Ask dotTechies: What is your pet peeve?

A “pet peeve” is an action/habit/thing that really annoys the heck out of you. In other words, a pet peeve is something that you really hate. I am curious as to what annoys dotTechies – what is your pet peeve?

Since it is impossible to quantify pet peeves into a poll, this Ask dotTechies is a bit different. There is no poll for you to vote on what is your pet peeve. Rather, please share your pet peeve with everyone by posting a comment below.

To get us started, I will share my pet peeve. I actually have two, both related to driving:

  • I absolutely hate it when people turn/change lanes without using their car’s indicator/blinker. Not only is it very annoying (how freaking hard is it to move your hand five inches to turn on the indicator), but it is very dangerous also – especially when changing lanes on a highway. I can’t count how many times I have almost got into an accident because some idiot decides he or she wants to change a lane but doesn’t want to use the indicator to tell everyone else about it.
  • It annoys the heck out of me when someone cuts in front of me while driving, then slows down (for no apparent reason; I am not talking about slowing down when a car in front of that car slows down). I mean, if you want to cut in front of me, fine go ahead. However, why the **** would you cut in front of me if you are just going to slow down (and force me to slow down with you)? Just stay in your **** lane if you plan on slowing down, or cut behind me instead of in front of me.

(No, I don’t have road rage issues… I think =P).

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  • Skye-hook

    @tejas: Ya, I know. But several people on GOTD & sites that read Ashraf’s comments a lot, have started using it very recently. 2 or 3 people saying it in one comments section sounds silly. It’s irritating. If you say it, sorry. People just saying it at random is quite ok. I honestly MEANT only people who say it just because Ashraf does, nobody else. Do you know my sister Twila, by any chance, tejas?

  • Skye-hook

    Another 2- I HATE how it often saves pages with a strange title that doesn’t clue u in on what the page really is, when I save a webpage using File & “save as” at top leftof Firefox. Sometimes it’s just a number, or often every single page of a many-paged site has the same exact title, so I have to number them myself & change that later to read it right. Crazy Browser never did that. But I love Firefox, so I’m stuck with that.
    I also really HATE that I keep being forced to join/sign up with every site on the net! Many places keep making me sign up with a site just to get a service that should be totally no-strings attached. Like I even had to sign up at Twitter, which I hate. To get temporary tech support for a free software. Etc etc. No way am I going to be able to keep track of all those, & many you can’t later cancel without a BIG DEAL. Twitters’ new stupid side thing of TweetMeme won’t let me quit without cancelling Twitter, & if I cancel Twitter, they will never let me join again with my  Skye-hook online name.     Ok, that’s it for now.
    Thanks for providing a vent for us, Ashraf.  :)

  • chuck

    phoenix rising-Actually I don’t hate women,but this is a case of “if the shoe fits”-let me guess-you’re about five foot three and drive a Lincoln Navigator,and visit the mall about twice a week,talking on your cell phone all the way there!Almost had me for a moment as my Greek is a little rusty.

  • Inas

    @MikeR:   You got me there! LOL!

  • MikeR


    Oh, fiddlesticks! Since when did grown-ups ever post on GOTD?
    Yah boo and sucks.

  • Wheezer

    @Skye-hook: #1- AMEN!!! It’s pronounced “two-er”! Most the TV dummies where I live say “tore” and it drives me up a wall! I want to go to their studio and just start slapping the morons!
    To continue on that thought line, adults that won’t pronounce words correctly tick me off.
    I know a guy that pronounces ambulance as “am-blee-ance” and breakfast as “breh-fass.”  Come on, he’s almost 50 yrs old! Isn’t that long enough to learn how to talk? (no, he doesn’t have any kind of handicap that affects his speech)

  • Inas

    Another pet peeve of mine is when many GOTD community members don’t read the download/installation instructions carefully, and then they blame any “glitches” or “errors” on the software program, developer, and/or GOTD.

    People (especially grown-ups) should know better than to do that.

    Okay, I’ll get off my high horse for now – till later, all…..  :) LOL!


  • Caleb

    @Samuel: I disagree.

  • @Caleb: Debatible.

  • Caleb

    @Samuel: Well, having read many full license agreements, I think that open source is a ton better than proprietary.

  • mukhi

    @51 (Dario) & 69 (JonE): couldn’t agree more!

  • Ashraf

    @JonE: You should only have to register with dotTech once; the forum and the blog share logins so if you register for one you are registered for the other automatically and with the same name.

    Oh and no offense taken =).

