Free JetDrive 2010 Professional!

Not satisfied with the freeware defragmentation offerings? If yes, JetDrive 2010 Professional is a “defragementation suite” that may interest you. The following is a description of the program as per the developer:

JetDrive 2010 Defragmentation Suite

Do you still remember the feeling when you bought your PC and everything everything ran so quickly? When applications opened almost instantly? With JetDrive you can regain this lost speed.


There is a physical reason why your PC slows down with time. The arrangement of files on your hard drive becomes more and more chaotic, and individual files may be broken into many small parts over the entire drive, resulting in fragmentation. The outcome is a slowing down of your system, as the hard drive reads and merges these separate fragments every time you open a file. JetDrive defragments your drive and restores it to an optimal state.

The following chart lists the features of JetDrive 2010 Professional and compares the features between JetDrive 2010 Professional and JetDrive 2010 Ultimate:

For a limited time, everyone can get JetDrive 2010 Professional for free! To get JetDrive 2010 Professional for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v2010 Professional

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 31.5 MB

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this article, JetDrive 2010 Professional has not been tested or reviewed by dotTech (aside from ensuring that this giveaway is valid). All the information about the program in this post is based off the information provided on the developer’s website. Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie; nothing more, nothing less.

  • After JetDrive 2010 Professional has finished downloading, install it. (That installer is in English except for the one part where you will have to register.)
  • During the installation you will be asked to register JetDrive 2010 Professional:

Enter your e-mail address, first name, and last name to register it:

If you get that last popup message, then you have registered JetDrive 2010 Professional properly (it automatically detects registration). If you did not get that last message, that means JetDrive 2010 Professional was unable to automatically detect your registration and you will have to register it manually. If you fall within the latter category, look for an e-mail from Abelssoft <> with the subject of Abelssoft: Ihr Freischaltcode; the e-mail contains the registration code you will need to use to register JetDrive 2010 Professional. JetDrive 2010 Professional was able to automatically detect registration for me so I don’t have any screenshots to show how to manually register the program.

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting JetDrive 2010 Professional for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

Thanks Roy!

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  • internetexplorer

    As of now, at least, this offer appears to be over. No reference to it that I can find on their site(s). Oh well.

  • David Roper

    @Mr.Dave: I like that too, Opt in.

  • Mr.Dave

    Is there a way to make “auto notify” a profile option? Then each user could set it as they want. It should be an opt-in option.

  • vyverjet

    I am an out and out supporter of the Piriform’s Defraggler. I have used Auslogics, JK Defrag and the “Disk defrag” option in Winutilities pro and it’s neither the time nor the speed which determines which is the best as debated above. Suppose a C:// Drive which has an alloted free space of 200GB and has used up 100GB cannot logically be expected to be defragged in 15-20 minutes! At one time in the past i had both Piriform’s Defraggler and Auslogics and though the latter was very fast and as a follow up defraf. by the defraggler always showed that Auslogics was not(my apologies to Ashraf) very thorough! Mydefrag was top notch.
    The “DEFRAGGLER” analyses the drive first off and after the process shows the number of fragments still remaining! I appreciate the honesty of the developer!
    Anyway i thank Ashraf for this new program in dottech. As somebody said”you must always have a spare”, except a life-partner!

  • Sunny

    Re JetDrive and Time issues

    Folks, don’t be too put off by the stated time-to-complete. It’s quite common for the assessed time to be way way out. In the past two years I’ve been using Ultimate Defrag and its timer is deceptive also. This is a fairly widespread problem in a variety of programs.

    I wouldn’t dismiss a defragger just because it wasn’t as speedy as another one. I believe some actually do a more careful and thorough job which can involve more time.

    What I’ve liked about Ultimate Defrag is its professionalism. It’s beautifully laid out, and you can see the great care, thought, and consideration the developer has taken with every bit of it. Most of all I appreciate his extensive help and information file. Although it was a very long read I learned a lot about drives and fragmentation from it. By a careful reading of it it you can make much better choices about which of the options he provides will suit your particular needs. I admit it’s not for beginners, but it’s good for everyone to stretch themselves sometimes and acquire deeper knowledge of a subject.

    Having said that I’m impressed by MikeR’s inspiring prose on MyDefrag. I used it years ago when it was JKDefrag and am tempted to see how the program has evolved over the years. I will go now and download a copy.

  • janetb


    Thanks for the input—I can never remember whether its here or there that I see hom….:-)….I save a lot of his posts and go over them….

  • Suze

    @janetb: I also love to read mike’s comments. However, I don’t ever remember reading his posts here, but only on the GotD site.

  • Bill Schu

    @David Goldstein:

    Hey if it’s a free paid version I’ll try it. I gave input and found it’s a waste of time but we learn by our mistakes ;>}

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @David Roper:
    Thanks for that.
    I had gone back and studied their web pages a bit more, and discovered that the commercial version is free for Home use.
    I deleted my post within about 3 mins.
    And I just discovered that everyone can see the post, whilst the countdown was going on.
    “Not many people know that”

  • David Roper

    Free Auslogics Version is at
    Free for Home Use only.

  • 30 minutes!! On a drive that has very little on it? Bill # 35, you are definitely a trooper. Auslogics not only defrags in one tenth that time, but in a few more minutes it optimizes the drive as well. I am in business and when I have several machines in here to work on for clients, or when I am on-site, I can’t afford to waste precious time (and neither can my clients.) You must have a lot of time and patience, Bill, which I don’t! But hey, whatever sets you free. In my opinion, ditch this lemon and jump on the Auslogics bandwagon! I do appreciate your input though. Cheers and good night!!

  • Bill Schu

    Ok I tried this out and it said it would take 1 day 3 hours 50 minutes. It’s a lie after it finishes the second function(defrag files) it dropped to less than 30 minutes. I don’t have much on my hard drive but it did say it would take over a day to finish. So give it a try and ignore the time because time flies.

  • I don’t agree with Jumbi # 33 – I simply asked it to defrag my system drive – the simplest possible action to perform – nothing else – it still indicated that it would take over a day to complete. So if you want to spend untold hours on a simple defrag, then this program is for you. Otherwise, go Auslogics, go!! re giovanni # 32 – thanks – I really like the ‘Take Ownership’ hack – this has always been a problem when dealing with Vista files that refuse to be deleted or moved without going into the Properties and taking ownership there – that can be frustrating. Thanks to How-To-Geek for the tons of time it has saved me and the absolutely delicious tips it provides – I’m a relative powerhouse now, thanks to The Geek!!

  • jumbi

    MyDefrag is great but quite complicated for non-techies.
    I like also O&O defrag tool but I believe its also difficult like MyDefrag for amateurs (not freeware but offered around from time to time).
    Auslogics is fast, effective and simple, best for most people.
    It should be mentioned that Auslogics has a screen saver version, covering by this way the automatic defragment:

    Although I can understand MyDefrag technical details, I found myself finally using Auslogics, because I have a lot of computers and can’t bother to spend more time to each one.
    From time to time I test other software too.
    For example, IOBit has a nice degragment tool but because of bad practices to other matters, I do not install it to “serious” PCs, nor recommend it.

    Many people above complained about the time needed for JetDrive to finish full initial operation. I can understand the frustration.
    One must explain that a lot more steps are done except just defragging and this takes time indeed. E.g. the disk checking tool and the re-arrangement of system files taking place to the faster areas of the hard disk. During all time, it shows info on what exactly it does.
    Especially the feature of defragging the windows locked files, I think I have seen only on Paragon tool with its bootable CD.
    It has the possibility to choose just simple degragment though, which takes normal time like most others.
    Using it for the first time, I think so far that its a great program.

  • giovanni

    Is this APP any better than Advanced System Care, Smart Defrag, Auslogics, Ultimate Defrag Free Edition and/or 360Amigo ??

    To improve the speed of your PC I also suggest you have a look at this amazing article I’ve just stumbled upon by chance:

    * The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better

    Enjoy reading!

  • Richard

    Dont agree with auto tick of that little box at the bottom, I did and was flooded with email comments so wont tick that again but will come to Asharf site if I wish to catch up. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf for the info and for the giveaway

  • janetb


    Many thanks for your response, but I was looking for plain old MIKE (without the R)….:-)….You didn’t really relate to my point of concern–the relative efficiency of MyDefrag’s ordering system vs others’…..They make a point of saying you can’t go back and forth, and I can vouch for the fact that they give VERY different results!

