goes in to one of those CLip Lists, I mentioned).
    There  is also a companion program (called Launch), which provides large lists of Programs or Files or Web addresses, which can be launched using the mouse, or by typing the first character (or two) of the file name, and then you can just press enter, to launch it (no need for mouse).
    It has become indispensable to me.
    If I am on a web page, I click into say a textbox (on the web page), and I can just mouse the top of the screen, and then click the desired entry on one of my lists. My ClipList goes away, and pastes into the textbox on the web form.
    Alternatively, to view the ClipList program using the keyboard, I can just press the Insert key.
    If I wanted to show the Launch program, I just press the Insert key one more time.
    The Escape key, closes either Form.

    All of that took me 5 months to get working properly, so I was not offering to give that away. I describe it for two reasons –
    1) To illustrate how the INSERT key can be turned into something good, instead of a PIA.
    2) To illuminate what is possible, in case you would like a subset of those capabilities built into CapsLock, or into a separate (free) program.

  • RobCr

    I have something you might like ?
    I have enhanced the program to play a wav file.
    There is no visible change to the program, and no need to set anything different in the Options screen.
    If you have Ticked the Play Sound to ON, and you have set the
    Warning  How Many Times   to   5 times   or to   All Times
    then the program will play a wav file, provided you have one in the same folder as CapsLockWarning.exe
    Thus if there is a wav file, it plays it (through your external speakers).
    If it cannot find a wav file, then it plays Beeps through the Internal Speaker.
    If you email me direct at  BobbyScotland  AT  gmail  DOT  com
    I can then send a copy to you.
    I will also send two wav files for you to place in the folder, to see if you like the sound.  Just place one or the other into the folder to hear them, and choose which you prefer.
    If you like the new feature, and Ashraf thinks it is a good enhancement, I will forward a copy to Ashraf, for official release. (If others are interested in making it official, yell out.)
    PS You don’t have to use my (from Windows XP Media folder) wav files, you can use any file you wish.
    It should only be of a short duration, as my program is calling it every few seconds.

  • ebony

    You may have just hit on something.
    Vista 64 OS and I do have external speaks with a sub-woofer.
    That said, I am thinking that my internal speakers have been disabled.
    Does the sound ONLY work through internal, if so,  that may be my problem right there and if that is the case, now we know the problem is on my end. Again sound is not a deal breaker.
    Your efforts are very much appreciated. You go above and beyond.

  • RobCr

    Which OS do you have ?
    My program plays sounds through the PC’s internal speaker, not through a sound card (and not through external speakers).
    There is a program called Beep.exe that does the same (Plays sound via the internal speaker). Here is a link –
    I have downloaded it, and scanned it.
    It opens a brief DOS window (you do not have to touch that window), and gives about 5 very quick tiny chirps.
    Let me know if that works on your PC

  • ebony

    Yes it does to an extent. I still do not have any audio/beeping, but I can live with that. It maybe something on my end. I am not very good at trouble shooting. The beeping is not a deal breaker for me. I like the program.
    Thank you again. :)

  • RobCr

    Thanks for your comment.
    Does the latest version, fix your need(s) ?
    I haven’t heard back from JonE
    I wonder whether he forgot to tick that wee box, that ‘subscribes’ us to receive Notifications ?
    A nice benefit for members, would be the ability to send emails to each other.
    If you had that, I could contact JonE, to ensure that he was aware of my questions to him.

  • ebony

    I made note of your comment not to clutter this web, but I must commend you on your attitude regarding JonE’s request. That is awesome of you to be so helpful so that he can know when his crtl keys are sticking. With that attitude, I look forward to the great things that I know you will do in the future.  I predict you  will go far. :)

  • RobCr

    I reckon building it in to the Capslock program might be an inconvenience for most of the users (the ones without sticky keys, who don’t want the Options screen confusing them).
    I may be able to knock up a special version for you, that only monitors the Ctrl keys.
    You would place it into it’s own folder, and you would tell Windows to autostart it.
    I am leaning towards the following Rules –
    – No visible interface
    – No Icon in the SysTray
    – It just runs all the time, and there is no option to shut it off (Closes when Windows shuts down)
    – It senses when Ctrl is pressed, and starts timing how long it has been down.
    After it has been down for 5 seconds, it starts warning you.
    And it keeps warning you, until the Ctrl key is unstuck.
    – The warnings could be similar to the CapsLock Warning.
    Except the Visible Text PopUp would be bottom Leftish (above the start button)
    You can tell me what color you would like, and what the Audio settings should be.
    (You could experiment with your existing program, to get unique audio sound)  
    Also indicate whether you wish  BOTH  visual and sound warning ?