    (I personally don’t like having to register to download something either, but it is one of the necessary evils to try to build-up participation for dotTech; more participation means dotTech gets more recognition, which results in dotTech being able to bring you better goodies.)

  • MansionTrash

    My short complaint of the day,,, I hate the way that GAOTD cherry-picks the posts. Several times (well, a couple or three I remember), GAOTD didn’t allow posts warning people about trojans in the software of the day. I’m not the brightest bulb in the drawer, but its easy to recognize covert activities.
    Mansion Trash

  • @Caleb: Not true for normal users, only true for geeks :D

  • Caleb

    @Skye-hook: Are you saying you have a problem with open source software?  Open source software is a lot better than your proprietary software where the user has no control.

  • Joe_B_wan

    1. “Buy one (or 2, etc.), get one free.” It’s a marketing gimmick and you’re going to pay for it one way or another. If it’s a service or a product, it’s being paid for with profits and profits come from customers.

  • @Taz: I got bad news and good news…that bad news is that there isnt any proper way to fix that problem.

    Normally programs ask Windows to open up a web page for them and then Windows uses your default browser. The problem is that these programs don’t ask Windows, they ask IE its self to open it up. So the only way to fix it would be to replace IE’s executable with a program that launches firefox.

  • Taz

    Just ran across one of my pet peeves and remembered this thread.
    Software that brings up IE :( instead of my default browser Firefox :) when you link to the web through their software for whatever reason.
    Who the he11 do developers think they are forcing IE on me?
    I’LL decide what browser I want to use by setting the default and YOU honor my choice by using whatever I have my default set at!!
    I’m headed over right now to the Advice Corner to ask if anyone knows of a way to force the use of a certain browser.
    I’ve got other pet peeves, but it’ll have to wait till I have more time.

  • JonE

    I’m a bit behind and while going through the past few days feeds from dotTech I of course came across the feed about the CapsLock Warning; nice little program, by the way.
    But it churned up one of my pet peeves.  Now I understand the reason for having to register on dotTech to obtain CapsLock Warning, but why is it that sooner or later everyone want you to register on their site?  I can’t buy a piece of hardware any more and register that piece of hardware without registering on their site.  I have to come up with a new username and password and of course record that somewhere.  I honestly can’t believe that I have over a hundred unique logins documented between my three password managers.
    And that brings up another pet peeve; why is it when you register on a site that has a forum associated with it that you are not automatically registered on the forum.  But no, you have to create yet another login to access their forum, and if it’s for a piece of software the login you created for the particular site doesn’t do you much good because more and more vendors are requiring you to use their forums to voice concerns, yet when you register on their site they do not automatically register you on their forum or any other sites that may be associated with their particular site.
    So while I moan every time I have to take the time to create a new unique login for a particular site I get tight when I have to create yet another unique login for each and every site associated with that particular site.
    Sorry Ashraf, or if I ruffled any ones feathers, but that’s the way I feel about it.

  • tejas

    @Skye-hook:#2… is not “Ashraf’s thang”. People have used that expression long before he was even born.  ;)

  • @Coldmile: Good eye mite! 

    I’m not prejudiced against Aussies.  As a matter of fact, I much prefer them over American’s, of which I am a member.

    Anyone I meet for the first time, I sum up.  Everybody does that.  I don’t particularly care where they’re from, just as long as I can understand them (one of my better friends, as a matter of fact, is a Scot with a stutter).

    This forum is about Pet Peeves, and that’s precisely what I wrote about.  I knew, from the moment I plugged in different nationalities, someone like you would get their fur ruffled. 

    A bit thin skinned aren’t ya mate?

    Truth be told, I was only telling the facts from my perspective and experiences.  Every Aussie I’ve met, including ones I would call my friends, are braggarts from the word go. 

    But, not as bad as Limey’s from my vantage point. 

    Americans?  Oh god.  Educational misfits.  Illiterate morons.

    I’m a writer.  I’ve been freelancing for years and I just hate it when the English language is butchered.  Hey, slang is slang, but butchering the language when you know better?   Well, it’s a pet peeve of mine.

    So, stop your damn whining and try and look at both sides of an equation before you start running your mouth.


