New v2 of CapsLock Warning brings new features

Back in February I introduced CapsLock Warning, a program written by our very own Rob. Since February Rob has made improvements to CapsLock Warning, based off feedback he has received and new ideas he has conjured on his own. This new version of CapsLock Warning – which I am calling v2 – includes three main new features:

  • Audio Warnings – CapsLock Warning now has the ability to play a sound along with the popup warning it already provides.
  • Choice of Popup Color – You are now allowed to change the color of the popup warning.
  • Watch NumLock Instead – CapsLock Warning now allows you to set it to watch NumLock instead of CapsLock. Take note that CapsLock Warning can only do either or – it can’t watch both at the same time. However, if you would like CapsLock Warning to watch both NumLock and CapsLock, download CapsLock Warning two times and place each copy in a separate folder. Configure one copy to watch NumLock and the other to watch CapsLock. Both copies will run together at the same time, one watching NumLock while the other watches CapsLock.

As per Rob’s request, CapsLock Warning is still only available to dotTechies. In other words, you must be a registered member on dotTech in order to download CapsLock Warning. If you are already a registered member, please login and come back to this post; if you are not a registered member, register, login, then come back here.

NOTE: Rob took his own time to create this very handy program for us. Please respect his wishes. Please do not host CapsLock Warning on any other website/server, and please do not directly link to the file on dotTech. If you want your friends and family to know about and get CapsLock Warning, simply provide them a permalink to CapsLock Warning homepage.

To get CapsLock Warning, simply download it from the following link:

Version reviewed: v2.00

Supported OS: All Windows

Download size: 23 KB

CapsLock Warning download link

Thanks Rob!

P.S. Please provide feedback to Rob in the comments below. For example, if there are any bugs with CapsLock Warning, please say so or if there are any features you want added in CapsLock Warning please say so.

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