Heads up: Free Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials starting Friday (August 20, 2010) [48-hours only]

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials, more or less, a PC diagnostic tool/system utility. The following chart (created by the developer) lists the main features of Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials in addition to comparing it to other editions of Fix-It Utilities:

Starting Friday, v3.co.uk is going to run a promotion allowing users to get Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials for free. Here is the official word from them:

We’re ready to put live our Avanquest Fix-It 10 Essentials  full promo, from midday Friday. This is system optimisation and maintenance software will enable you to keep on top of your PC. Worth $24.95/£19.99, we’re giving you the full version, free of charge, available for 48 hours exclusively from the V3.co.uk Software Store.

Avanquest Fix-It 10 Essentials is so new, it’s only recently made available from Avanquest. For more information view the product page.

This comprehensive PC toolkit will run 250 diagnostic tools to determine the health of your computer. With one-click maintenance, it will enable to quickly fix issues without requiring you to delve deep in to the possible solutions. If you suffer from a serious crash, then you get a bootable repair disc which will enable you to salvage your data and recover your computer.

The giveaway has not started yet – it will start 3 AM PST Friday August 20, 2010 and end 3 AM PST Sunday August 22, 2010 – so I don’t have much details on it right now. (Chances are, though, it will be like all previous v3.co.uk giveaways in the sense that you have to first register with their website – registration is free – before you can get the freebie.) However, I thought I should give everyone the heads up in advance. Be sure to visit store.v3.co.uk on Friday!

Thanks Student26!

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  • Joan

    This offer is actually still available until the end of August at http://downloads.pcauthority.com.au/article/12717-avanquest_fix-it_utilities_10_essentials. Just have to sign up at PC Authority.  I have used Fix-It Utilities 7 before and really liked it – it saved me a few times. Looking forward to using this newer version.

  • Dwight


    Tune up Utilities 2009 version is available as a give away on many sites including-


  • divinenews

    I got “fix-it utilities 7 express” free online a few weeks ago. How does this version stack up against it? I want the best one I and don’t want to uninstall what I have to put this one on if it is not better.
    Thank you,
    P.S. I visit your site daily and get your daily emails. I rate your site as one of the best online today.

  • Roy

    I have finally managed to clean up and return my system to normal after having fix-it 10 installed for 24 hours.
    I now understand what all the bad reviews are about.

    I now say do not install this the recovery commander alone will drive you nuts.
    Instead of speeding things up it slows everything down and it doesn’t want to let you uninstall it either.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the user mini-reviews above–very helpful with this somewhat-unknown software!  Free is nice, but only if the software is helpful (and non-destructive) …

  • Dwight

    Hi everyone,
    I downloaded and installed this on my laptop/Win 7/64bit/i5 430/4GB RAM/500GB HDD.
    I have couple of other system utility softwares like the ASO, System Mechanics, Tune up Utilities, Win Utilities, Advance System Care Pro etc.
    Fix it Utilities 10 after installation tried to download the update but repeatedly failed. It straight went into disc de frag mode and took ages to complete it and after which it started searching for junk files, registry etc. Sequence of approach is faulty as the first thing most of utility softwares do is delete junk files, then registry optimisation and lastly the disc de frag/disc error check.
    Moreover, this software is very slow in comparison with others and is in a way disappointing.
    I rate System Mechanics very highly as it is very effective. It reduced my system shut down time from about 6 minutes to just about 30 seconds! Best thing i like is the highly programmable Active Care which does an automatic real time optimisation during system idle time.
    Second best is ASO which comes bundled with driver updater and anti malware.

  • Hi,
    @ DotTech team, @ Ashraf
    @ Xinia #17
    @ Roy
    Re: time zones and countdown.
    I was just in time to install Vectorian Giotto, partly because I miscalculated my time zone by one hour and did not consult my usual conversion table. No harm done, finally, but still…
    Today I won’t make that mistake:
    – On Avanquest page http://www.avanquest.com/UK/software/fixit-utilities-10-essentials-143754?meta=work&cat=pc-essentials&sub=pc-security-pc-health I find no link to this free offer – but I’m not logged in as a registered user – so no mention of starting date or time zone –but I may have overlooked something.
    – On the ”official giveaway page” as linked to above (http://www.downloadjunkie.co.uk/2010/08/exclusive-avanq-1.html) “the official word “ says : “We’re ready to put live our Avanquest Fix-It 10 Essentials  full promo, from midday Friday.” – No time zone mentionned, but I gues it must be local UK time – which should be GMT+1 and equals CET (which converts to GMT+2 in Belgium, etc.)
    – On V3 Software Store (http://store.v3.co.uk/?act=promo) : “This promotion will be live between midday CET Friday 20 of August to CET midday Sunday 22nd of August.” [as cited by Roy #12 – Thanks Roy, not having to visit V3 Store first or having to convert to my time zone you could have saved me some time if I hadn’t taken to writing this post ;-)]
    – Ashraf/dotTech says “(…)it will start 3 AM PST Friday August 20, 2010 and end 3 AM PST Sunday August 22, 2010”
    Confusion about timezones is not new, especially as dotTech’s freebies are free worldwide (though, for just a couple of hours, there has been some uncertainty about that in the past where V3 Software Store was involved – I’m referring to BitDefender AntiVirus 2010 starting Friday (August 13, 2010) [24-hours only]… as Zugshad #20 seems to remember well ;-) 
    I don’t really have an unsurmountable problem with time zones as such. But things may be easier and faster to handle, more user friendly.
    Some people have a worldclock or a timeconversion utility running. I guess many (just like me, because I have no constant use for it) don’t. I usually go to http://www.timeanddate.com/ (time zones, conversion tools – home page) or http://www.timeanddate.com/library/abbreviations/timezones/ (list of time zone abbreviations and conversion base UCT). Perhaps this may be useful to some?
    What I miss on dotTech though, is a countdown timer for time-restricted freebies. I have browsed the forum section “improve dotTech” but have not found any threads about this. If such a timer were implemented here, it would be an improvement surely? However, I don’t have any idea on how the dotTech-team would go about it or whether or not it would be easy to install. As for the disirability, I certainly would appreciate such an addition, but who am I? Would others think so too?
    For those who have their own website or blog (which I don’t have), maybe this link may come in handy : http://www.timeanddate.com/clocks/freecountdown.html : free countdown timer for websites (in case the provider doesn’t have such a clock/timer freely available).
    Undoubtedly there are similar (even better) sites dealing with this than the one I mention here, but I dohope this little bit of info may be of some help to someone.
    Have a nice weekend!
    PS: @ Roy
    Your guidance for reaching and actually being able to download and install this software is a huge timesaver, to say the least! V3 Software Store certainly isn’t the easiest one to find your way about in. Thanks! I’ll store the procedure outline (with the appropriate changes to be applied) seperately in case we’re offered another free software via them in the future. No hard feeling towards V3 Software Store, though.