  • Skye-hook

    @ everybody- Yeh! I truly honestly agree! Just reading them all made me feel so much better! Feels so great just to express it all, doesn’t it? :)

  • Skye-hook

    1- People who pronounce the word “tour” to sound like “tore”. Just cause they heard 1 dummy on tv say it that way. It’s “two-er”, people! Tour= “two-er”! You’ll sound cooler if you say it right, NOT by parroting some doof.
    2-People on GOTD comments who say “that said” or similar (“having said that” etc) just cause Ashraf says it & they think it sounds cool. Cause Ashraf is cool. It’s Ashraf’s thang, don’t be a copy-cat.  :)
    3-That stupid Stickr thing on websites. It gets in the way so much I wanna judo-chop it, ya know? Ever try to copy a few words from a site with Stickr on it? Major argh! the dang thing jumps in right where you needed to click!
    4- On my desktop the right click menu is extremely slow to respond a lot of the time. That just is soooo irritating! Like it’s maybe gotta do something else more important than what I ask it to do. Does it when nothing else is running even. And no, I don’t have a huge list in right click menu. It’s just s-l-o-w. Like it’s whining that I’m asking too much of it. lol:)
    5- Open source software that ya have to download more than file to get. Then figure out how to install it all correctly & have to read confusing “read me” files. If a software can’t be installed with only 1 file, nowdays I usually just won’t even try it at all. Cause not only is it frustrating, but hey, if they can’t put it all in one file, they probably don’t have a very good software there anyway. Amatuerish. It’s like buying shoes that you have to assemble at home.
    I can only think of a few real fast here, so I’ll be back to add more. :) I’m sure I have a LOT more. lol :) Hey, Ashraf, thanks for asking! :)

  • Skye-hook

    @Dario: YEH! I agree! :)

  • Caleb

    @Ashraf: Well, I don’t particularly enjoy PCs either.  I just think that arrogant apple fanboys need good reasoning behind their theories about macs.

  • Joe_B_wan

    1. Anyone who doesn’t drive like me. (That covers Super Ashraf’s road rage pet peeves and everyone else’s.)
    2. A woman who acts like a womanoid, instead of a woman. (I might get in trouble here, but we’ll see.)
    3. People who try to impress me about themselves, their accomplishments, or their possessions. (“Well, I’m going surfing in Peru for 8 days, and when I get back, I’m going to fly my plane.”)
    4. People who try to impress me with their intelligence, when they don’t have any.
    5. Men who walk in public with a swagger, like they’re the head rooster in the hen house. (“I got the bod, I got the looks, I got it all!”)
    I’ll sign off now, and will continue at a later time. I reside in Texas, in case anyone is wondering about my literary style.
    Take care and be well,

  • I am Back Again.

    This one really pissed me off.  Today a co-worker stole my work and claim it as his own.  Luckly I had the proof that it was mine (backups and different versions).  He got fired and I was very happy then, but for that three to four hours that I had to prove myself very angering.

  • My pet peeve is anything that has a label stuck on it that says “No user-serviceable parts inside.” That is like a red rag to bull to me and I usually open it just to see exactly what really is in there. Why can’t people just put normal screws or, even better, easy-to-open plastic clips just so that we can have a quick look. I’ll be the judge of whether I’m able to service it or not matey, if you can build it I can repair it, usually.

  • Jabtano

    cellphone contracts. comcast.

  • @MikeR: They can and do my friend.

  • Jyo

    @Jim Anderson: HEY! (in a friendly manner…or not)

  • MikeR


    Dead right!

    Ashraf’s just hurtled past on the freeway and then pulled in ahead of me and slowed to a crawl because he’s ranting into his hands-free about people who overtake others and then pull in and slow to a crawl whilst ranting into their hands-free about people who overtake others and then

    Seem to have gotten into an endless loop here.

    @ Samuel: that’s about the most reassuring thing I’ve read on this comment thread. Macs are also fallible. Are you sure though? I used to know someone who owned a Mac and he was always superior to me. Well, that’s what he said, anyway.

  • JonE

    My pet peeve is people with pet peeves; especially those perfect people that complain about everything that those of us that are imperfect do and then five minutes later they are doing the exact thing they complained about someone else doing five minutes earlier.

  • @MikeR: Eh, you can get BSOD (or what ever they are called) on Macs too, it’s just that since Apple as control over the hardware they don’t have to reley on crapy drivers (which are the most common cause of BSOD).

  • MikeR


    re #56, now continued after recovering from Windows BSD:

    ite this justified praise.

    PS: there ya go, Samuel!

  • Joji

    @MikeR: Ya, a guy, named “Mike” who I mentioned in my last comment doesn’t seem to like me… I don’t know why… :(


  • Coldmile

    I’m an Aussie who is usually reserved but i would like to be heard considering Ashraf started the ball rolling and JA (comment 10)made a comment about Aussies which i think is East against West motivated and maybe he dosen’t like the infidels ?
             Australia is part Asia Pacific as is South East Asia and when are you going to get off being racist and enforcing your religion ?

