Free eXPert PDF Pro 6! (New promotion!)

Hey, look it’s raining. No, no you don’t need an umbrella – it isn’t raining water… it is raining freebies. Back in July I posted an article explaining how everyone can get eXPert PDF Pro 6 for free. The article involved a trick that turned the Italian version of eXPert PDF Pro 6 into the English version. However, the promotion was shutdown before everyone could get take advantage of it. If you are one of the unfortunate few that missed out earlier, fret no longer; thanks to a dotTechie named Roy, there is now another similar eXPert PDF Pro 6 promotion. However, this time it is Deutsche style.

For those that don’t know about it already, eXPert PDF Pro 6 is an all-in-one PDF suite that allows users to create, edit, convert, modify, etc. PDFs. Here are all the features of eXPert PDF Pro 6 as per the developer:

To get eXPert PDF Pro 6 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v6.31

Free updates: Yes! (Probably only minor updates only, though)

Support OS: Windows 2000 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)

Download size: Two separate downloads of 25 MB and 24 MB each

The registration page is in German. If you don’t understand German, here is a rough translation:

  • After you have submitted the registration form, you should get the following screen:

That screen means you have successfully submitted the registration form and now need to check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from Avanquest.

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you entered. There should be an e-mail with the subject of Ihre Expert PDF Pro 6 Seriennummer: E-Mail-Bestätigung. In the e-mail there will be a link you have to follow to confirm your e-mail address with Avanquest:

Click on the link (or copy + paste the URL in your web browser).

  • After you click on the link in the e-mail, the license key for eXPert PDF Pro 6 will be displayed to you:

  • Download both the German and English versions (German download | English download) of eXPert PDF Pro 6. You need both versions because the license key will only work in the German version and non-German speaking dotTechies can convert eXPert PDF Pro 6 to English using the English version (after they have installed and registered the German version).
  • After the downloads finish, run the German version installer (eXPertPDF_V6-DEU.exe) and install eXPert PDF Pro 6. During installation you will be asked to enter the license key you received earlier. If you don’t understand German, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install eXPert PDF Pro 6 (just follow the arrows =D):

  • After you have installed the German version of eXPert PDF Pro 6, the program should start up automatically and ask for to check for updates. Click “Cancel”…

…and close any open eXPert PDF Pro 6 windows.

  • Run the English installer (eXPertPDF_V6-ENG.exe). You will be asked to either “Repair” or “Remove” the program. Select “Repair”:

If you have any trouble getting eXPert PDF Pro 6 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks Roy!

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  • Suze

    A very belated “Thanks!” to Ashraf! I thought I already had this program, but it was another PDF program with a similar name.

    As with TK, I also was able to download/install this, with Ashraf’s great tutorial, just now (for the first time), and then made the two tweaks as suggested in the How to Fix article.

    If it helps anyone else, the serial number I was sent was the same as one previously mentioned: 6122-0411-YMBT-R8MP-Z455-P5DN.

  • Janet


    What installation did you use the new code on? I mean, did you install it just now from above, or was it installed from 2010 when the article was first published?

  • Ashraf

    @TK: Thx for the update!

  • TK

    just tried the above instructions and got a serial number that worked just fine as did the repair to ENG language and the updates to 6.33 now.

  • internetexplorer

    @Janetb: Thanks for the update; will keep looking as well.

  • Janetb


    So they apparently are not giving unique keys…..

    The BBBC one you have is the one I originally registered the program with way-back-when….I had tried that as well…..

    I was eventually able to install the “archive version” of 6 on the Visagesoft site, but it gives you a window when you open it that says it is a trial version, and I have not been able to find any place in the program menu to register…..

    I’m still hoping to hear back from either Avanquest or Visagesoft….Will give them till Mon due to July 4 holiday….WIll report back on results.

