Ask dotTechies: What type of articles do you want to see more of on dotTech?

On dotTech I write on many different topics. To help better focus my time and effort on topics that interest dotTechies, I would like to know what type of articles everyone is most interested in. Please cast your vote in the poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments, to help improve dotTech!

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Thanks to everyone that participates!

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  • Tex

    I have been thinking and it would be great if we could email and/or submit computer questions and request software reviews.  Then you would review the submissions and pick a few to write about here and deliver the article in a newsletter.
    Just a thought

  • OMAR


  • Adrian

    At least allow us multiple choices =]

  • Helen

    Add one more for “everything above”. I’m always happy to learn new things when it comes to tech, and your reviews of software -whether they be freeware or GOTD related- are invaluable and help me make an altogether safer decision about what to use on my system. My deepest appreciation to you and all who work to make dotTech such a go-to site for so many people worldwide.

  • Tim

    Like everyone else I cant pick just one. Everything, sounds good to me.

  • Student26

    definitely for an “everything above” option. The more the better :)
    Appreciated Ashraf!

  • RobCr

    I am not sure what category this falls in to, but I bet there would be a lot of people interested –
    “How to fix the horrible Windows 7 Start Menu”
    (aka How to get it as close to the Classic Menu as possible)

    There are some free programs out there that tap in to the Shell, but I have learned to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ (aka ‘don’t muck with the internals’)

    IT HAS NEARLY KILLED ME, but I have managed to get this when I click the Start Menu
    (PS I have to hover over (or click) All Programs’)
    This is ALL THAT I SEE (Nothing else) –
    Administrative Tools

    You probably could dispense with _Other_Programs and put them in _Misc
    Or perhaps have  _Misc_Boring

    The above are all parent Menus, and that is all that shows in my Start Menu.
    I have to click those to see the Sub Menus or EXE’s
    Hover would be nice, but I can live with a single click to see the contents of say  _Misc

    There are a lot of people Googling for something close to the Classic Start Menu.
    And there are a lot of rude people telling those ‘searchers’, that they should learn to use the new Search box (and love the ‘Ribbon’), instead of organizing our Menu.
    They got me very angry, and thus made me determined to find out how to organize the Win7 Menu into what many of us want.

  • lee

    My discovery of dotTech was via GOTD, and I am now in the habit of visiting your site daily. It has become an indispensible source of useful software and interesting information for me. Your reviews are in-depth, wysiwyg, informative and clear and they determine whether or not I will install an item of software. I am amazed at how you find time to research and generate such well-presented articles.

    My vote would be for ‘all of the above’, but only if it were not to detract from the excellent reviews you currently produce. Given your talent for research and presentation, any topic you choose to write about would be a worthwhile read. However, restricting myself to a single category, I have voted for Tips ‘n Tricks.

    Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.

  • Dri-Anna

    I am also choosing “other”  as in everything you review is a learning experience for me.

  • Hi Ashraf…
    I can see that others have felt similar to what I feel. With many things that some of us are interested in, it may be easier to give us numbers to place in the boxes instead of checking just one box. For example, if you have seven choices, allow us to pick what is most important to us as number one, and least important as number seven. That way you may be able to get a better picture of what we favor. If you have an “other” box, I don’t think that helps you at all. I hope this response helps you.
    I view your site everyday and enjoy it very much. I’m not a techie, but I get a lot of help and information from this site. Keep up the GREAT work!
    Sincerely, Harold

  • Trev

    The first 3 for me:-
    Freeware Review.
    GOTD Reviews.
    Pretty well the way it is now.
    And I find a lot of Tips & Tricks come out in with the reviews.

  • @Bruce Fraser: You might want to take a look at :) It’s one of my favorite tech websites, alongside dotTech.

  • ebony

    I like the freebie reviews. I have avoided a lot of techy trouble by reading reviews on here. Some freebies have waaay too much techy stuff in them and if you are not so tech savvy, you cannot make an intelligent decision.
    I would also like to see application SW reviews. What comes to mind is the etype that was on here awhile back.
    If that is not your forte, then I understand.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I actually planned on having an “Everything Above” option in the poll (because I knew many people would want it). However, I forgot to add that option when creating the poll, only remembering after ~50 people already voted so I decided to just leave the option off.

