Heads Up: Free 1 year of AVG AntiVirus 9 starting Tuesday (August 31, 2010) [24-hours only]

Starting Tuesday, v3.co.uk is going to run a promotion allowing users to get AVG AntiVirus 9 (1 year, 1 PC license) for free. Here is the official word from them:

We hinted at a big 31st of August promotion in July and, we can safely say, this promotion has taken over 8 months to negotiate, arrange and finalise. It’s that important. We’re proud to be able to announce that, between midday CET (central European time) 31st August to midday CET 1st of September, we’re giving you the full current version of AVG Anti-Virus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99, FREE for everyone to download.

If you’re been using the popular AVG Anti-Virus Free for a while and wondered why you should upgrade to the commercial edition, now is your chance. The difference between the Free and the commercial edition, worth £26.99, includes advanced root-kit protection, a game mode so you can remain safe, without affecting your gameplay, phishing protection and more.

According to v3.co.uk, this freebie is available for everyone but they have a limited amount of licenses to giveaway:

Note, that although we have many thousands of AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year] codes to giveaway for free, and everyone can get a code, if the codes expire early, the giveaway promotion will also end early.

So be vigilant in taking advantage of this freebie if you want it.

The giveaway has not started yet – it will start 3 AM PST Tuesday August 31, 2010 and end 3 AM PST Wednesday September 1, 2010 – so I don’t have much details on it right now. However, I thought I should give everyone the heads up in advance. Be sure to visit store.v3.co.uk on Tuesday!

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  • thanks.

  • please,can you send me license key of avg antivirus with valid of one year.Also send me company name too.i wii be thanked full to you.

  • Paul

    I used to like and use AVG, not any more. It’s hogs the sytem, and there are far far too many false positives. I have now moved onto Comodo internet security premium (free).

  • Peter C1

    Many thanks Sceleron (post #28).

    That link you’ve kindly supplied appears to allow the user to download the entire program, which is over 120meg in size: avg_ipw_stf_all_90_851a3009.exe

    Whereas the 2megabyte download avg_avw_stb_all_9_117.exe that was linked as the “Download” button, on the V3.co.uk website, I eventually did find by first looking on Google which showed 1 file by the same name which I also couldn’t download. :(

    I then thought the problem out and remembered http://www.filemirrors_dot_com which is always a very useful website to refer too, and after just a few seconds searching it actually found the file in question on an afiliated AVG website: “aa-download.avg_dot_com/filedir/inst/avg.avw_stb_all_9_117.exe” which downloaded easily.

    To be fair I FORGOT to leave a message here @ dotTech to notify users I had finally got the file on the 3rd of September 2010.

    So thanks very much for your assistance as I’m going to install and activate the program this weekend

  • Ashwin

    @Al LIPSKY: Not sure if you have already figured it out, but here is what you need to activate the AVG license.
    Open AVG interface and click on Register now. It will open a page in your browser with a registration form.
    Just fill up the fields for Firstname, last name, email id and confirm email id, select your country, and make sure you tick the check box agreeing to the license agreement.
    Then click on submit/continue, it will ask you to verify the info you entered.
    Click on submit again and the browser will load a new page on which the actual license will be shown. It will also be sent to your email id which you used to register
    Open AVG -> Activate now and paste the license number and click on activate. :)
    Or you could open this page in your browser http://www.avg.com/us-en/registration enter the Sales number, the code you got from the promo and follow the registration procedure.

  • buyerbeware

    there is no easy way to get the one year license. why a one year license for a free program anyway. this appears to do and be the same thing as avg free. i am stuck with a 30-day temporary license even though i followed all instructions and inserted the new full one year license code which was different from the 30-day gratis code given in my email. wtf is wrong with clicking once and getting it? to give something for free and cause someone to work for several hours to EARN it, kinda takes the FREE out of it and one winds up with an actual negative balance counting for the hourly wage of trying to install and register only to be told it is a trial version. SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS

  • Sceleron
  • Erik

    Installation of AVG Anti-Virus 9 went fine but unisntalled it after struggling to find out how it had disabled my wireless (wifi) and also because it prevented me from starting PDF to Word by Quick-PDF.com (signaled as trojan horse generic18.CAUA for which I found no explanation on AVG’s website). In any case, it seemed that it would have stopped working by 30/09/10 (message at the bottom left of the programme’s main window) even though I went through the whole procedure of activating it sevral times, and each time the message on AVGs website site was to notify a succesful registration!? (scratch, scratch scracth the top of my head…)

  • I left a question but received NO answers.
    How do I get an answer to my question????

  • Doru

    U.R.L. for download will apear after you register(you make an account on this site),next you go on your account and next you make click an Avg.Will be open a new windows with link for download and serial for 30 day.download this soft(is the same on their home page) and is link in other colour.Click on this link and enter to complete a formular .After this will receive a new serial number in your email,for 1 year.Instal soft and put directly serial for 1 year.Click on activate.If you have serial for 1 year,you can download installer from their site.This is the mecanism with promotion on V3 store.First you must to enter in your account.

  • Peter C1

    I now have the 1 Year-1PC license – thanks for the heads up Ashraf. Your website is tremendous & informative, and I tell everyone about it.