  • And yet another…
    Those scrolling pieces of crap on the bottom of the television screen.
    Who in their right minds thought of that?  Nowadays you can hardly see the damn screen anymore for all the scrolling detritus.
    I live in Thailand but cannot read Thai.  So, I’m watching the news and on comes a news bulletin from CNN.  On the bottom of the screen is a caption of what is happening, and it’s written in English, but I can’t read it because of all the scrolling Thai crap on the bottom of the screen…including SMS messages!
    WTF?  Why put freaking SMS messages on the screen?  Who gives a rat’s ass about what morons are texting?   Wasting their money sending SMS messages to the TV station so they’ll put it on their screen in real-time…not so anyone else can read it…I don’t think anybody really cares.  But so the moronic idiot texting can see his or her own SMS!
    Boy…now you’ve really got me going.
    Oh, btw, I have written to the TV channels who add the scrolling crap and of course none of them e-mail me back.  So, I sent a really crafty, insulting SMS into their stations to prove a point, and only one out of five of them censored it out.
    That further proves my point…even the people in the television studio don’t read that crap!

  • Now you’ve got me really thinking…
    Another Pet Peeve of mine is the way the younger generation speaks.
    They sound like a bunch of morons.
    Grammar doesn’t even have a place in their statements anymore, and you really can’t call it “slang,” since it’s not generated from any sort of socio-cultural dialect, so much as it’s just a terrible lack of education.
    Don’t believe me?  Go take a gander at Yahoo “Answers” and pay special attention to the “Questions” generated from the U.S., U.K., and Australia – in that order (see the little flags at the bottom of the question to see where the question originated).
    Oh, and regarding my previous pet-peeve about braggart expats?  Scots are right up there on the list too.

  • @Ashraf: Ah, but to those Apple Fanboys (and microsoft ones too) its Apple vs. Microsoft!

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: ‘Tis may be true but Mac vs PC rolls off the tongue a lot better than Mac vs Windows =P.

  • @Ashraf: correct or not it is our job to correct the masses!

  • Ashraf

    @Caleb: You have touched a nerve. I too hate that. I hate it very much. I especially get ticked off at Apple fanboys who try to convince me that Macs and PCs (sorry Samuel – just using the proper jargon) cost the same. No way in cyber-hell do Macs and PCs cost the same; you just can’t convince me that there is no “Mac tax”.

  • Caleb

    My pet peeve is arrogant Mac users who think Macs are better just because they’re better.  They most certainly are not better, and I think that Mac users should have to have a good reason for why they think Macs are better.

  • @MikeR: Testify Brother!

  • MikeR

    People who constantly complain about Microsoft and its Operating Systems.

    If it hadn’t been for Microsoft, I wouldn’t be able to sit here now and wr

  • MikeR


    However. . . there’s only one Joji!

    Good to see you again here.

    (And all the other Mikes, too.)

  • karen

    Horizontal scroll bars on web sites.

  • Jyo

    1. When a website re-sizes your browser window.
    2. When occasionally my wireless router stops working due to a DNS conflict.

  • grampadave

    @Liam K: Arachnophobia is specifically a fear of spiders (arachnids).
    The fear of insects is Entomophobia.

  • Dario

    -When people change lanes without signaling.
    -When people drive way to fast (specially motorcycles).
    -When people choose to drive very loud vehicles just to get attention (and actually spread a wave of annoyance)
    -When people put their annoying music on their mp3 / cellphone speaker so that everyone can ‘enjoy’ it too.
    -When people wear those baggy jeans that are about to fall off and you have to pull up every 10 steps.
    -When people stop in the middle of a crowded street to chat with their friends and everyone has to walk around them.
    -When people bring young children to scary movies.
    -When parents give red bull to their 6 year old daughter or son.
    -When people start walking without looking where they are going.
    -When other drives don’t want to let you change lanes after signaling.
    -When people want to sell me crap I don’t need.
    -When I click to open an new window in FireFox and it takes at least 10 seconds.
    -When I press the volume button on my keyboard and it takes at least 10 seconds to actually change the volume and display the volume bar (even when the computer is not doing anything and has no other applications open, and it happens on XP, Vista and Win7 64bit (MS IntelliType).
    -When it takes even a second for my Windows Mobile phone to respond to my input (I still don’t want an iPhone even because of this!)
    -When people act like sheep and have no will or opinion of their own.

