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Ever try to do a resource-intensive task on your computer like play a game, watch a video, etc. and your computer just won’t stop lagging? Well, one of the reasons that your computer is lagging might be because of background programs/services that are unnecessarily using computer resources. AppBooster is a program that aims to help you with the lag problem; it allows you to focus your computer resources towards a specific task by shutting down background programs/services.

The following is a description of AppBooster, as per the developer:

Do you want the “new car smell” back?

Some people use “Magic Trees”, these little air freshener trees for their cars, to get that “new car smell” back. But air freshener doesn’t help, to get that “new computer feeling” back. As time goes by you may have installed a lot of applications. And lots of them install background processes and services, which you don´t use many times. The more background processes are running, the more memory is used and starting apps and games is much slower. Disabling these processes normally needs a PC restart.

Instant Power

AppBooster gives you instant power for your apps and games whenever you need it. Instead of manually shutting down running processes, applications and windows services, AppBooster quits all unneeded background processes and services making more RAM and CPU power available for your favorite games and apps. Without being a professional pc user you are able to get the most out of your computer.

“There is an update available…”

You know these kind of notifications which always come in a very inappropriate moment? When you are gaming and waiting for you opponent to come around the corner? By disabling background processes and scheduled tasks temporarily, AppBooster prevents those notifications and let you play smoother and without interruptions.

AppsBooster is safe and easy to use

AppBooster doesn’t change any system settings or modify the windows registry in order to stop background processes. You system will be reset to the exact same status after the Booster Mode has been stopped. Even inexperienced users may use AppBooster without crashing anything or making something wrong.

No restart required at any time

You can enabled and disable the Booster Mode at any time without needing to restart the system. No delay, instant performance!

AppBooster actually comes in two editions: Free and Pro. On a similar note, currently AppBooster is v2.0. Today’s promotion is of AppBooster Pro v1.3. While AppBooster Free is v2.0 now, I talked to a representative and I was informed that even though AppBooster Free is v2.0 while this promotion is of AppBooster Pro v1.3, AppBooster Pro v1.3 still has the following advantages over AppBooster Free v2.0:

  • AppBooster Pro v1.3 can create multiple profiles while AppBooster Free v2.0 can only create one;
  • AppBooster Pro v1.3 allows users to include custom processes/applications to be killed while AppBooster Free v2.0 does not.

That said, though, I noticed AppBooster Free v2.0 has some advantages over AppBooster Pro v1.3 also, such as two new features Memory Booster and Windows Sidebar and Tray-Gadget. So depending on your needs, you may find AppBooster Free v2.0 is more beneficial to you than AppBooster Pro v1.3. AppBooster Pro v2.0, of course, is the best out of all three with the most features.

As part of this promotion, dotTechies can get 50% off AppBooster Pro v2.0 using the coupon code DOTTECH. The following are the improvements made in AppBooster Pro v2.0, as per the developer:

  • New! Automatically launches Booster Profiles, when starting an application you configured
  • New! Automatically starts any other application when launching a Booster Profile
  • New! AppBooster Defrag : Optimizes your Game-Files, Application Folders and Harddisks for full read/write speed
  • New! Internet Booster: Optimizes your internet connection settings to reduce lags and enhance download speed
  • New! Windows Sidebar Gadget: Quick Access to Booster Profiles
  • New! Memory Booster: Prevents memory swapping during Gameplay
  • Updated: Large DataBase Update
  • Updated: Improved User Interface, now with Detail View to see, which processes and services will be shut down
  • Updated: Uses less memory

That said, to get AppBooster Pro v1.3 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v1.3

Free updates: No

Free technical support: No

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size:  About 6 MB

Giveaway time-frame: Giveaway ends Thursday December 23, 2010 at 02:00 PST. Anyone that grabs the registration code during this time frame can install/reinstall AppBooster Pro v1.3 whenever they want.

Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise in this article, AppBooster Pro has not been reviewed by dotTech (aside from ensuring that this giveaway is valid). All the information about the program in this post is based off the information provided on the developer’s website. