Control your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch from your computer with Veency

Need to quickly view your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch while it’s in another room? Luckily there’s an app for that.  Meet Veency, developed by the same guy who brought us Cydia.

Initial Setup

Veency is not a very complicated app. In fact there is really only one thing you need to do after downloading and installing it: Add a password.  You can do this by going to Settings ->Veency:

As the above screenshot shows, you can also enable/disable Veency from within Settings.

Once you’ve setup a password, you’re good to go – no more mucking around on your device.  Unfortunately, you’re not quite done, as Windows has no built-in VNC support – you need to download an app for that.

While there are multiple different programs you can use for VNC capabilities, I recommend using TightVNC. Aside from downloading and installing TightVNC you don’t need to do anything until you are ready to actually connect to your device.

Getting Connected

Before you go any further, make sure your iDevice and the computer you want to control it with are connected to the same WiFi. Next, on your device go to Settings ->Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow. Go to the DHCP tab and find the IP Address of your device:

Now run TightVNC and enter in the IP address of your device (the one you just found)…

…and click Connect. TightVNC will prompt you to enter a password…

…and once you enter in the password you setup in Veency earlier, you’re connected to your device:

After you are connected via TightVNC, you can use your device like normal running apps, playing games, etc. with your mouse simulating your touch.


Here’s a video of me playing around with VNC – using Calculator, opening Notes, etc:

You’ll notice that at the beginning of the video, I woke up my iPod.  Waking up your device can be done multiple different ways:

  • Right click (with your mouse) to simulate the home button;
  • Middle click (with your mouse) to simulate the lock button;
  • Left click (with your mouse) to simulate a tap on the screen.


To conclude, remotely controling your device has useful capabilities such as being a great way to type up lengthy things on your iDevice (much cheaper than buying a bluetooth keyboard). However, who cares what it can be used for. Remoting into your device is just plan cool. Those ‘droids have nothing on us!


Version reviewed: 0.9.3345-1

Note: Requires root

You can download Veency from Cydia on your device.


Version reviewed: 2.0.2

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher for v2.0.2 and Windows 95/98/ME and Linux for v1.3.10

Download size: <1MB

TightVNC homepage [direct download – v2.02]

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  • Teacher

    I need an app that will let me pick one of the iPads that my kids are using in class and display it to a projector either from my iPad or from PC?

  • Locutus

    @Mike: Odd. I’d try rebooting the device if you haven’t already, and if you have, try uninstalling and reinstalling Veency.

    I haven’t used it on my iPod in a while, so forgive me if I can’t come up with anything.

  • Mike

    Actually, the only place it works is in the ipod search. I tried typing in several different apps, including the notepad, but nothing happens. (and the mouse part of it works fine- but i need it primarily for the typing)

  • Locutus

    @Mike: It only works on certain apps?

  • Mike

    so i did everything instructed and it mostly works. However, i am not able to type on every app. A friend of mine has done the same thing and his works perfectly. any ideas why mine is not working right?

  • @Mr. Lee: If you want to buy a cheap bluetooth keyboard, it will most likely be compatible with your device:

  • Mr. Lee

    Hallelujah! Ever since I purchased an ‘ipod touch’, I have been looking for a way to add data from the desk top. For many years I used a Palm and I was used to being able to make most entries from the comfort and ease of my desktop keyboard. I looked in vain for an app to be able to accomplish the same with my ‘touch’ and could not believe that Apple or some developer had not written an app for this. I would think there would be a huge demand for this, especially if it could sync both ways. It sounds like the combination of Veency and TightVNC might just be the ticket for at least entering data. If I can get this to work, I will most definitely be a happy camper!

    BTW, if anyone is looking for an easy way to get your pictures from your iphone/ipod touch to your desktop, there is a program that accomplishes this task flawlessly. It is called “Aiseesoft iPhone to Computer Transfer Ultimate”. (Actually, you can transfer any file, not just pictures). I acquired this via GAOTD on March 18 of this year, (I believe). It’s not a free program, but I would happily pay for it if I got a new computer. I use it all the time and it works great.

    If anyone has run across a program that works like the old Palm for accessing all the programs on an ipod touch, please post it here.

    Mr. Lee

  • @Ashraf:
    It’ll make taking Android screenshots 1000x easier! ;)

  • Ashraf

    @Casey: I am sure there are Android apps that do this, and there will be WP7 apps that will do this in the future. Don’t know about BB…

  • @Casey: TightVNC can connect to any device broadcasting a VNC signal. Veency is just yet another VNC server, but it’s unique in that it’s written for iPhone.

  • Casey

    Interesting! Just curious – do you think it is possible for this program to work with other devices? I don’t really need it, just want to see if theoretically it would work.

  • Nathan

    Thanks! I use it to control my iPod using the mouse!