  • One of the things I hate the most is drivers that do not stay on their side of the road.  I had one almost hit me and then had the gall to yell at me.

    Another is ads on web sites (I know it brings in revenue, but sometimes there too many) at take other the page (flash ads, talking ones, etc.).

  • Joji

    @MikeR: Hi Maikes. Long time no see! There are so many Mikes, I can’t tell who is who… sometimes.

    There are Mike R, Mike Brazil, Mike, and I think a few more…  LoL


  • MikeR

    Ah, well. . .

    Though not as frequently as before, I still hop between the US and the UK and park up in malls where there’s , say, a Walmart at the former and a Tesco at the latter. Now. . .

    Parking space dimensions in a typical US mall derive from earlier American motor cars of a width sufficient to seat two people at the front with maybe even a third between ’em on the bench seat and room for three burgers, two fries, and a Pepsi in a pear tree placed in the footwell.

    That seating arrangement reflects the sheer size of the post-war US economy. (And very probably, the car’s occupants, too.)

    The car most likely to have served as a template will have been a Buick or Pontiac or some other much-loved yesteryear icon.

    By contrast, parking spaces at the UK mall derive from earlier British motor cars of a width sufficient to squeeze together a top hatted driver wracked by consumption and a passenger in the terminal stages of starvation.

    That seating arrangement reflects the more or less complete absence of a functioning postwar economy in Britain and the fact that if people didn’t eat Spam, they died.

    The car most likely to have served as a template for the dimensions of a car parking space in Britain, 2010, will be the Ford Popular with black cellulose and manual windshield wipers circa 1952.

    Drawing the attention of a modern urban planner in a UK municipal authority to the fact that the latest Vauxhall Astra hatchback is almost the width of two Ford Populars side by side yields only  incomprehension. 

    This is because anyone who works for a UK local authority votes for The Green Party, rides a bicycle, and couldn’t give a damn about motorists and parking spaces because they don’t shop anyway but instead keep their vegetarian household fully stocked with home-grown marrows, carrots, peas, and lettuce as well as  milk from a goat that is allowed to sit at the dinner table when friends come round to sagely debate the revelation that land isn’t made any more and if  house prices will keep on climbing, there’ll soon be enough money to buy a small island off Samoa where there’s no reality TV and educate the children at home because the state of education in this country really is too, too awful for words.
    But I think I may just have digressed. 

  • Josh

    People who block supermarket aisles and then spend eternity chatting to  friends, oblivious of others waiting to move on.

  • Online:

    Computer lag/freezing


    Trying to get work done on an unfamiliar software or operating system
    Facebook spam (e.g. app invitations, fan pages that try to get you to take surveys, etc.)

    Ha, I’m enjoying the WYSIWYG editing.

    Teachers who don’t know what they’re talking about
    Deadlines :/
    Mosquitos (and other bugs; I have a slight arachnophobia)

  • Mike

    3 biggies:

    People on cellphones talking louder than they would otherwise, clueless to the rest of us having to listen to their (often sensitive–business people can be the worst) conversations.

    People driving while on their cellphones and driving more slowly than the flow of traffic, engrossed in their conversations, impeding the rest of us in our own lives.

    People “replying to all” when responding to an email, when there is no need to do so–a major time-suck, when person after person does so, and often seemingly just done to announce to the world that the person is there as well.

  • MerryMarjie

    @OldElmerFudd: I heard “those ones” on TV the other day!

  • MerryMarjie

    People who dispose of disposable diapers in parking lots instead of trash cans.

    Computer sites that advertise “50 Fabulous Freebies!” and when you click on the link, you’re directed to a page where you have to hunt and squint trying to find the link, or worse yet, be directed to another page.  Same with “Download Now” and the link takes you off into the Netisphere.

    People who walk “friendly” dogs without a leash.  The dog is never that friendly when it gets to me.

    The older I get, the more Pet Peeves I have, but I’m trying to mellow out.  “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a good adage to go by, and being more cheerful makes a big difference as you wend your way through life.

  • MustJe

    Idiots who like to play traffic cop by driving the speed limit in the left lane and then refuse to move over so I can pass. The points on my drivers license are up to me, not them.
    People who drive 10 mph under the speed limit on a busy two lane road.

  • People who drive forward (pull into) into a space in a parking lot.

     Backing into the space takes no more time as pulling in (and is mandatory if you have a long vehicle like a 15 passenger van or large SUV) and is much safer and quicker on departure.  

