Free Wondershare Video Studio Express!

As part of their regular monthly giveaway, Wondershare is planning on giving away Wondershare Video Studio Express for 24-hours on November 25, 2010. However, last night a Wondershare representative e-mailed me asking me to post about this giveaway in advance; so the giveaway is active now (you can get it) but take note the giveaway will still end when November 25, 2010 ends and users must active the program by November 30, 2010 in order to keep the giveaway (activation after November 30, 2010 will not work I am told, so you can’t install/reinstall it whenever you want).

That said, Wondershare Video Studio Express is a video editing/creation tool. Here are the main features and supported input/output formats as per the developer:

Apparently Wondershare Video Studio Express was given away on Giveaway of the Day back in September, so if you grabbed it then don’t worry about grabbing it now. However, if you didn’t, to get Wondershare Video Studio Express for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v1.2.0

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 17 MB

Giveaway time-frame: This giveaway is open until the end of November 25, 2010. You must grab the license code and download the program by then. Furthermore, you must activate (i.e. install and register) the program by November 30, 2010.

  • After you fill out the form and hit Get the Code Now, the registration code is provided to you right on the screen:

  • Download and install Wondershare Video Studio Express.
  • After installation, run Wondershare Video Studio Express and register it with the keycode you received:

  • Enjoy!

If you are having trouble getting Wondershare Video Studio Express for free, post below and I will try to help.

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  • Ashraf

    @Louis: Sorry I have no control over freebies not sponsored by dotTech. Maybe the developer made a mistake in telling me the date, made I made a mistake in reporting the date, or maybe the developer ended it early – who knows. Sorry.

    On the brightside, this program isn’t that great. You aren’t missing much. See my review on it (including alternatives):

  • Louis

    Hi, I’m from Cape Town South Africa — I downloaded the software at 25 November, as per the instructionsfor last day to obtain it, and now, it being the 30th, past midnight right now (I’m GMT +2 ), I had actually tried since before 0h00 i.e. still the 29th even, by following your link to : “Wondershare Video Studio Express promotion page ” given above, and entering my name & valid email address as above, I just got the message “Sorry, this promotion has been over. But we still offer you 10% off for this product to appreciate your supporting. Please get it by providing your email and name here.”

    Now this is fracking just wrong, I played by the rules, why am I being electrocuted ? Please help !!

  • Clodmore

    FWIW, I just downloaded the program and received a registration number too. Haven’t installed it yet, but it appears to be still active.

  • Suze

    Welcome back, Ashraf — you were missed!

    Today, Nov. 25, Wondershare Video Studio Express v1.2.0 (the same version) is being given away on Giveaway of the Day, and Ashraf has reviewed it in great detail here: Great timing!

  • phoenix_rising

    I’ve become a fan of Wondershare programs, so I’m definitely going to grab this one while it’s available. Thanks for the heads up, Ashraf!

  • Corno

    Wondershare has so may video tools by now that it is sometimes difficult to decide whether one is redundant if you already have another of their programs.
    Thanks, Ashraf

  • Ginette

    Thanks so much Ashraf!
    I love Wondershare software

  • Kni

    It’s just a little enhanced Windows Movie Maker like app. Anyway thanks Ashraf!

  • Jeanjean

    Thank you !

  • dwm

    Thanks, Ashraf. I like Wondershare products.

  • Rob.C

    Thank you Ashraf, This is another wondershare product to add to my collection.
    Best software out there, thats why I sell it also.

  • This looks like a very good software…. I’m grabbing this :D Thanks Ashraf