  • internetexplorer

    @Janetb: Sure enough, your code no. is the same as one of mine, so it was a working key earlier this week. Another one I have is BBBC-E384-BC6A-40AD-C29F-EDA7; this is from a prior install of a few months ago on another computer, so I don’t know if will work now or not. I thought I had a third one, but it turned out to be the same as one of the above.I also don’t know if this will help your particular case or not, but I have seen anti-virus programs that can interfere with installations, possibly due to their constant scanning, so you might try turning your A-V off when you run setup (and if you haven’t already, running it as administrator may be of some use as well.). My other suggestion would be to make doubly sure your clipboard has gotten the code exactly right, including that it does not contain any extra space, etc. If all else fails, you could even re-register with the vendor (@ a new email?) in order to get a new license key. Once again, good luck. BTW, my curiosity has been piqued by all of this, so please let me know how things turn out. I hate to say it, but there are so many combinations and permutations of these variables that it would be a lengthy process to run through them all, so let’s hope one of my ideas works so you don’t have to check each one out separately.

  • Janetb


    I’ve started over three times….Each time I was sent the same serial code (which does not work):

    Is that anything like either of yours?

  • Janetb


    I also have 64-bit Win7 Home Premium.
    I always copy/paste.
    I’m always on line.
    Interestingly enough, my name appeared in the name field. I changed it now to Microsoft (totally weird that MS appeared there for you!!!), to no avail.
    Only difference seems to be that you had 5.1 installed. I did the most thorough uninstall with Revo to remove all traces for a clean install of 7 (which, as you know unexpectedly turned out to be without the editor).
    Still waiting to hear fron Avanquest and Visagesoft.

  • internetexplorer


    Oops, one other thought: since i know from installing this on two computers that they are giving unique license keys, not just the same one for everybody in the promotion that I sometimes encounter, you may simply want to start all over again and get a different key and see if that doesn’t fix your problem. If not, one other suggestion I have is to be very careful not to grab any extra character with the copying of the key, not even a space at one or the other end of the 24 digit alphanumeric, split into 6 groups of 4 each separated by a hyphen. If worse comes to worst, I can give you one I’m not using and not likely to need.

  • internetexplorer


    If you got the serial and downloads from the links on this page (above), then you got the same ones that I did. Your German file name is the same as mine, and the English one is identical except for ENG in place of DEU. Yes I did have version 5.1 already installed, and it required that to be removed before it would let me install 6.2. It shouldn’t make any difference, but I am running 64-bit Win7 Home Premium on AMD multi-core. I do not have an answer for why the German version won’t take the key from you, but if you are typing it the first thing I would change would be to copy and paste it instead. Also, if I remember right, there was a “Microsoft” in the “name” box, which I left alone, so if you changed it, try putting it back to that. One other thought, if you were off-line while trying to install it, you may need to keep your internet connection open for it to phone home. I hope some of this helps and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Janetb


    From which page did you download eXPert PDF Pro 6, which link, and what file name? I had dl’ed eXPertPDF_V6-DEU.exe, but it would not continue the installation without a serial number. I put in the serial I got from the link on the same dottech page, but it said it was a false #…..

    Did you already have an older version installed?

  • internetexplorer

    @Dan: I also got a Germen error message when installing the German version, but I just clicked on through and everything proceeded as if there had been no problem. Yours might be something different, of course, so you might want to see if Google can translate it for you if it is keeping you from installing.

  • internetexplorer

    VERSION 7 HAS NO EDITOR, SO YOU MAY WANT TO STAY WITH VERSION 6. That’s the bad news; the good new is that THE ABOVE STEPS FOR GETTING VERSION 6 DOWNLOADED, REGISTERED, AND OF COURSE INSTALLED (first in German and then in English) ARE ALL STILL WORKING PERFECTLY!!!!!! Just don’t try to update the German version or else the English version will not install over it; I know because I learned it the hard way and had to uninstall it and start again. And don’t forget to update the English version when you’re through (there is no catch-22 there, just a free update); I now have version 6.32 as of today thanks to Ashraf.

  • jayesstee
  • dan

    The German version won’t install on my Vista PC. During the install I receive an error message. It’s in German and I think it says that there is a version 7 available and won’t let me install version 6.
    Any suggestions?

  • wing

    Still works after 2.5 years of the promotion

  • william neurauter

    I just tried to download both the German & English versions & the downloads but the size for both were “0”;
    tried downloading them twice & same results. And yet some some people could not & some could?

  • Mike

    I registered, downloaded the German and English versions. But when I try to run it, it says that it is not a valid Win32 application. I am running Windows 7 64 bits version. Am I doing something wrong?