    People who pull in often cant drive very well anyway (or they would be backing in) so count on them parking right next to the parknig lot line, so YOU cant park next to them and get out of your vehicle.

    Quite a lot of these pull-in people gum up the parking lot as they back out of a parking space (unsafely since they cant see all the pedestrians/children moving around) and take two, three, four attempts to get out, and many others are waiting in the parking lot trying to move beyond the idiot. 

    Whew, now that is off my chest.

  • karen

    People who take young kids into nice restaurants.  I have young kids myself so my usual dining choices are kid-friendly restaurants.  If I want to go to a nice upscale restaurant, the kids stay home with the grandparents/babysitter.  But some people think nice restaurants are appropriate for 2 year olds who obviously cannot sit still through a two or three hour meal.
    Red lights that do not have sensors so you have to sit at the light forever even though there is no one coming.

  • @Stephen: There is no problem for me deleting the HP icons.

    My Pet Peeve are those cowards who annoy people then run away. Also, I hate my computer (it’s so slow). j/k:)

  • Dave Reams

    Just to explain, Ashraf: I don’t always know where I’m going and don’t see the exit until the last moment. And that also explains why I have to slow down as soon as I pass you to be able to make my exit. ;-)

  • MikeR

    @Shava Nerad:

    I think I probably do agree with you about people who procrastinate but as I don’t have time right now to get into this, will it be OK if I let you know tomorrow? 

  • @Michael N Hart: This could be several different things.  Send or receive unit on satellite system, modem, router, wireless users exceeding bandwidth or adware on system PC(s).

  • meldasue

    Ashraf wrote:  I absolutely hate it when people turn/change lanes without using their car’s indicator/blinker. Not only is it very annoying (how freaking hard is it to move your hand five inches to turn on the indicator), but it is very dangerous also – especially when changing lanes on a highway.

    I have to cross a freeway on-ramp every morning on my way to the train station, and it’s terrifying because I never know if cars are going to turn or not.  (And a big reason they’re not putting the turn signal on is because the hand that would operate the lever is holding a bloody cell phone.)

  • designibelle

    What drives me crazy is an answers like: “search google” or “can’t you google?” How many times while searching the solution to my problem, I come across this type answers. I google all the time, and when I see in a search result some close response to my question, I’ll go there and what I see is “go google” … yeah well this is so much annoying, my pet peeve.

  • George Clarke

    @Jim Anderson: It is easy to lump people’s bad habits under a collective label but to be fair, inferiority complexes are not confined to any particular grouping.  For example, if I read your name as Scots, I remember being in a bar in the Middle East listening to a Scot describing all his special qualities.  When he declared “Everywhere you go in the world you will find a Scot”  I could not resist saying “And ten Englishmen bored with having to listen to him”.  For once in my life it was there on the tip of my tongue and not ten hours later.  I earned a black eye and a bloody nose but it chased away the boredom.

  • roger

    I read a great deal and my pet peeves tend to be lazy plot devices like:
    – characters, for no reason, not telling others about crucial events
    – characters not asking questions about what is happening but often assuming malicious intent on the part of somebody, normally the hero, who has never exhibited it before
    – completely changing a character’s personality to serve a minor plot point
    – the omniscient author retrospectively changing the meaning or motivation behind established occurrences
    I have given up on some, otherwise, excellent authors because,especially in long-running series, they come to rely on the above rather than original plotting.

  • Stephen

    Oh … and another thing …
    Programs that don’t tell you BEFORE you try to install:

    – whether they have to be installed from an admin account
    – whether you can install it over the top of previous versions and retain settings or whether you can run it side-by-side with the old version or whether you have to uninstall the previous version first
    – whether you can nominate which user accounts can run the program
    – whether they will run at all from a standard user account

    Programs for mobile appliances (e.g. Microsoft Activesync and those that come with phones – I’m looking at you Nokia) often have to be installed from an Admin account, but automatically put themself on every user.  So everyone has to put up with Activesync popping up because I have a PocketPC, and everyone has to put up with the Nokia program because my wife has one.

    Programs like Adobe Reader and HP scanner utilities that put an icon on the desktop of every user without asking you.  The HP Share-To-Web icon on the desktop cannot be removed and locks up if you try to do anything with it.

  • To cite only one : people who are parked against the grain, which is contrary to the rules of the road (in my country) and who allow themselves moreover to keep lights on!

  • graybear47

    There’s too many to state. People do not enjoy life. They consume  it.

  • grampadave

    I hate that when I install software and opt out of installing certain components they get installed anyway.
    One example:  When installing Quicktime player I opt not to install the Updater but it installs itself. Every time.

