A few important announcements: Three (time limited) freebies coming to dotTech and Ashraf going on vacation soon

Do you hear that? No? Me neither; that is the new-dotTech-article sound that you don’t hear. I know I haven’t posted an article if a few days; the semester is ending and I wanted to focus on my studies so I don’t fall flat on my face because I got distracted in the end, hence I haven’t posted anything since last Thursday. I do apologize for that, and hopefully I will start to post again in the next few days. However, I first wanted to take this opportunity to make a couple of announcements:

  • I have been in negotiations with a few developers to bring more freebies to dotTech. Currently, if things go according to plan, dotTech will be featuring three freebies in the next 1-2 weeks:
  1. Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox
  2. Glary Utilities Pro
  3. Paragon System Backup 2010

All three will only be available for free for a limited amount of time (varying from 24-72 hours) so be on the lookout for them. I highly suggest you consider subscribing to dotTech via e-mail, RSS, or Twitter so you don’t miss out on any offers.

  • Soon my summer break will start. For summer vacation I will be going on vacation and will be away from dotTech (I don’t really see myself posting new articles while on vacation). Just a heads up; if you subscribe to dotTech via e-mail, RSS, or Twitter you will know exactly when I am back.

That is all for now.

Any questions? Want to flame me? We have a comment section for that.

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  • JohnD

    Have a great vacation Ashraf, you will be missed.

  • Mr.Dave

    Ashraf, there’s nothing I can add to what everyone else has said, but I wanted to add my vote for success on your tests and a safe, happy vacation!  Looking forward to your return.

  • tejas
  • Mohamed

    Ashraf hope that you have good hols. Wanted to know if the winners of the Pdf2word licenses were announced

  • Grr

    Best of luck for semester exam!!

  • Rita

    Thank you Ashraf for letting us know you will be gone for awhile.  We do worry about you when we don’t hear from you.  Kinda like a family member.  :)

    Enjoy your vacation.  It is well deserved.  You need to unwind and change the scenery for awhile

  • MerryMarjie

    (sniff!) Have a (sniff!) good time, Ashraf!  We’ll (sniff!) miss you!

  • Hi Ashraf

    I await the freebies with baited breath.
    I hope you have a good time on your vacation.  I believe we will all miss you.
    Thank you for the great work and I hope it will continue when you return all rested up and raring to go.

  • rachana


  • If there’s anyone in the world who needs some pure time off for Rest and Relaxation it is you, Ashraf.
    Enjoy yourself, knowing you have fans who completely undertstand.

  • will miss you…

  • John G.

    We’ll be missing you, but do have a happy time on vacation.  Take lots of photos.  Looking forward to the freebies post.

  • Ryan

    Have fun in your vacation. Good luck in your studies.

  • Shueygal

    Enjoy, enjoy,enjoy.  You certainly deserve it, and I’m sure you will leave with satisfaction from a job well done with your studies.  It is a taxing regime that you have, so, go and enjoy your holiday, and remember, you will have many loyal folks awaiting your return.

  • I wish you all the best !

  • Bring us all back a T-Shirt!

  • harrrrrrr

    Fair weather and safe travels to you.

  • Joji

    I have a bad feeling Locu might take over Dot.tech and make it to “Cogizio #2″… -_-”

  • jabtano

    Whoa, mind if i come too ;)
    have a good time.

  • Old Prop

    @MikeR, who wrote “Entity? ENTITY? So the rumors that circulated on here as to the provenance of The Wise One Who Never Sleeps are now confirmed. Ashraf is returning to his home planet for a while and doesn’t want anyone to know.”
    Well said! Our man Ashraf is indeed TWOWNS, and I doubt that anyone (else?) from our planet could have so much energy or be so productive.

  • Sandrina

    Enjoy your  vacation Ashraf  :)

  • iF0undTh1sUsefull

    Dear Ashraf,
    You are truly a very helpful chap – to do things like that for people who have registered to dotTech.org, and I for one thank you and genuinely appreciate your efforts for the advice and information you provide on this website (which I’ve been watching for the last few months) and also at GOTD.

    Q. When I registered with dotTech.org earlier today, the registration/signup page said that my email address was not correct and when I submitted the same email address for the second time my registration proceeded, however I have not yet received any notification at my email (address) inbox as indicated during the registration process, is there any reason for this lack of notification?

    A thought:  … Perhaps it may be because I have 2 dots in my email address, example <abcdef.g.h@gmail.com>, but, I would appreciate your advice on the matter as my email is working properly and I would like to ensure I always receive dotTech.org messages.

  • jumbi

    nice pre-vacations gifts :-)

  • MikeR

    @Ashraf: post #5:  I will delegate a responsible entity to take over my duties, no worries. . . Where am I go? I would rather keep that to myself – I do value my privacy.

    First thought: Entity? ENTITY?  So the rumors that circulated on here as to the provenance of The Wise One Who Never Sleeps are now confirmed. Ashraf is returning to his home planet for a while and doesn’t want anyone to know.

