“dotTech Exclusive” now renamed to “dotTech Promo”


In a bid to market their products in the best way possible, developers often provide “exclusive” freebies to multiple different sites. A few dotTechies have raised some concern regarding this issue telling me a giveaway cannot be “exclusive” if provided to multiple websites. Although I think it is a minor, semantics issue I do agree the word “exclusive” can cause some confusion. So, I have made a semi-executive decision: all dotTech Exclusive items have been recategorized as dotTech Promo (promo meaning promotion) and going forward all new dotTech promotions will be called dotTech Promo.

I hope that clears up the air with everyone. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments below, such as if you have a suggestion for a better descriptor than “promo”.

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  • Kat

    I like ‘DotTech Freebies’ also, but there’s one thing it doesn’t do, Ashraf.

    You have some ‘freebies’ here that are ongoing and others that are time-limited.

    I think it would be helpful to have different labels for each category. It can still be simple, but at least readers will know from the outset – especially good when you get the email alerts going again (do I need to sign up again? ).

    Glad to see you back, Ashraf!

  • Dinker Rao

    I think “dotTech Freebies” is good but “dotTech Freeby” is better is give you an air of exclusivity

  • Ashraf

    While all ideas are good, I am liking the simplicity of “dotTech Freebies”. I will keep that one is mind if “dotTech Promo” doesn’t work out.

  • ShadesIan

    I like Features or Offers, or better yet, just “dotTech Freebies”. You already have a category for All Freebies, so this would clarify which ones are offered directly from this site, as opposed to those available elsewhere.

  • Jeff

    DotTech Featured Freebie! The developer is offering the software and running the promotion, not DotTech or any other site. However, this suggested title indicates that, out of all the promos on the web, DotTech is spotlighting this one. Would be best if reserved for products you can/have reviewed, and can speak highly of.

  • David Roper

    Exclusive is not available from other sites.

    Offers could be from dotTech as well as others.

    Simple enough.

  • Tortuga

    People are complaining about the “title” of the offers?? God help us …
    Aren’t ppl more interested in the offers themselves instead of nitpicking on details?!!!

    Anyway, whatever you decide, I’m sure will be for the best.


  • Dru

    FWIW, my vote is with offer. “Offered by dotTech: __” or “__, offered by dotTech”, or “dotTech offers”. I like exclusive when the offer is just with dotTech. I am fine with promo but it may carry the connotation of limited time offer or a less-than-full-featured offer. :)

  • Paul

    Since the title “dotTech Exclusive:” is followed by the offer you could consider, for example – “dotTech Presents: Free AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe (v1.37)!” where “presents” is intended to be a verb.

  • Sputnik

    Well, I think you should keep “dotTech Exclusive” for the cases where it would really be an exclusive offer from dotTech and for the offers which exists also on others sites you could use “dotTech Promo” or “dotTech Special” or “dotTech Surprise”.

  • duanebb

    IMO “promo” may not be the “full” deal – just a test drive. Or limited time allowed offer.

    I like “offers” better – – –

    (I think the “new” website is looking good.)

  • Ashraf

    @.mau.: Good suggestions. What do others think?

  • .mau.

    what about “dotTech offers:” or “Offered by dotTech”?