Free Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra!

Update: It looks like it’s ended already, sorry people.

CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra is a terrific heavyweight multimedia editing/creating software suite:

The “CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra” is a lavishly-equipped multimedia all-rounder. Equipped with modern techniques, you can enjoy your movies and DVDs in amazing quality. The “CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra” supports all popular video and audio formats for the perfect movie experience.

In addition to the features for the perfect movie enjoyment, you can also implement your creative ideas with powerful tools. This gives you the “CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra” among other features stylish image overlay and video-and photo enhancement.

Or you can create professional slideshows featuring beat-detection technology that automatically displays your photos and play audio in the background. Your finished projects can then be completed with its own burning suite.

Since this is a “suite”, various other CyberLink software are part of it:

  • Instant Burn
  • LabelPrint
  • MediaShow
  • Power2Go
  • PowerBackup
  • PowerDirector
  • PowerDVD 8
  • PowerDVD Copy
  • PowerProducer

This chart will give you better insight on the features of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra and how it compares to the new versions of the suite:


Click on the image above to view the full chart.

Before I tell you about how to get this software for free, note two things:

  • The download size is huge – 946.6 MB. However, the download speed is very fast.
  • There are only 10,000 free licenses being given out in this promotion so be quick if you want one.

That being said, to get CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra for free, follow these simple steps:

Version being given out for free:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

First, visit PCPlus.  Read their full article! If you don’t, you’re not eligible for this freebie.  Next, sign into SoftwareLoad.  (NOTE: That screenshot looks different because of how I did this.  Ignore that.)

If you have an account, sign in.  Or click Create account.

It’s OK–you don’t have to fill in personal information.  For instance, did you know I live on 123 Fake St, Los Angeles, United Kingdom 90210?

Then, go to the promotion page.

Enter the code PCPlus2010SWL into the discount code box, as shown above.  Then click OK. Click “Place your order”.

You’ll be taken to a “Validate” button–click it.

Go to your downloads page to get the download. You’ll get your serial number and a download link.  Note that it is a 947MB download, so be patient.  Really patient.

PCPlus via Techno360

Locutus’ note:  while this is a magazine specific freebie, all I had to do to find the original key was go to their website and click on their latest article.

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  • DrLongBear

    @annie: Good stuff to know…thanx.

    P.S. – Gibbster: The tech support sent me an individual link – I have a fullblown version and will not be passing the serial #’s along. I am sorry you have not been able to get yourself one…best wishes for the next round…I will offer this: If I see it being given away, I will attempt to get the serial #s for you and will execute the required document to pass it on to you…it’s right on their site.

  • annie

    I recommend the photo editor on this software – it produces really really good, quick results.  (I’ve also trialled Adobe Lightroom, Zoner, Picasa, Gimp, Ulead, and own Photoshop Elements). 

    This program has the potential to be a good alternative to Lightroom.

    The only downer is that it seriously compresses jpegs after editing, and there appears to be no option to save edited photos without further compression, or I’d use it for all my photos, including the best of them.

    It also overwrites your original jpegs on exiting the editing module, but seems to save the originals to a subfolder.  I work on copies of original photos anyway, so this isn’t an issue for me. Also, the edits are reversible, even later on.

  • Fred

    Ups. Missed it. But i think it´s the same version chip gave away at easter 2010. So i already have this thing.

  • Gibbster

    @DrLongBear: Sorry about that.

  • DrLongBear

    @Gibbster: Almost forgot, your trial link is over 200MB short of the actual version offered for free. I did download it and installed it and tried the code I was sent. It did not work. I immediately uninstalled the product. Took a Loo-oo-oo-oooooong time to complete. It installs all over the place (not in a messy way) but the package offers so much as individual stand alone programs and each and every one has to be uninstalled – their uninstall program does not uninstall everything it installed…hence the looo-oo-oo-oooong time.

  • DrLongBear

    @Gibbster: Yes, I have the registration code. Had it within minutes of receiving the DotTech notification eMail. Problem is, their support finally replied after four days (must be some busy folks) and they are claiming that they had no problem with their own download link. Now, let’s see, I own the server and I have no problem downloading from a link I created??? Hummmm?! My reply is that I have no problems with any other site, downloading files as large as 21GB…I want this program very much, but I am wondering if I really want all the hassles of a support department that lays it all back on the user. Oh, I might add that I have a PhD in Computer Information Systems…I am the head of Computer Forensics for a national University…I think I know my systems and what they will and will not do.