  • Stephen

    I hate the way IE8 restores and comes back to the front to render, just after I’ve minimised it and gone to do something else.  I’m still on WinXP.

    I hate so-called ‘clever’ media headlines that get your attention but turn out to be about something else – often they are puns or juxtapositions of words that suggest something entirely different.

    Also how many articles headlined ‘Why …’ ever explain ‘why’, they just describe phenomena x.  Then there’s ‘masterclass on’, which has been so totally devalued it means ‘introduction to’.

    I hate the way techy gadgets and appliances seem to assume only one user.

    I hate the ‘I’m the only one who matters’ attitude of most people nowadays, and especially when driving.

    I hate having to choose a boring secure job to provide for my family, rather than bumming about.

    I hate websites that want a relationship with you – look I’m already married, ok?

    I hate announcers talking over the ends of TV programmes, and banners about the next programme that appear DURING the preceding one.  Last night there was a banner, then an announcement over the end, then a trailer, then a final reminder as the next programme started, and all for the following programme!!

    I hate the crap TV programmes we get nowadays.

    I hate the way people get so upset over comments on the internet, which they see as insults.  I once remember commenting on the presence of some people from the US, but used the term ‘Yanks’ (common slang in the UK, although perhaps with a humourous edge refering back to WW2) you should have heard the howls of protest!

    Online word games that force you to guess what spelling the Americans use, or that censor perfectly normal words, which really annoys my wife, and so ruins my day too!

    How much longer you got?

    I hate hating so much stuff.

  • Josh

    @Michael N Hart: You’re not alone. At first I thought it had to do with the negative cache setting, but changing it made no difference. It might be because a site/server is too busy and you have to wait a while for the traffic to subside, especially with the increase in broadband use worldwide and not all the web servers  keeping pace with demand. But it could be due to any number of reasons. Anyway, it’s annoying. Maybe someone knows of a tweak to overcome it?

  • phoenix_rising

    @chuck: My pet peeve is misogynists who feel it is somehow acceptable to call women “b****es”, irrespective of their petty irritations.

  • After typing in a sentence, find the Caps lock button is ON.

    After clicking on SEND after typing a long letter, the letter vanishes in an envelope and does not get sent!

  • Blackbird

    @Michael N Hart: Firefox 3.6.3 with Vista… I have had no problems.
    If it persists,… you can always  do a Download/replace/repair & see if that fixes it.
    (OR:) Save your bookmarks, then you can Remove it (all, don’t save your preferences.) & re-install. That might help/Fix it.

  • @GaryKC: We can post things in the forums.  But we’ve never been able to put them in the comments.

  • We used to be able to post images (screenshots) in this forum and can’t now.
    You don’t review every GOTD offer.
    When I learn how to use a program, it’s updated.

  • Inas

    My pet peeves are people who are hypocrites, and reality-show starlets (like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian) who will do and say anything (in the absence of values) to become famous and rich.

  • Mr.J

    Whenever I perceive the sound of two pieces of styrofoam rubbed against each other, or that anything has any physical interaction with a styrofoam and produce sound, I want to kill someone!!!
    This is extremely inconvenient for me, unfortunately, as now most of the mail packages come with at least some cubic of styrofoam with it… Which explained why I am always pissed off when receiving mail order!

  • James

    @David Roper: Sorry… haha.  Bad habit

  • chuck

    Clueless bit***s yapping on a cell phone while operating SUV’s that are entirely too large for them,cutting me off, presumably on their way to the mall to renew their undeserved drivers licenses-Yeah,they got that license there, (not motor vehicle)and the renewal is half off today.I’m from Jersey-let me tell you about road rage!

  • Pardon me while I whine in an unseemly manner just for a moment…
    What bugs me as a researcher and an entrepreneur is having to get money from people who wouldn’t have invented what I do, don’t really understand it, couldn’t carry through the work I’m doing to make it manifest, yet think they are superior to me solely because (often through no work of their own) they have money.
    I mean, with no more than access to their money, I am committing to make them more money, and they’ve already committed to risk it in some way — so could they please just evaluate the risk, without trying to make me and my people feel small?  This sort of thing might fly with first time entrepreneurs under 30, but I  have a good record and I’m 50 now — if they think somehow this makes them look smart, more cautious, or it’s just how they’re supposed to act…well, it’s obvious why they’re investing instead of doing something cool.
    Oh, and writing patents.  Wedging my brain into the narrow band required for writing patent documents make my head hurt (and it’s most of what I’m doing this month…or procrastinating from…)
    Oh, and procrastinators.  Procrastinators bug me, *especially* if they’re me…! :)
    *thanks I feel better  now…*

  • My pet peeves are mostly realted to miss information…like Mac vs. PC, THE MAC IS A PC!