    That said, thank you for the continual feedback!


    I voted for “Other”, because I think that you already have the proper balance of the other choices.
    In other words – Don’t change too much, just keep on keeping on with more of the same!
    What a great site you have!

  • J&T

    Pick just ONE!?!?!?!? REALLY????  I look forward to all of the topics.  I chose tips& tricks because I love learning new things about software and computers and windows but with that you have to have some really good freebies to utilize all of the capabilities of computers.  A huge thanks goes to this site for all of it’s helpfulness and time and also heads up about bad software, this really is a site that needs to stay and keep up the amazing work it has been doing!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

  • I would just like to say, this is my first stop most days, having just gone over to linux about an hour ago, fed up with hassle of windows, updates virus spoofing you name it, so a few more linux articles would help, you have a great site here i wish you and your members well, regards Mike.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I don’t plan on “changing” anything. I just wanted to get some feedback on what types of articles people prefer.

    Thanks everyone for input!

  • Mike

    Agree with all the comments above.   ;)

    I would like to see the GOTD reviews continue–it’s always a sad day when GOTD has something intriguing I might like, but there’s no review here.

    Also, life has gotten complicated, and there are many software utilities out there, many of them brought to my attention here.  Thus, as others have noted, comparative articles really are appreciated, comparing software offerings and noting the utilities’ relative behaviors and worth.  At the very least, it’s helpful to find short info. of that type at the end of a review of a piece of software, to help one decide which of the software options might be the most beneficial.

    Finally, I think the freebies here are great, but are of less worth when dealing with lesser-known software that hasn’t been reviewed here.  I wish that dotTech could provide some sort of review (short is fine) for the freebie offers as well (although I realize that matters could get a bit delicate with that). 

  • Soulflare3

    I voted for freebies (I mean, come on, who doesn’t like free software?), but I also like the shareware/GOTD reviews. I am still very glad for your last post on GOTD warning about the defrag program. You do an excellent job with your reviews and I enjoy reading them!

  • Rick C.

    Why change anything, i agree with the others you do a fantastic job as it is now. Your reviews and opinions on whatever you write about are invaluable. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you to you and all involved at dotTech.

  • clockmendergb

    I agree with the others that say all the choices are fine by me
    Keep up the good work
    To a person with my IT skill levels this site has been invaluable
    I appreciate all the considerable time Ashraf must put in to make this site as good as it is
    Regards David

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    I voted for other, because I don’t mind having all these different articles and am mostly happy with the spread.

  • Joe_B_wan

    Anything Linux, thank you very much!

  • Eric

    Personally, I come to this site just to learn more about any software. This site is a great source to find reviews that aren’t motivated by money. Also, this site showed my to GAOTD, and I’m thankful for that.

  • OldElmerFudd

    At the moment, mine is the lone “Other” vote. Without a doubt, you’ve done a wonderful job with the various aspects of the site. Absolutely no caveats there.

    I suspect one of the fewest views you get are for the “Write for DotTech” page. You have capable friends with the skills to contribute articles, as evidenced by those that have appeared in the past. I’m willing to bet there are readers that possess the necessary talent to offer tech-related articles for your consideration. All it takes is motivation and a good working concept for a piece.
    I’m sure there’s a pretty sizable talent pool out there – how about it, everyone?

  • John G

    I voted for tips and tricks but would have preferred as another poster mentioned an all of the above choice.  You do great work on a variety of subjects and enjoy them as well as finding many of them very useful.

  • Jim Carter

    I was torn between Freeware Reviews and Tip ‘N Tricks. I’ll add that I especially appreciate anything related to Internet Security and/or Malware detection/scanning/removal.
    Love the site! Great work!!!