    Q. but where oh where do I download the AVG v9 Anti-Virus program from as I can’t find a suitable link on the V3.co.uk website or the email I’ve received?

    Admittently I’m new to the site and at present I’m using an older browser until I can get back on my own PC.

    A URL would be very handy.

  • Jamster Mc

    @S66: You must uninstall then install the new one.

  • Only about 6 hours left…

  • Doru

    It is necesary to be register(is free) at V3 store to have posibility to download something at free promotion and when you want to download,you must to enter in your account and next to go at software promotion and will appear link for download and for register at brand who put soft for download.

  • S66

    Should I uninstall the free version first or just install full version and it sorts itself out?

  • laser

    I have been trying now to get the download link, but all I get on the site you mentioned is a promise that this software will be available.
    “The promotion will be live between midday CET (central European time) Tuesday 31st of August and midday CET 1st of September 2010.”
    And my clock says that the time is running out.

  • Mircha

    Could it be I cant get the license because one of the following: 1)at avgpromo.v3.co.uk it reads: “This promotion is for members-only.(n.b.- that explains the Login button!) You NEED AN ACCOUNT TO OBTAIN A FREE SERIAL/LICENSE CODE for AVG Anti-Virus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year]. If you do not have an account, proceed here(…) to register.” 2) Also “If the promotion runs out of serial codes before midday CET 1st of September 2010, this promotion will expire automatically”. 3) store.v3.co.uk Reply: “No shelf-life. You can choose to install now, in a month, wait for 2011 or whatever.”. Hmmm…

  • Wild Goose Chase

    I went to the site and searched and searched and searched but never found any kind of download link for the free AVG at all. I even checked the source code of pertinent pages to see if error in coding caused download link to not display properly, there simply seems to be no link to download it.
    How honest is that site to use the tactic of claiming to offer free full software to get site traffic but not providing any way to actually download the software? Seems like a scam to me.

  • Albi

    Hello everybody. Thanks Ashraf for the notification but I still think that AVG is very much behind the other antivirus programmes. I just installed Avira Antivir Premium with a 3-month free license.
    If anybody is interested the 90 days free offer is here:
    Though the offer is in Italian, you can get the key and install it with no problem in an English version of the antivirus. I did just that. Once I got the licence, I downloaded the English version of Antivir Premium and used the Italian key.

  • Jamster Mc

    Hmm… not sure here guys, when i click register im  linked to th AVG site in which it shows me the full 1 year serial but when i go on the AVG program i put in the serial and it still only says that its only valid for 30 days ??? unsure why cause on the website its telling me ive got a year ???

    Thanks, Jamster Mc 

  • I downloaded and installed the free AVG
    It is now asking for a serial number which I do not have and did not receive

  • Emrys

    @Ashraf: Would you prefer to use the Avast free edition or this offering from AVG?

  • Taz

    Thanks for the tip Ashraf, but I currently run Online Armor and when I went to http://www.matousec.com I saw that Online Armor  is one of the top 3 security suites tested. AVG was rated VERY low in all tests I looked at.  I’ll stick with Online Armor.
    Thanks, Taz

  • Sparky

    Thanks for the heads up for AVG Ashraf. I’ve managed to get one, I thought all the licences would of gone by now (4pmUK). So hurry everyone.

  • Student26

    Supposedly has free upgrade to the 2011 version when it is released and the key has no shelf life according to comments section on giveaway page

  • Boyfriend

    AOA Ashraf,
    Thanks for reminding. Giveaway has started: http://store.v3.co.uk/p1030-avg_anti-virus_90_1_pc_1_year
    Hurry to grab license. Thanks.

  • Toast

    Thanks for the notice, Ashraf. I used to use AVG, but all the false positives annoyed the heck out of me.

  • Doru

    For foolofgrace.You must to write another formular,to receive a serial for 1 year.On the page where you receive serial for trial is something to click and you will enter into a formular to complete to receive serial for 1 year.Next replace serial trial with serial for 1 year and click on activate.Or you can install program trial and open this program and somewhere you will find how to register for 1 year.

  • foolofgrace

    @foolofgrace: I amend my previous post; after a while you do get an email directing you to click on a link to get your 1-year code.  It appears to have worked.  Thank you, and sorry to have jumped the gun.

  • foolofgrace

    Got the download after having to register and get the serial # by email; it still says it’s a 30-day trial and expires in one month.  I followed the instructions, clicked on the link for the “1-PC, 1-Year” offer, and what you get is one month.  Not a whine or rant, just FYI; thanks for trying.

  • @Devon: this page contains comparative tests.

  • Devon

    @Ashraf: Thanks for the quick reply.  I will consider that.  I have visited AV-Comparatives.org but everything seems to be in individual pdf files rather than one organized comparative chart.
    Thanks again!

  • Ashraf

    @Devon: According to AV-Comparatives.org, BitDefender has slightly better detection rates.

  • Devon

    I just got a one year freebee of BitDefender Antivirus 2010 but the 2011 version will be out soon.  Could someone advise me as to whether I should stick with BitDefender or get this AVG pro?
    I am running Vista 32 if that matters.