  • John

    I installed this software and the registry cleaner crippled my Panda On-line Antivirus program! So be careful when using the registry cleaner.

  • Thanks Roy. without your explanations it was impossible to get that piece of software.
    And thanks a lot, Ashraf.

  • zugshad

    @robertmc8: yes.. just visit the website linked and register and complete the rest… not limited to UK only just cause its a uk site ;)

  • robertmc8

    Is offer good for USA anyone? I have System Mechanic so far I love it :).

  • Dan

    Well, I downloaded and installed the program.  It promptly removed my Office 2010 key.  So the registry fixes are a bit aggressive.  It did fix a shut down hang problem I was having.  So mixed results for me.  I ended up removing the program…

  • Xinnia

    @Roy: Info in article says giveaway doesn’t start until 3 PM PST

  • tejas

    @runfast: After reading those reviews, I’ve decided to pass on this one.

  • lilangel10

    Hi ;o) Thanks but fix-it is a very heavy and intrusive piece of software, optimization is minimal compared to the heavy of this piece of software

  • ashraf
    thanks man… BTW what  #4 ami was trying to say about expert pdf fiasco. was when you offered the expert PDF 4, which can be upgraded to 5. but version 5 wouldnt upgrade to version 6.. and so version 5 had to wait, unless they were version 4 users which could upgrade, and then finally version 6 was released that could be upgraded through version 5 without a hassle.and the whole jumble and all (i think that’s what she is talking about)

  • Roy

    Hi again all

    If anyone has any problems understanding my previous explanation on this page below everything is explained by Avanquest and V3:


    which is the same one you need to enter your V3 membership details on to get the serial code.

  • Roy

    Hi Ashraf and everyone

    I have managed to solve the problem with a bit of snooping around.

    You have to firstly register and create an account with V3 at:


    then you have to activate the account through the email verification link they send you.

    After this you need to login to your V3 account and go to this page:


    which you can also reach by clicking on the banner for Fix-it Utilities at the top of the page you arrive at after you have logged in.

    You will find the download link for Fix-it Utilities at the top of this page and at the bottom of the page is this information:

    Promo Information
    Incisive Media, the publisher’s of the V3.co.uk Software Store, are the only authorised distributors of the Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials promotion. Use the build provided here and as part of this promotion.
    The promotion is online and available between midday CET Friday 20 of August and midday CET Sunday 22 of August. You can obtain your serial code during this period and install at any time.
    How To Get Your Serial Code
    Download the Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials build from this store and go to http://fixit.creativemark.co.uk to get your serial code. Your serial code is valid for 1-PC”

    Good luck  and all the very best to everyone

  • runfast

    Avanquest (fix-it utilities) has bad reviews on download.com. should have read them before installing.

  • It seems its a trial version.  What happened to free???/

  • stockel1949

    You have to visit store.v3.co.uk
    Then register and log in. Then go at the right end of the main page to search the link for “Free full software”.
    After clicking you reach the page with the free download and after downloading you receive an email with the link where you can login (again) to receive the key.
    Very long to install and allways busy here.
    Hope this help

  • Roy

    I’ve just gone on the avanquest website via the dotTech link to V3 and the first page at avanquest says the Fix-it 10 is free but when I click the link on the webpage to get it it then says it costs £19.99.

    I closed everything down and did it again and now it goes straight to the page where it costs £19.99.

    Am I missing something here because no matter what I do even clicking the ‘Buy Download’ link it keeps trying to charge me for it.

  • Robert

    What am I missing?
    Where is the download link?

  • gregb204

    installed easy win 7 64, but no way to rt click to exit off task bar. I dont want to keep prog running all time.  I am seeing if anvir task mgr will remove it on restart.

    not sure if updates or incld.? anyone know.

  • Ashraf

    @prema23: Um… no idea, I haven’t really used Avanquest Fix-It Utilities. If it is worth anything, I hear the Professional version is good.

    @ami: What do you mean expert pdf fiasco?

  • ami

    At least this giveaway works!Certainly not like the expert pdf fiasco.

  • ah ashraf.. one question
    i have IOBIT system care pro bundled with avast and malwarebytes.. now should i get rid of IOBIT for this Avanquest (like i might even buy it, idk)  thanks man

  • how could we man.. if we sue you, no one would write such fantastic reviews… lol :)

  • Ashraf

    Yes, I know this article is pretty much a copy + paste of my last article on v3.co.uk BitDefender freebie.

    I am lazy… sue me. =P