  • Paul

    An impossible task.  I appreciate all of your posts.  It’s always the first thing I look at.
    Your freebies are great.  I only trust your GOTD reviews.  Your trick and tip are helpful.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Aesar

    I agree with Neville and Bruce. My favorite articles are those about Freeware Reviews and Tips & Tricks, but I would like to see more comparative reviews. One thing that pops up from time to time is your insight regarding how freeware differs from its professional counterparts, and whether or not “any” software is actually worth purchasing to get some extended functionality, or can be better served by two or more different freeware versions of the same type of application.
    Also missing from the list above is the occasional article on “How” stuff works. There have been a posts from contributing authors on several topics, such as aspects of the registry, and an especially nice series about virtualization. I think some more in-depth stuff every now and then adds flavor to your site, and contributes to the knowledge base shared by all your fans; members and visitors alike!

  • Kerry

    I think Ashraf’s info and site are invaluable.  Its the only site I truly trust for software and its info.  Great Job!!!    Thank You!!
    I think the tips and tricks kinda make up for microsoft’s blunders.

  • karen

    Other:  All of the above.  I think the number of articles you post is fine.  I agree with Gioneo that even if it’s something I’m not going to use, I like learning about new tech-related stuff.

  • Gioneo

    In regards to your time and efforts, anything you deem useful and necessary (technology related) will do. I didn’t vote because regardless of the topic (again tech related) if it’s interesting I want to know about it.
    Thanks for all you do. Your services are greatly appreciated.

  • Ken

    You’re doing great! However, since I switched to an iMac, I ‘d like to see more MAC reviews (selfish I know)!

  • Ralph

    I couldn’t vote because there isn’t a button for “All of the above”
    Just keep doing what you do now. We appreciate it and will come back for more.

  • Bruce Fraser

    My vote was for freeware reviews. To be specific, I mean *comparative* freeware reviews.

    Example: Over the last few months, you’ve introduced us to a batch of utility tools. Many of them had no review at all attached, just a sign exclaiming, “I’m free! Take me.” I really don’t want my Start menu cluttered with multiple programs which all do mostly the same thing. I’d like to know which one is the best, and go with that.

    Of course, with multi-purpose tools, it gets a bit complicated. One may be a registry cleaner / uninstaller. Another may be an uninstaller / duplicate finder. And so on. Sigh… No easy answer to that one. Isn’t life like that, though? One approach would be to go with the most common set of tools. Another approach would be to have separate reviews of each tool category (e.g. best wasted-space-cleaner-upper, best backup, etc.)

  • Mags

    Ashraf, while the Shareware/GOTD is ranked 4th at this point, please do not give it up.
    Firstly the GOTD reviews is what has drawn many (if not most) people to your site, and continues to do so.  If you stop those reviews, you may lose many potential new visitors to your site!
    Secondly, there are many who depend on your GOTD reviews before trying the software.

  • Neville

    Tough call between Freeware Reviews and Tips & Tricks, If I could have selected two I would have. But I voted for more Freeware Reviews. LOL, still trying to figure out what android phone you have Ashraf. Keep up the good work sir! Been with you for a bit now, started when this was “Politically Incorrect”, don’t comment often, but always read.


  • Emrys

    Tips and tricks was my one allowed choice, but so much good information is available from this site I think the very question a little odd. Please just rock onn as you have been. It would be nice to see more from Locutis as well. As I am not permitted an internet connection of my own here at home, I would like to see an article on how to connect to a secured wi-fi node.

  • rueaskew

    Although comes up with some incredible freeware that can leave me smiling for days I find the reviews to be indispensable. Like most folks I haven’t the time to perform my own software tests and so I rely heavily on this site to warn me of pitfalls and alert me to opportunities. Thanks for all you do – your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • jumbi

    Although I voted for Tips n tricks, GOTD reviews should never stop, because its a great way for newcomers to discover dottech !

  • Hmm… this is a toughie in my case. Generally I like Reviews as a whole – regardless of whether they’re freeware, GOTD or Shareware (though I admit I have less of a care for the latter). I do think there haven’t been enough GOTD reviews lately, matter of fact, so I’d like to see more of those. That said, it’s usually the Freebies I get the most value of. So I voted for that. But really I’d like to see more of all of the top three.