  • CathL

    Many thanks and for the clear visual instructions. Followed that and everything installed
    fine. Remember to install and activate the German version first, then select “repair” when
    you run the English version. Updated to version 6.32. Thanks.

  • PapyLuc

    @PapyLuc: Perfect update without any problem (>>> 6.32).

  • oliviab

    Thanks for this. One prob : the English v will not install. German one did fine, and have put in rego number, but English v gives message saying it’s not a valid file. Have downloaded three separate times in case download was faulty, but it’s full mg amount and seems fine. But each time, no go. Don’t know if I’ll be able to use in German so would appreciate any help or info. Thanks.

  • David

    Downloaded and installed just fine, no problems with the email although the page that came up looked a little different than what was shown. Updated fine in the English version also
    Thanks again Ashraf

  • PapyLuc

    1) Installation le : Posted: November 24th, 2010 | Author: Ashraf

    2) Format Disks & re-installation Windows (XP) le 21/09/2011

    3) Re-Install : Free eXPert PDF Pro 6! (Perfect installation) le 21/11/2011
    (With the old setup, old Key & old ID prodotto(Key) – English OK and vspdfprsrv.exe OK)

    Au revoir (from BELGIUM)

  • William R Cosgrove

    Hello Roy;

    This is a first time for me.

    Submitting an email that is. I really love your site, and to be honest it is definitely informative and you offer the “BEST” in freebie software on the planet.

    Thanks much for the constructive material you provide for most all software you promote and for your valuable input.

    My initial question is whether or not after the installation of both versions and you go through the prompts to setup, can you uninstall the german version after you select repair for the english version; do we need to keep the german installation in order for the english version to function ?

    Thanks for your assistance,



  • Brian DEAN

    Worked a while ( about 5 months ) and then reverted to trial following a invalid code message.
    Might be a fluke on just my machine though.
    Thanks anyway

  • Ron Jackson

    Downloaded this and have been using for about 3 weeks. I’ve been very pleased with it, and will be recommending this to friends. I also enjoyed the rather roundabout way of getting the free offering! Thanks so much for this great find.

  • PCUser99

    Downloaded today……links and everything still working fine….many thanks!

  • Grey Lady

    Downloaded/installed/updated perfectly on Tues., June 14, 2011 to my D drive. Also followed instruction re: PDF printer on Win XP, SP3.

    Thanks so much for this program.

  • HN

    I downloaded as instructed two days ago (6-9-11) and installed according to instructions in this article. I got the Serial code and it worked. I also followed the instructions to do the PDF printer tweeked.


  • janet



  • Dianne Atkins

    Thank you so much!! The instructions were wonderful – very easy.

  • Lefo

    I’m having the same problem as others; it keeps telling me that the registration number copied and pasted from either the website or from my email is invalid.

  • Mark

    Ashraf. please on the same issue. After downloading the available updates, it cannot install. Error: Invalid registry key. Retrying, it gives another error: The update engine is not installed. Please I need assistance.

  • Mark

    After re-installation, it has refused to update. I have been uninstalling and re-installing. I think the problem is that I uninstalled and deleted with Revo. I cannot see the Avanquest Update in my program files. what can I do?

  • Criosdean

    Epic! Now the proud owner of eXpert PDF Pro 6.0 Thanks for a great site..keep up the good work:)

  • Calvo

    I have registered twice using Firefox and once using IE in an attempt to get this registration confirmation email which is just not arriving. I get a confirmation page, in German, after registering which says I will receive the email with the rego info… but so far nada, after 3-4 hours
    I continue to receive email normally from other places and have verified carefully I did provide it correctly when I registered.
    Anybody else have this issue?

  • Donald C.

    Thank you so much for this AND other software that have enriched & increased our productivity!

  • jerm

    This is just brilliant! Thank you. Just curious what the rationale might be for giving this software away in Europe, but not the US, if anyone happens to know.

  • Shades

    @janet: Thank you. I do have it, then.

  • janet


    Visagesoft makes it; Avanquest sells it.

  • tdm

    I followed the instructions, got the serial number in the mail, and it won’t install – says the serial number is invalid (or something to that effect in German). Anybody else having troubles?