  • janetb

    @Rob (Down Under):

    I was using a regular commercial version which I got free from either GAOTD or dotTech….

  • Free version, but I think I will now send them a donation or purchase an upgrade – this incident proves to me the superiority of their product. I find the Auslogics program indispensable and superior to any I have tried to date.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Are you Auslogics guys using a purchased version or a free version ?

  • I installed and registered OK – I attempted to defragment ONLY my system drive – I got a message saying it would take over 26 hours! This is unacceptable!! I uninstalled and will go back to Auslogics which is fast and effective.

  • MikeR

    @janetb: Hi Janet:

    Ah, MyDefrag! I was originally taken with this app back when Jeroen (? my spelink’s opeliss) first developed it and yes, you’re right, it was JK Defrag. Then it morphed into MyDefrag and, well, I’m still running it. My reasons are a bit convoluted, but here goes anyway:

    1) The original was light, fast, and of high integrity; it was fascinating to watch how the developer progressively tweaked the app in view of user experience response;

    2) The original attained an instant pedigree, that is: it was obvious from the get-go that a lot of thought had gone into it;

    3) Subsequent revisions have continued to stay close to the original’s ethos, that is: the eschewing of fancy packaging in preference to integrity of substance; and:

    4) I have a soft spot for the little guys of this world — yes, I know the big corporations have their place, but a great debt is owed to independently-minded software creators like JK.

    As usual, Ashraf has done everyone a favour in highlighting the free JetDrive opportunity, but I’m not going to take advantage of it myself simply because I’ve grown so used to MyDefrag. I do, however, appreciate that some computer users won’t like it at all: aesthetic considerations are non-existent, so the app has not a single bell nor a single whistle.

    However. . . I find its intelligent approach to defragging excellent, and the support info available to new users very informative. I suppose it would look a darn sight better if JK stopped referring to ‘scripts’ and rejigged the GUI to have daily / weekly / monthly option buttons, but that’s not a downer for me.

    About the only tip I’d give anyone reading this who might be interested in road-testing MyDefrag is to exercise the same care as you would with any defragger from any source, i.e., don’t max out on the initial settings until you’re sure everything’s OK. (This is not, incidentally, intended as a criticism of JKDefrag / MyDefrag.)

    So for a first-time user, I’d recommend beginning with the weekly defrag option and seeing how that works out, then leaving it for a week and running the daily option (just the once) and then, a week later, going for the “big” defrag / optimise (i.e., the monthly option.) After that, a once-a-week defrag/optimise is just fine (in my experience) — I have reservations about defragging on a daily basis.

    As noted, I’ve never had a problem with this software and have installed umpteen examples of it on friends and relatives’ computers. I can’t comment on comparative speeds because I’ve never done any; all I can say is, it’s a simple-to-goodness little app with a long, long development history that has never let me down. And if it doesn’t look that good, well, the fact that it’s entirely free does endow it with a special kind of enduring appeal!

  • David Roper

    @Dan: Dan, you will not get a popup. what you “gotta” do is find the proper link in Ashraf’s article above and go through the motions of having them send you the code in an email. They will. And they will send you a download link then.
    The act of sending you the key code is just an act by them to let you know they got it registered on their end. When you download the product they have already registered you copy secretly back in their home office. I never used my keycode they sent. I had it cued and ready. alas alak. I can’t even see it anywhere on any drop down menu. It just works, Have faith,. It’s Christmas. It’s elf magic.;-)

  • Injeun

    No probs here. JetDrive installed, registered and functioning fine. Thanks Ashraf and JetDrive. BTW, when optimizing, it said something about taking one day two hours and twenty minutes to finish. But it finished in only thirty six minutes.

  • Dan

    @David Roper:

    Thanks for that, David..I understand fully about the upgrade issue you posted about..but in my case, I didn’t get a popup window asking me to register or enter my there is no way for me to get a reg code for this by simply installing and upgrading.

    I might very well be wrong, but my understanding about this giveaway is that it’s meant to be a fully working version once regged..not the usual free trial they offer for download, which, you can upgrade for a fee to the “Ultimate” version..which is basically what it is/was asking you to do.

