Ask dotTechies: What is your pet peeve?

A “pet peeve” is an action/habit/thing that really annoys the heck out of you. In other words, a pet peeve is something that you really hate. I am curious as to what annoys dotTechies – what is your pet peeve?

Since it is impossible to quantify pet peeves into a poll, this Ask dotTechies is a bit different. There is no poll for you to vote on what is your pet peeve. Rather, please share your pet peeve with everyone by posting a comment below.

To get us started, I will share my pet peeve. I actually have two, both related to driving:

  • I absolutely hate it when people turn/change lanes without using their car’s indicator/blinker. Not only is it very annoying (how freaking hard is it to move your hand five inches to turn on the indicator), but it is very dangerous also – especially when changing lanes on a highway. I can’t count how many times I have almost got into an accident because some idiot decides he or she wants to change a lane but doesn’t want to use the indicator to tell everyone else about it.
  • It annoys the heck out of me when someone cuts in front of me while driving, then slows down (for no apparent reason; I am not talking about slowing down when a car in front of that car slows down). I mean, if you want to cut in front of me, fine go ahead. However, why the **** would you cut in front of me if you are just going to slow down (and force me to slow down with you)? Just stay in your **** lane if you plan on slowing down, or cut behind me instead of in front of me.

(No, I don’t have road rage issues… I think =P).

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