    To answer your question…If I am unable to obtain the download within the coming week, I will forward on to you the email they sent to me and I will execute the requisite document for switching the licensing over to you. Should I somehow succeed, I will not pass it along…that would be piracy and we do not practice that here, do we?

  • Gibbster

    @DrLongBear: Do you actually have the registation code for Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra, do you think I can have it? I really want this.
    I posted a link to the trial version I think its the right software version.

  • RobCr

    I got Orbit (it was FREE), to download videos (youtube’ish videos).
    I was downloading a large file (not video), recently, and it was going to take 4 hours. I canceled the download, and tried the right click option to use Orbit.
    It then only took 1 hour.
    (It does multiple downloads of portions of the file, simultaneously).
    Now who could argue with that  (‘Blazing Saddles’)

  • DrLongBear

    @Gibbster: No. My browser is IE 8.x. If you do a Google/Yahoo search for either “Orbit downloader” or “IE7Pro” (An add on for IE to enhance IE’s features), you will get a better idea of what they are. Basically, they both have the capabilities for downloading a wide range of Internet media, applications, software, etc. – I do believe that they are available on DotTech as freebies. ALL my software is kept current to the latest versions available.

  • Gibbster

    @DrLongBear: Are those browsers you are talking about?

  • DrLongBear

    I have the registration code. Got it the first few minutes it was available. Attempted to download 8 times using either “Orbit” or “IE7Pro,” an error would come up from their server “…you have reached the number of attempts allowed…” and, after 8 failures, over the course of five days; on the third day I contacted their support, and on the fifth. They sent a reply back that they had received the report and someone from an “appropriate department” would be getting back to me. I am not betting on it.

  • Gibbster

    @gerald: Do you think you I can have a free copy since I have can’t figurer out what went wrong?
    I think this a trial version for it….
    I have account for this place, it kool =)

  • Jackie

    @annie: Thanks for the tips.  Very helpful.

  • gerald

    I successfully registered but didn’t download as didn’t have my high speed broadband working at the time.  I’ve gone to download it but its not in my download section.
    can anyone tell me where I can download this version elsewhere?  (I obv have the rego key)

  • Sub

    @Locutus: Have just done so, although it was showing on the about screen as already registered (?)  Thanks again for the great find!

  • @Sub: I did the last time this offer was given.  If  I remember correctly, it’s on a per-application basis, so you’ll be entering it a lot.

  • Sub

    Thanks for this.  I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get this free.  Did anyone bother to fill in the Cyberlink registration page that comes up every time?

  • zugshad

    @bulajap – you should be able to go into your windows settings and adjust the default programs and such.  I know for me, with win7, i go to the “defualt programs’  in the search and it brings it up.. where i noticed you can go to hardware and sound and in there you will see the “autoplay” settings and in there it sets your audio and video to automatically play with powerdvd 8 once you put the CD In.. you can change it to what ever program you want.. hope it helps.
    also, idea, for those that the codes wern’t working, could be possible they gave the 10k liscenses away already? , just another thought for that

  • Gibbster

    @Curt@dk: Hi, I was wondering since I have this crazy problem with it maybe you could sent it to me? Also I am the guy called Andy too. I just couldn’t remember I account info but I found it.

  • Andy

    @RobCr: no =( I really want this too! =(
    I was up like 4 in the morning when I saw this, I did what it said and like when your at the buy the software and i input the code it kept saying not valid! I even tryed it in different browsers.
    Is it fair that we can’t get it if keeps saying that not valid???

  • bulajap


    Is there a way to prevent the program from making it the default DVD player? Also, how much disk space does the whole program take up?


  • RobCr

    I am not sure if this applies these days, as I have not purchased a burner for a couple of years.
    If you are buying a burner, you should get a LG burner, for two reasons –
    1) They are the best.
    2) They come (or came) with Nero OEM (Nero Express), and Cyberlink PowerDVD.