  • Shades

    Hey Ashraf,

    Is there a difference between the Avanquest PDF Po and the Visagesoft PDF Pro, or are they one and the same?


  • Mark

    @shrimpocat: This is the major issue. fantastic software for keeps, but too complex that it is underutilized for lack of knowledge.

  • kairry

    You are just awesome! I’ve been wanting eXPert PDF PRO 6 for some time now and am ticked at myself for not checking here FIRST. I usually hit up your site often for the best of random software that I NEED but don’t even know about yet.

    Bottom line: You rock! :) And THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  • shrimpocat

    Has anyone come across a tutorial for this program? Thanks.

  • janet

    Anyone know where I can find a history? I have 6.31……Couldn’t find one on the sites.

  • Yopus

    As I could not update with the wizard, (it failed to download the 3 files), it tried to uncheck the “Use the wizard for downloading updates” box in Tools -> Update configuration.
    I worked fine after that: update agent run in system tray and it updated to v6.32.
    The 2nd time I ran the update, it even updated to v6.33

    @Ashraf: Thanks a lot for your site. A gold mine of information and valuable reviews!

  • Buddy

    I got to this page from Give-away-of-the-day, another Serendipity moment never hurts! Process went very smooth. I used Google Chrome browser. It allows translation to English using a right mouse-click. And like TAZ says it brings up a window that asks to set this prgm as the default pdf viewer. The default viewer can be changed back to your original at any time.

    Not sure what I’ll use this for, but it looks like it has drawing and editing tools as well as more gadgets than I’m used to.

    Original was v.6.20.400.0…. checked for updates and it loaded 3 files to become version 6.32… and fast, too using 3meg DSL line.

  • froidhiver

    As of april 5th it still works !

    I have done everything Ashraf told me to (except the thing with the fistcuffs and the dwarf) and everything went well BUT i used a slight variation on the gospel of saint Ashraf:

    – I used a french version instead of english and everything was ok
    (know that I tried first with the FRA version but it failed)
    I’m now on the v6.33
    thanks Ashraf (I wouldn’t have tried it it it wasn’t you)

    all the versions (eng, fra, deu, sp, ita) :

  • div

    Nice work, thanks for the software, It got installed perfectly..

  • Grateful

    I just wanted all my good dottech buddies to know that as of March 22, this offer is still available! Now how’s that for an offer? Thanks, Avenquest; you truly do make outstanding software! And thank you, dottech (I’m not here every day, but I haven’t seen Ashraf around for awhile; I hope all is well with him and that maybe he could just drop a line or 2 to let us know how he’s doing.) We all love you!

  • miek

    eXpert PDF Pro 6 is not 100% compatible with Adobe PDF forms.

    Had to download a secure PDF form that connected back to the source site for verification which then generated a form specific unique ID number. Unfortunately eXpert PDF Pro would not keep the data entry values in three of the required form fields and did not generate any error message. Tried on two separate computers no change. Had to download Adobe Reader 9.3 and only then was able to enter all data fields.

  • Taz

    funktionierte großartig!
    Only difference, got this message at eXpert-PDF start-up:

    expert pdf editor ist derzeit nicht das standardprogramm fur die Anzeige von PDF-Dateien.
    Soll diese Software als standardprogramm fur die Anzeige von PDF-Dateien verwendet werden.
    diesen Test beim Start von expert PDF Editor immer durchfuhren.

    Translation (or something close to it anyway):
    expert pdf editor is currently not the default program for viewing PDF files.
    If this software can be used as the default program for viewing PDF files.
    this test at the start of expert pdf editor always drove by.

    I just answered ja(yes)

    Thanks Ashraf!!

  • jayesstee

    Worked for me too. Great instructions, thanks Ashraf!

  • Lee Daniels

    Worked like a charm. Ashraf, you are the swami of software. Many thanks and blessings unto you.
    What a class act this guy is…. and funny, to boot! Hope 2011 is the best year of your life.

  • Frank D

    I’ve gotten as far as the entering the license number, but I get an error message that says “Falsche Lizenznummer. Bitte geben Sie die richtige Seriennummer ein.” which translates as, “Wrong license number. Please enter the correct serial number. ”

    That’s the license number I got in the reply e-mail. What do I do now?


