Status on e-mail notifications

Update: Everyone should be getting e-mails now. If you are not getting e-mails and you are on the e-mail notifications list, please inform me and I will look into it!


Some dotTechies who are subscribed to e-mail notifications may not be receiving e-mails about new articles. This is an issue caused by the fact that my current host limits me to only sending 200 e-mails out an hour. Seeing as there are thousands of e-mail subscribers, I simply cannot send e-mails to everyone. However, I am currently in the process of moving to a dedicated server which will allow me to send out as many e-mails per hour as I want. So please be patient with me for the next few days – everyone on the e-mail notifications list will start receiving regular e-mails once dotTech is migrated to the new server. Until then, consider subscribing to dotTech’s RSS or Twitter feeds.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  • prema

    we all know the new theme now (its great BTW).. it was in the email notification of this review.. it led us to the first link victor gave

  • Ashraf

    @Victor: What the heck how did you find that other URL? It is the URL to my new server, I am working on changes and waiting for DNS to propagate. Guess there won’t be a surprise anymore. :D

  • Victor
  • Ashraf

    @Victor: I considered Feedburner. The problem with Feedburner is that it sends out e-mail in bulk once a day. In other words, it doesn’t send out e-mails as articles are published but rather sends them in batch at the end of the day (or whatever time I specify). My in-house e-mailing system sends out e-mails are after articles are published. Since may dotTech articles are time sensitive it is critical e-mails be send out right after an article is published.

    Plus, it would be near impossible to migrate all existing users to a new list – I would lose half the subscribers who didn’t know they need to resubscribe.

    Trust me when I say I have looked at all alternatives. I am being forced to use a dedicated server only because of this e-mail issue; so essentially I am paying more $$$ a month (dedicated servers cost a lot more per month than shared hosting) so I can send out e-mails. If there was an alternative, I would give it a try.

  • Victor

    you could use feedburner na? its free and fast