    Second thought: responsible? RESPONSIBLE? So big a policy change as this should really have been notified to dot techies in advance — perhaps a poll along the lines of:

    a) Do you want someone who is responsible to look after dot tech in Ashraf’s absence? Or:

    (b) Do you want someone like Ashraf to look after dot tech in Ashraf’s absence?

    Ah well, Ashraf. You go off and enjoy yourself. . .   ;-)

  • Dr Nitin

    Have a great Holiday Ashraf
    Dr Nitin

  • Ashraf

    @Ashok: Yeah, I will have that sent out soon.

  • Daniel

    Vacation, vacation again, always on vacation.

    I hate vacations … only those of the others.

    Have a good time.

  • Have a good break you deserve that, cheers from the UK.

  • Ashok

    Ashraf, enjoy your studies and the summer vacation.
    Any possibility of giving those 30 licenses away before you go away? (
    dotTech Exclusive: 30 free licenses of AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter 3.0.0!)

  • I think that Locutus and Karen will be responsible enough to handle your duties. How long will you be on vacation? 2 weeks?

  • Red

    Wot wot? Ashraf going on vacation ? Looks like we’re done for mates, 1st icelandic volcanoes, euro collapses, boms in Times square, and now the final sign of the apacolypse – jolly old dot tech tossing us out like babys with the  bathwater. Enjoy your indefinate luxury stay in the Four Seasons penthouse while we fight off hungry nazi borg zombies and scavenge for stale crumbs, Ashraf! And farewell, cruel world!

  • Emrys

    Thank you for the gifts that you bring to us! As always you will be missed and I hope that someone (like that Borg friend of yours) Locutis will step in to post GAOTD evaluations. Travel safely and return to us safely and please remember to LET US KNOW YOU ARE SAFE FROM TIME TO TIME. The last time you left I was worried more and more with every passing day. Just send a post (how about some pics?) and for something different, I want some recipes of the food there. I love exotic food and I’d bet the Borg would eat it too….:D

  • Skye-hook

    It’s true we all depend on you a bit too much, but that’s our fault, not yours. :) We will live. We’ll miss you, but we can handle it. I hope. lol:) As long as you come back. Without dottech I’d be really upset. You do a needed service! :) Best of success’s on tests, & have fun. Hugs, Skye

  • RobCr

    @Ashraf: said

    Where am I go? I would rather keep that to myself – I do value my privacy.
    Rob: said
    “Who is that masked man”


  • Orchid

    Good luck with the last part of your studies before your summer begins.  I hope you have a wonderful vacation filled with lots of fun and relaxation!
    Take care and safe travels.

  • Peccadilloes

    all the best for your studies.
    and your career, and your life!

  • @sean: Sweeeet.

  • Ed

    It’s good to try to see the forest away from the trees every once in a while. Have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Cheers

  • sean

    @Ashraf: I will delegate a responsible entity to take over my duties, no worries.

    Entity? So, locutus has the job, he’s the only entity that i know of :p

  • Mike Brazil

    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation and pretend we don’t exist for awhile! But don’t forget that we’ll be here waiting to welcome you back!

  • Caleb

    @Ashraf: I’ll be that responsible entity :)

  • Wheezer

    Any questions? Want to flame me? We have a comment section for that.”

    How can I flame you when I can’t find my lighter??? ;-)

    Really tho, may all your tests be easy and your vacation nothing but fun!

    Thanks for the heads-up about you not being here for a while too.

    It’s party time everybody!!! (lol…)  ;-)

  • Ashraf

    @pallen: Ashraf doesn’t send postcards – postcards send Ashraf. (Reference to Chuck Norris joke… hahaha.)

    @Everyone: Oh and I promise I will announce the winners and send out the license keys for the recent AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter giveaway before I leave.

  • pallen

    Enjoy your vacation.Send lots of postcards.Thanks for all your info.

  • Ashraf

    @haakon: Thanks man. Though, I seem to be taking a lot of breaks lately… Someone slap some sense into me.

  • Ashraf

    @Adrian: I will delegate a responsible entity to take over my duties, no worries.

    @Caleb: Charles, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (Quote from X-Men for those that don’t know.)

    @Llulu: Does that mean you should read me my Miranda rights? Maybe I need a lawyer.

    On a serious note, just visiting some relatives, nothing too major. Where am I go? I would rather keep that to myself – I do value my privacy.

  • haakon

    Have your vacation!!!  And try forget “dottech.org” for a while!!
    You truly need a break!!!
    YOU keep this site alive..started it..kept it “running”!
    By time you have some time off LOL

  • Llulu

    How dare you go on vacation! It’s illegal! :P
    Just kidding. :D
    Hope you have a fun and safe vacation. Going anywhere/ doing anything special?
    Good luck with exams and studies, I’ve got my major exams coming up in a few weeks too :D Let’s study hard!

  • Caleb

    Don’t leave us

  • Will you still moderate and post articles that I submit during your vacation? I hope so.