  • john barrentine

    @Locutus:   Thanks for the help everything went well. Go to know ther are people like you out there to help dumbies like me..

  • @RobCr: Unforunately I believe the code is expired.

  • RobCr

    Last 4 posts on the PCPlus site are also saying that the code is no longer working.
    Anyone here had success recently ?

  • Andy

    @Duno: Hi, I tryed it and it says the discount code is not valid???
    I was hopeing you could help? =)

  • jumbi

    the same suite was given again in the past but its definately worth it to share again!

  • Claudio Senna

    Thanks Man !.

  • bioxx

    simply outstanding, thanks a lot!

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Locutus: ‘Scuze the odd reply – I should have read your question more closely. Essentially, pre-editors are used to do organizing, make global or specific adjustments in a group or library (folder) of images, etc. Ideally, they line your workflow up in a coherent manner so that any adjustments done in an editor like Photoshop is more in the nature of minor tweaking. At the moment, I have four commercial programs that perform the functions I mentioned in different styles and degrees. Lightroom is well-supported and easy to get information about; Capture One has tools I really like that may show up in LR3, but I’ve been learning it mostly by following the user guide. The videos were an irresistible offer, in spite of the fact site requests they be downloaded one at a time!

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Locutus: Capture One Pro 5.0. Fwiw, I also use Lightroom 2 but the Luminous Landscape site is the first one to offer video instruction in C1. I found out about it from Phase One (C1 site) and got a 10% discount. It’s 26 zipped .mov files running from about 60Mb to over 200Mb each. Email me if you like and I’ll tell you more.

  • annie

    Thanks – nice program.
    It may be worth installing a download manager such as internet download manager especially for this – my download took 3.5 hours, and I’m on cable.
    You might also want to install Winpatrol or a similar program  to get rid of all the auto startups it adds – you don’t need a program like this running if you’re not using it.
    I installed it using Revo Uninstaller Pro monitoring – a very slow install, but Revo handled it well.

  • Gvape

    Nice! Thanks Locutus!

  • @Praful: You’re welcome!  It is a pretty good piece of software.

  • I remember how I struggled to get this software during Christmas Giveaways – and tried everything. Ashraf & provided one more opportunity – and still could not get it! So, Thanks, DotTech, Ashraf and specially, Locutus for this great find.

  • @Curt@dk: And it’ll make itself your default DVD player.  :(

  • Curt@dk

    Installed and registered; Thanks a lot!
    Be aware that this giant will put 6 (SIX) shortcuts in Start!!!

  • @Jerry: I’ll update the post–I couldn’t install this particular version because I have this from the last freebie.

  • Jerry

    Problem solved.
    Just needed to use Slovenia as the Country; did not like England, Ireland, etc.@Jerry:

  • Jerry

    Upon registering it keeps asking for a valid VAT number but no place to put any such number.  Suggestions?

  • TeXaCo

    Thanks for the great find.

  • @john barrentine: Fill out any country on the list.  For instance, I live in the US so I put the UK.

  • john barrentine

    I tried to fill out my info. but when it came to country it did not have united states on the list. what now?

  • @OldElmerFudd: What is an image pre-editor, may I ask?

    So now you have to download 5GB of ZIPs!  Yay!

  • OldElmerFudd

    Thanks Locutus!
    I’ll download this later this evening when I’m not doing anything else. (I’m d/l about 4Gb of zips from a site where I just bought instructions for learning/using of of my favorite image pre-editors.)

  • Robert

    I have Blu-ray Disc Suite V6 I think but my power dvd 8 plays blu rays allready and true theater effect upscale to HD DVD Should I keep my program then? It does support 7.1 Dolby EX on the player my LG 10X Blu Ray Burner. My question is is this almost same as the suite your oftering it?

  • @Ron: Actually, Locutus. ;-)

  • Ron

    errrr sorry, that would be Ashraf

  • Ron

    nice find ashrag, thanks

  • Duno

    It worked for me.  Thanks.

  • zugshad

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m tryin to get a program that will allow me to edit my DvDs as I have a few that I had to copy that were split and I want a program that can merge them back into one. hopefully that will do the trick as I know roxio suite can, trying to find one for free :D