Free Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional!

Previously dotTech has discussed iPrint, a program that allows users to save paper by providing features such as easy printing of multiple pages on one sheet and easy removal of unnecessary pages. Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional is a program similar to iPrint – CleverPrint allows for easy printing of multiple pages on one sheet, easy removal of junk pages, etc.:

(Chart created by the developer.)

Here are the main features of CleverPrint 2010 Professional, as per the developer:

Typically CleverPrint 2010 Professional would cost you 39.95 euros. However, users can can it for free! (There is no information provided on the time-frame of this giveaway.) To get CleverPrint 2010 Professional for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v2010 Professional, Build 2.1.0, Settings 1.0

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 22.2 MB

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this article, Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional has not been tested or reviewed by dotTech (aside from checking to make sure this promotion is valid). Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie; nothing more, nothing less.

  • After the download has finished, install CleverPrint 2010 Professional.
  • After the installation has finished, run CleverPrint 2010 Professional. When you run CleverPrint 2010 Professional for the first time, you should be promoted to register the program:

Fill out the registration form and hit Get free unlock code now >>. If you do it properly, you will get a confirmation message:

  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from Abelssoft <> with the subject of Abelssoft: Your unlock code. In the e-mail you will find your unlock code:

  • Go back to CleverPrint 2010 Professional, enter the unlock code, and hit Unlock now >>. If you do it properly you will get a confirmation message:

  • Once you have registered it, you are good to go. You can start using CleverPrint 2010 Professional. Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks Sascha and Roy!

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  • fluked_it


    This happened to me too….I did not see the “free offer” link (have lots of privacy extensions on my browser which may have caused link not to show up) but I downloaded cleverprint from the page anyway and installed it. When I then started it up, no prompt to register….so I fiddled around in the menus (forget how I did this but eventually the prompt panel to apply for a serial came up and I went from there). Also useful if you don’t want to give away a personal email address to register is to use the 10 minute mail site….but remember to keep clicking “give me another 10 mins” else that email address self destructs.

  • internetexplorer

    This promotion apparently replaced by the FileWing and/or Google Clean promotion(s), since the only mention of this program on their site (in German) is coupled with the the Euro price instead of Gratis.

  • RobAC


    Whenever you have a prgm that is misbehaving try the following:
    Click the Start button icon on the taskbar
    type MSCONFIG and hit enter
    Go to the Startup tab and unselect the prgm
    Also you can go to the Services tab and unselect the prgm

    After you do this you are now in the Selective Startup mode when you reboot or restart your computer.
    Windows will prompt you if you want to keep or revert back to what it was. Choose Keep new settings and this should take care of any bad proggies from auto starting.

    You can always re-enable and undo this setting by typing MSCONFIG (does not need to be caps,) and changing it back later on.

  • Acquizeta

    I tried stopping PrintDisp.exe from auto starting using WinPatrol but it didn’t work. It continued to auto start even after I uninstalled CleverPrint and rebooted. I had to do a system restore to stop PrintDisp.exe from auto starting.

  • I use iPrint, but thought I’d try this as it combined PDF creation. However as pointed out by Unicorn02, the PDF is just an image so the integrated PDF creation is no use. (I use Visage ExpertPDF normally and can “print” to that from iPrint)

    iPrint also lets you print multi pages to one page (up to 4 – whereas CleverPrint has up to 8)

    CleverPrint has an annoying “pop” sound when it has completed compiling the print job and I can’t find any settings to turn it off.

    The Main features that CleverPrint has that iPrint doesn’t is the Letterhead and Watermark features, which I don’t need and so haven’t tested.

    iPrint will combine multiple jobs into one which I found out by accident when I sent a second page to iPrint without having physically printed the first one.

    CleverPrint is a lot slower at compiling the print job than iPrint on my System ( Windows XP)

    so while iPrint may have fewer features that CleverPrint, I prefer it’s interface, speed (and silence!) and will be uninstalling CleverPrint

  • Sparky

    I don’t see anywhere in the open program where it prompts me to register, or any selection where I can get an unlock code. I did get a prompt to buy the pro version for $49.95 and a trial notice. Suggestions?

  • Janet

    I am also getting the File Corrupted message–doesn’t help to redownload….Best thing to do is try again tomorrow….Sometimes rebooting solves the problem…..

  • David Roper

    I always loved printing manuals 4 pages to a page. This allows me to remove the junk chapters before I print as well. Free is good, Free is affordable.

    Installation was easy, a snap on my Win7 home version, 2GB Ram.

  • Jeffinprov

    This is great — thank you! Abelssoft’s response with the license key was quick and snappy, unlike some earlier experiences. This will be VERY useful.

  • Sherwood Tucker

    So happy for this freebie!
    Could not afford fineprint and this does a whole lot!

  • vijay

    I am getting the message setup file is corrupted ,get a new copy….what to do?Does this software work with hp printers?

  • Unicorn02


    I also saw the PrintDisp.exe process and it is launched when the user logs in. It seems to be essential for printing, because when you kill this process and print to the cleverprint driver, the cleverprint gui will not launch. I also do not like these lurking processes, but if you really like the program you should live with it. Does not take too much memory and CPU cycles.

    Concerning PDF: I was not too happy with the PDF that is generated by the program. I printed a simple Text Webpage (plain Text) to PDF and it generated “Graphics” PDF. So it was not text in the PDF, but the text rendered as graphics. Scrolling through the pages was very slow because of this. Thumbs down for that… Otherwise a nice program.

    BTW: The offer will last until Christmas I guess, because it is a Christmas time offer. (1-24 December)

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the info and thanks to Abelssoft for the giveaway

  • William

    @Acquizeta: Doesn’t need to be started up with system boot. Remove startup entry with Glary Utilities Free > Startup Manager.

  • Acquizeta

    When I install Abelssoft CleverPrint 2010 Professional, there is new auto startup program added.


    What I don’t like is having programs running in the background using up valuable resources when it is only needed when CleverPrint is running. Is it possible to only have PrintDisp.exe running when it is needed and stopped when it is not ?

  • David

    Great program tried something like this a long time ago and liked it but it was a trial. I will get some good use out of this and always love free.
    When I went to the promotion page I tried clicking on the lang flag but it took me away from the deal, just click the link like the instructions say and there is no problems downloaded ok and installed in en for me. Thanks again love your site and all your tips keep up the great work…

  • Madhamish

    Brilliant job guys, I really needed a multi-print capability. Nice pice of software, save me some dosh as well.

    Many thanks, James.