    In other words, this is meant to be a fully working version of the “Pro” program once regged..not a trial..the two are completely different and one is not the same as the other.

    I would like to know if there is any other way for us to get the “Pro” reg code offered for this today if, like in my case, we don’t get the popup window during install and were not asked for our contact details?

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your input on this.


  • David Roper

    @Dan: Dan, read the reply to me above.

  • Dan

    LOL..Ashraf..this has got my scratching my head! I downloaded it and installed, but didn’t get any popup window to register..and didn’t get any email with a reg code in it..which isn’t really surprisong, as I wasn’t asked at any stage to enter my contact details.

    So, basically, I’m not sure if this is registered or not..any ideas on how to tell if it is or not..and if not, what should I do to get a reg code?

    Thanks in advance


  • Jackie

    Gosh, this sofware should be call TurtleDrive. Gave it 3 hours and it still is telling me the deframentation will be taking up to a day to finish. No way. It may be free right now but it’s not worth it. I’ll stick with Defraggler or Paragon.

  • janetb

    Is this the same developer who did CleverPrint (Abelssoft)???

  • janetb

    I had been using Auslogics defragger, which I found to be the best. But then I re-discovered the old JKDefrag in the (newer) form of MyDefrag. It seems to have a carefully thought-out system which is very different from other defraggers (?). They explain the difference very clearly–about what needs to be where and why. And why a certain amount of a particular sort of fragmentation will actually give you a more efficient system! And they have different defrag options depending on whether the drive is for system or data because a different ordering is needed for the system partition. Also whether you are doing a monthly, weekly, or daily defrag. I would love to hear from Ashraf or Mike what they think about this…..

  • janetb


    That’s a good idea (which I have seen on other sites)–if we can put in our profile to autotick threads to which we post.

  • janetb

    @Rob (Down Under):
    I definitely agree with Rob that the Notify Me checkbox should be ticked by default! Is there anyone who posts who does not want notification of responses? For the one-in-a-thousand who don’t (maybe they are posting from someone else’s computer), let them have the option to check that they do not want notification. I sometimes forget to check it because it is off-screen (too far down) when I am posting….:-(….

  • Tuan

    Language German…. Please change English…..Thank you!

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: I believe its because defragging the memory is only available in the Ultimate edition of this program.

  • David Roper

    @Ashraf: I was able to defrag the registry so I tried to defrag the memory next (another choice). That’s when it popped up and asked me to upgrade for 14.90 Euro??

    Not complaining about something free. Just curious why it asked me for more money. Any ideas?

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: JetDrive automatically registers when you submit that form. If it didn’t automatically register you should get some sort of popup saying you are using trial version. If you don’t get popup you are registered.

  • David Roper

    Okay, I installed it and also had the registration code sent to me. I cannot find what to click or open in order to insert the reg code sent to me. Any help?

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: That hurt.

    @Rob (Down Under): No I haven’t seen it. I am sorry but I just can’t turn on autotick. Most people don’t want to be subscribed to comments. I will look into if its possible to store the comment subscribe data in cookies so individuals can have autotick if they want.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I am 68.
    When you get to that age, please remember to write to me, and tell me whether –
    – You remember to tick the checkbox
    – You remember to subscribe to each thread that you first visit

    Have you seen the Movie ‘Catch 22’ ?

  • @Ashraf: Ahh, I see. And I disabled Adblock Plus for nothing.

  • Ashraf

    @Rob (Down Under): I can’t set the comment box to autotick. It would be chaos if people got automatically subscribed whenever they posted a comment. People would be coming after me with a pitchfork.

    FYI you can subscribe to comments now without having to comment. Look below the comment form.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I have asked a few times, so I am assuming that you believe the majority of members like the checkbox unticked ?
    Could we perhaps poll the members, to see if they prefer it ticked ?
    This post is me ticking the checkbox

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: I know. I am messing around with minify settings to optimize dotTech a bit more. Don’t sound so excited =P

    @Rob (Down Under): I don’t know about registration, sorry. I am an Auslogics guy.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Can the reg be used –
    – After the PC dies ?
    – On multiple PCs ?

    What Defragger do you use Ashraf ?