  • Barry Williams

    To convert to PDF one can just use BullZip PDF Printer. It is free and it appears as a printer and, as far as my experience goes, it works perfectly. Anything that can be printed can be converted to a PDF. It is available in 49 languages even Esperanto! (Who the hell uses Esperanto?) And more translations are in the works.

    This is a site that everyone who wants quality freeware should look at. Also consider making a small donation. I usually donate to software authors that make their software free because I can afford to help them make it free.

    There is no junk in the install to opt out of which is really nice.

  • janetb

    I had a 6.2 ver. and didn’t know that the Update was under Tools, so I followed all the directions above to get the newer version….When I went to install, I got the additional window that I figured said I had an older version, but I didn’t know whether it was telling me it was going to uninstall it for me (which is what they usually do) or whether I had to first uninstall it myself, or whether it was all right to just go ahead and install over it….:-(….So I clicked what I thought was YES and hoped for the best…..The German version installed fine, replacing all my previous files. I checked to see if there was a ReadMe with the new serial code, and there WAS….So I continued to install the Engl version downloaded from above, and guess what happened—it reverted to 6.2 with my old serial code! Also, the German ReadMe with the new code disappeared! So now that the poster above said the Update was in Tools, I updated to 6.3, which I guess I could have done in the first place…..Ashraf, you might want to put in what to do for those who get the additional window because they already have a version installed…Or suggest that those who already have an earlier version try updating from TOOLS….

  • Verbal

    @Verbal: All OK now, one came through from last nights request, the first must be lost in the snow.

    Followed the instructions here and working perfectly.

    Thank you.

  • Verbal

    Tried twice yesterday using different email addys, one in morning then second last night but still no confirmation email despite getting the confirmation screen. Have checked the spam box as well.

  • Visibaba

    Further to my comment above that ‘updates’ were not working – it was just my firewall . All sorted and updated to v6.30.
    Many thanks Ashraf.

  • Ami

    By golly , this actually works!!!!!Excately as intstructed.Better, it works beautifully.Thanks to the powers that be.Unlike previous Fiasco.Thanks for a great peace of software.

  • jumbi

    great program, thankssssssss

  • Marius

    I’ve uninstalled the V5 and tried to install the v6 DEU, but I get a “false serial”.
    Does anybody get this?

  • Mark

    Thanks Ashraf. I have multiple OCR tools. Agreed you may not be an expert on OCR, but this blog is where we resort for review of software. In any case, keep this personal request in view. If you can direct me to any where I can get help, it would be great.
    Stay blessed.


    Thanks Ian
    I finally managed to get the license key using a different email address

  • Abe

    installed on my Win 7×64 Home Premium! just do as Ashram says and everything will be fine!

    thanks for this. i love PDF!

  • Conn09

    @Ashraf: XD Nice arrow redirection there, remind me never to ask you for directions somewhere ;)

  • Ashraf

    @John: Yeah there shouldn’t be any difference, although you may want to update the installation you have to the latest version, if updating is supported. (Should be under “Tools”.)

  • John


    Thanks Ashraf and welcome back.

    So I’m safe to stick with the version I have then yes?


  • Ashraf

    @John: No they aren’t. Visagesoft is the developer. Avanquest can be thought of as the “retailer”. Avanquest is just a company that sells other companies’ products, making commission in the process.

  • John


    Are Avanquest & Visagesoft one and the same?

    As you can see Visagesoft also have their own version of eXPert PDF 6.0 which I already have installed.

    Anyway I went through the process of installing the German version but I got some sort of message which I think said I was trying to install an earlier version than what I already had installed.

    So I searched for my eXPert 6.0 and found it to be Visagesoft, so I’m a little confused.


  • Mark

    I mean I have the following hardware & software: HP Flatbed scanner 2410, PDF OCR v4.0. How do I use expertPDF to make searchable PDF from my scans with the HP scanner.

  • Ashraf

    @Mark: While I am no expert on the matter, I believe you need OCR software for that. eXPert PDF Pro is not OCR.

  • Mark

    Thanks. I got the ENG without trouble. I had the DEU, but was unwilling to follow the conversion process, stipulated there.

