Free ALZip 8!

ALZip is an archiving software like WinZip, WinRar, or 7-zip. These are all the features of ALZip as per the developer:

Currently ESTsoft – the developer of ALZip – is working on a new version of ALZip, v8. Currently v8 is in beta, available for anyone to download and use. However, in celebration of their v8 beta release, ESTsoft is offering users the ability to get a free copy of ALZip 8 when it comes out of beta and is officially released:

After you enter your e-mail address, when ALZip 8 is released, ESTsoft will send you your very own ALZip 8 license key (if you are in a hurry and want to use ALZip 8 now, you can use the beta version).

Personally, I have been using 7-zip for a while, and will continue to use 7-zip (7-zip is open source and freeware); but for those that want ALZip, this is your chance to get it for free! Follow the links below to get ALZip 8 for free:

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Version being given out for free: v8

Free updates: v8.x versions only

ALZip homepage [ALZip 8 free license key promotion page]

Thanks Vi!

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  • internetexplorer

    the free alzip license link page is blank, so I guess the offer has ended at some previous point in time.

  • @tejas:

    Guys, visit
    it is true.

  • @Caleb:
    Send me an email and i wll give what you need.

  • internetexplorer

    version 7.52 is still available on their website “for previous users”–wonder if that’s for those who tried the beta for v.8 and wanted to go back to previous one because they liked it better than new one? Maybe they’d like to have you offer v. 7.52 for free to show off their software and widen their customer base for future upgrade offers? Version 8 is apparently now out of beta and no longer being offered for free to line up beta-testers. FWIW I generally agree with you about 7-zip although I sometimes try something else if 7z won’t open a file. One neat feature that 7z and few others have is that it opens two zipped layers at once (i.e. both folder and file are zipped) which saves a lot of tedious unzipping in the case of a folder with numerous files.

  • PapyLuc


    About “ALZip” … like you: I have received the license after the expiration of the probationary period was 60 days. I had installed from your site.

    En français :

    J’ ai bien reçu la licence après l’ expiration de la période d’ essai qui était de 60 jours. Je l’ avais installé depuis votre site.

    Au revoir depuis la BELGIQUE (Liège/Luik/Lüttich).

  • pat

    I wrote to them about 3 days ago. They replied and apologised. Said they had so many emails to be sent out it will take them a while to get done. They did not include my reg in the email so I will have to wait my turn I suppose.

  • Kirk

    My father received his code today (7-6-2010).  I have not yet received my code to unlock the full product.  Perhaps they were only giving away to random applicants.  My father and I registered on the promotion page on the same day using different computers on unique IP addresses.

  • pat

    @john barrentine:
    I have not received anything either. Went to use my old Alzip today and it wants me to update but when I checked it is only the trial version

  • john barrentine

    Just checking back, it’s the end of june, and I still have not received an activation code. I went to thier web site, and it seems the free code give-away is over,and it looks kike the  AL Zip 8 is already out. Am I wrong, or just overlooked on the free code? Tanks Jack B.

  • good

  • john barrentine

    Just was wondering if anyone had any idea when they planned on releasing  the new program??? I thought it would be a weeks, but nothing else has been mentioned. Thanks Jack B.

  • kimotheraphy

    I have been using Alzip for 5 years now.. When I bought my first personal laptop, I searched for a zip utility as an alternative to Winzip and chanced across Alzip. Have not looked back since and continue to use it on a daily basis almost. It has never failed me, not once. It is easy to use and the cute icons is one of the major reason I continue to stick with this app, a shallow reason I know, but nevertheless…
    Would anyone know whether I need to uninstall my old version before installing Alzip 8? Or I can just install over the old version?
    Thanks Alzip and thanks Azraf for bringing this to us…

  • David Macdonald

    Too bad it can’t create 7Z files. But still I’m going to give it a try.

  • @Joji: I’m also a student just like Ashraf and many others, although I’m working as a Software Engineer in a company.  i.e. Never Stop Learning :)

  • Joji

    Hey Ashraf, if your’e there, please answer me…
    are you a student? I thought u were an adult working every day at some company… I read Adrian’s info on the forums (when you view his profile), and he said that “he is a student just like Ashraf”. Lawl. XD

  • @tejas: Thanks :)

  • tejas

    @Farrukh: After ALZip 8.0 official version is released, we will send you an ALZip 8.x license!

  • @Farrukh: Have you tried going to or Wakoopa.  Hey I am feeling like a nice guy today, so I will do the work for you, hold on….

    For, here are the alternatives to Microsoft Office
    For Wakoopa, here are the alternatives to Microsoft Office

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Did anyone get the e-mail containing the registration information?
    its been almost 2 hours and there is no sign of any e-mail.
    I also gave my 2nd e-mail and still not even a spam mail from them

  • Inas

    @Ashraf: thanks for the AlZip 8 offer – seems like a nice program.

  • Inas

    @Doru: thanks for the concept draw pro link – nice program.

  • @Ashraf: Its been quite a while and I’m not receiving any mail containing the serial number. Its not even in Spam folder :(. Is that delay normal?
    @Doru: Thanks for this information :). Although this thread is for AlZip and it was expected that the replies would be related to Archiving tools.
    However, I am actually looking for some tools like these, especially some free alternative to Microsoft OneNote.

  • Nebulus

    How is this better than 7zip ? As far as I see, it’s not, so no point in getting it…

  • Doru
  • tejas

    I can’t see myself paying 30 bucks for an archiver….. but free is good.   Thanks Ashraf!

  • Thanks Ashraf, this is interesting.

  • OldElmerFudd

    I’m a confirmed 7-zip user as well. I have no problem with the beta versions either; they’ve never given me any problems.
    @Jim Anderson: I’m a confirmed downloader too. I like to archive programs, usually on DVD, against the day they go payware or I need them for an older OS.

  • Hi Ashraf, and everyone reading…
    WinZip & WinRar, I’ve used both.   7-zip, I have on my USB drive, but never have used.
    Hi, I’m Jim and I’m a downloadaholic.
    “Hi Jim,” everybody says in unison.
    I’ve gotten to the point where when I read things on freebie sites, I now recognize it when my eyes begin to gloss over and I take action.
    I then ask myself a few important questions…
    Do I NEED this?
    Do I have something LIKE this that works for me NOW?
    Why do I HAVE to download this?
    That’s all it takes…those three questions.  Actually, I’ve got a couple more, but hey, what ever works.
    On this one, I asked the first question and lied to myself.  Then, with the second question, ALZip 8 lost out.

  • Ashraf

    @Caleb: Oops. Fixed. Thanks.

  • Caleb

    Well, I usually don’t download closed source programs, but the icon won me over XD.
    BTW, the link to the promo page doesn’t work.