    What are your thoughts on those Rules ?
    How about the 5 seconds tolerance ?

    So we don’t clutter up Ashraf’s web page, with our discussions, you could email me direct at  BobbyScotland  AT  gmail  DOT  com

  • JonE

    Wonderful little program.
    I have two different Logitech SetPoint drivers installed for two different devices, but I don’t let them startup.
    But I’m one of those that uses that Caps lock a lot for different things and always forget to turn it off.  So, CapsLock will be useful for me.
    I’d only like to see one addition; a CTRL key alert.  I hate this keyboard: I have since I’ve gotten it.  I’m always having to search around for things, hitting the wrong key; it just doesn’t fit my hand well and doesn’t feel natural, like the last Logitech I had.  But the worst thing is that there has been keys on it that stick or are hard to press down and it has been that way since I got it, and I’ve had the CTRL key stick on me several times.  You don’t even know it until you go to type something and it acts like the keyboard is disconnnected.  After you try typing enough it gives you a warning to let you know what the problem is, but by that time I’m already freakin out and ready to throw the danged thing against the wall; maybe that would unstick the CTRL key.
    Great little program; Thank you.

  • Ashraf

    CapsLock Warning v2.5 was just released. Here is official changelog:

    • v2.5 (April 28, 2010)
      • Added ability to disable system tray icon flashing
      • Added ability to enable/disable the popup warning (so users can now
        just use audio warning)
      • Various housekeeping improvements made
      • Minor bug fixes
    • v2.00 (April 24, 2010)
      • Users now have the ability to change color of popup
      • Added the ability to enable an audio warning in addition to the
        popup warning
      • Users can now make CapsLock Warning monitor NumLock instead of
    • v1.00 (February 23, 2010)
      • Program is released.

    Visit for more information and download link!

  • RobCr

    I had been working on some changes,  as suggested by Ashraf.
    Just noticed the posts on this page.
    I have just sent an update to Ashraf.
    There is now an Option on the bottom Left, of the Options screen, which can prevent the Sys Tray Icon from flashing.

  • ebony

    That will be great, the flashing is a bit of a distraction, I keep thinking I am getting a warning about something going on with the machine. I look forward to the fix. Thanks for responding.

  • Ashraf

    @ebony: No, no don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t “scolding”. I was simply commenting that I didn’t face the same problems. All feedback is highly welcome. That said, OK I see what you mean about the system tray icon flashing constantly. Maybe Rob will add an option to stop that from happening.

  • ebony

    The icon in the tray constantly flashes after I depress either num or caps lock.
    The screen notification is fine. It is the tray icon that I was referring to.
    I have been worked with it most of the morning and I did not get a beep/sound but that is not issue since I have the visual notification.
    I was just providing feedback. Not criticism.

  • Fred

    Jippieh. Last time registration didn´t work for me. Now it did. I´ll have a look at this as soon as i´ve transferred the file to my windows pc.

  • Ashraf

    @Graham: What do you mean it doesn’t work? It works fine for me. What browser are you in? (You can access the login page manually via

    @ebony: The sound works fine for me and the only-show-5-times option works fine for me also. And I have informed Rob about the misspelling – he has already fixed it, we will be releasing v2.1 soon.

    @J. L.:Yeah, there are plenty of tricks for disabling Caps Lock. However, I think the idea for CapsLock Warning is not to disable Caps Lock (some people still use it) but to provide warning when it is turned on.

  • J. L.

    Take a look at this:
    It works in all versions of Windows as mentioned in the last sentence of the article.

  • Joji

    COLOURS!!! LoL

  • Wheezer

    Thank you Rob. Version 1 is great and has saved me hassles many times over. I look forward to using V2 and the new features.
    Thank you!!!  :-)

  • ebony

    Thanks for the  great program. :)
    Things I noticed
    1. No sound/beep.
    2. IMSTEAD, did you mean INSTEAD??
    3. I selected flash 5 times after depressed (for both num and caps), and they both flash constantly.
    I followed the dl according to instructions and put in separate folders and they both reside in the tray, as well as show the display on the screen and they do work together. Nice :)

  • Graham

    Login gadget doesn’t seem to be active Ashraf (the white word top right).