  • OldElmerFudd

    @tejas: Know what you mean. Also, the pervasive use of “ones”, as in “the ones over there?”, instead of regular demonstratives – these, that, those, this.

  • Jerry

    My “peeves” have lead me to the following conclusions:
    1) Honking your horn at lousy drivers will not make them better drivers.
    2) Stupid people just do not know that they are stupid.
    From those two conclusions you may envision exactly what peeves me the most.

  • OldElmerFudd

    Driving – those “grinders” who come up and stay on your rear bumper when you’re in the outer lane and doing at least the speed limit. I like to flip on my lights during the day – the tail lights look like I’m braking!
    Endless mail offers from service providers to “bundle” my internet/phone/TV. These are from the same providers I’ve ignored for years…
    Junk mail. I have to save it all to put in the recycling bin every week. What a waste, especially around election time.

  • tejas

    People who seem to think the words then, and than are interchangeable ………. it drives me nuts!
    (if English isn’t your native tongue, that’s different)
    Do they know what they’re saying when they make a statement like…… “I’d rather watch a movie then shoot myself in the foot”.
    I’m driving on the freeway, using cruise control to maintain the speed limit. I’m in the left lane, and see someone coming up behind me moving faster than I am, so (using my blinker so Ashraf doesn’t get upset) I pull over into the right lane  to let them pass. There is a slower moving vehicle in front of me now, but it’s ok, I’ll be able to get back in the left lane when this faster moving car passes me…………. but as they are passing me, they slow down so I’m now boxed in. Why do people do this?? Better yet, why do I continue to get out of the way so they can do it to me?

  • Hi Ashraf,
    My biggest pet peeve is guys who brag about themselves.
    I live in Southeast Asia and it seems almost every one of the expats I meet here cannot get through a spoken paragraph without patting themselves on the back, or reminiscing about how great they are or used to be.
    Brits seem to be the worst, although Americans and Australians are right up on top of the list too.  I can understand mentioning what you used to do for work, but why not just be brief and leave out all the braggadocio?
    There certainly is something to be said for modesty!

  • Mike Brazil

    @Michael N Hart: It must be the gecko engine — I use Orca, which runs on the gecko (mozilla) engine, and this happens to me all too often.

  • Mike Brazil

    I’m with you on #1 Ashraf. People that don’t signal their turns and lane changes really tick me off.
    My #2 peeve has to be that GOTD forces you to install the same day that you download. I much appreciate the giveaways, but sometimes there’s just too much going on to get them installed the same day, especially since I always take precautions (system restore points, registry backups, etc.) prior to installing ANY new software.  And sometimes, I just plain forget to install them, and then I’m disappointed the next day or whenever I realize I missed the window (hey — I’m busy and I’m old — what else can I say?).
    BTW, I greatly value your reviews of the GOTD downloads. I don’t have time to test a lot of software that might be useful or just nice to have, and with almost no exceptions, I won’t download it if you don’t give it at least one thumbs up!

  • mupton
    People who use food stamps to purchase Crap food when I  am busting my Butt to stay on a budget.
      Kids parents that do not teach there children how to do anything productive!

  • Emrys

    The Nigerian Spam Scam crowd. A total waste of the world’s bandwidth.

  • etim

    Drivers on cell phones.

  • Joji

    My pet perves are…
    -when 4freeOnInternet pissed me off
    -when ha3kers on my favorite games piss me off by using aimbots and “i see you through walls” hacks
    -when people are messing with me during the games…
    -and when people makes insults on those games and I get head shot pwned… -_-”
    Mehh… doesn’t happen much, very rarely actually, but I don’t like when people insult me or make fun of me. I sometimes take it too seriously… -_-”
    Uhm… I think some people already know that, especially Ashraf… -_-“”

  • David Roper

    Pet Peeve is people dragging their feet when they walk.  Dammit, pick them up and while you are at it, pull up your slacks so your butt crack doesn’t show.  I don’t want to see it.
    There, I feel better.

  • My pet peeve is when websites use linkbaits.
    /keeping my real life separate from my online life

  • My pet peeve at the moment is firefox, when you click a link and it tells you the page is unavailable, you click it again and whoo hoo it opens, is this me, or do others have this problem ?