    Special favour asked: How can I use it to digitalize my books. I scan them to PDF (supposedly), but they are not searchable.

  • Ashraf

    @Conn09: Uh crap… LOL!

  • Conn09

    Correction: “After you have installed the German version of eXPert PDF Pro 6, the program should start up automatically and ask for to check for updates. Click “Cancel””

    The screenshot tells you to click “Next”….just thought i’d point that out ;)

  • Ian

    @RAMESH: Check your junk mail. (I suspect) Because the entire e-mail is in German, Thunderbird relegated mine to Junk. I clicked “Not Junk”. It was moved back to the Inbox, I clicked on the link and was presented with a web-page with my serial #.

  • Visibaba

    Welcome back Ashraf, and many thanks for eXPertPDF 6.
    I upgraded from version5, and noticed in the German install sequence a warning that v6 is not compatible with v5, which should therefore be uninstalled first.
    After going back and doing so (with Revo), all went smoothly, and program seems to work fine.
    In my case ‘check for updates’ won’t get past ‘connecting to server’, then goes non-responsive, but that’s no big deal from a free program, just glad to have it.

  • tnp

    Thanks to Ashraf and dottech. Expert PDF is a very useful tool to everyone. Installed smoothly.

  • lmg

    When I try to install the German installer I get an error saying:

    ‘failed to start because side by side configuration is incorrect.See application event log or use command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.’

    Help me anyone,I am stuck here.A hash-value test says the installer is complete.

  • Jaap

    @RAMESH: No, that is not normal. They will send you an e-mail within a few seconds.
    Have you looked in your spam box?
    That is where I found the mail from Avanquest.

  • David

    OK. I downloaded with Opera, and had no trouble.


  • pokkel

    you are the best, and not just for the freebies, just glad to have you back!

  • David


    I got the serial number quickly, but I’ve been trying for hours to download both programs (using MetaProducts Download Express 1.9) without success.

    Has anyone succeeded in downloading recently? Is it possible that the company took it down?



    Hi Ashraf
    Thank you for helping us get eXPert PDF 6. However, I registered with Avanquest about two hours ago, but did not receive the license key. Is this normal, and should I wait?

  • djgroove

    Thanks Ashraf, works great

  • Rock

    Easy install on 7 Ultimate! Works great. Thanks for taking the time to explain in plain English for us non German speaking folks.
    Thanks for another great freebee!!!!!

  • LA-dude

    BTW as Ashraf suggested to stop vspdfprsrv.exe once we’re done using it , I cannot find the key:
    “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Visage Software/PDF Printer/Options. There should be a registry entry called “StayBackground”
    but I just have a defaul key in the specific path and nothing else.
    please help thanks in advance

  • LA-dude

    thanks a lot Ashraf, I’m glad you’re back. Always bringing the best tech-tips and freebies for your loyal readers.

  • Tortuga


    Thanks for the clarification, Locutus :D

    I had no problem w either of the downloads.

  • Tortuga

    Dear Ash

    I registered as per your instructions, but it was different.
    When I clicked the eMail link, got a page w this message:
    “Your subscription has already been validated.
    Sie sind bereits ein registrierter Benutzer.
    D?sol?, vous ?tes d?j? inscrits aux bons plans.
    Sei gi? un utente registrato.”

    So, of course I freaked out a bit !! :(
    All is well though as ±10mn later, I got a new eMail w the RegCode!!!!
    Phew!!! !!!
    Hope this helps someone else.

    Many thanks for posting this offer again, as I did indeed missed it last time.


  • Someguy

    Thanks a lot. I thought that was the problem but I just didn’t think doing that would help. I’m using Chrome

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Oops my bad. Fixed.

    @Someguy: Your browser probably can’t parse the ftp:// addresses properly. Try the following: and

  • Someguy

    Do you have a backup of the 2 Versions because I can’t download either. It gives me an error page. I can’t download it. Please upload a english and german installer copy.

  • Correction:

    You need both versions because the license key will only work in the German version and non-Italian speaking dotTechies can convert eXPert PDF Pro 6 to English using the English version (after they have installed and registered the Italian version).

    Shouldn’t it be German?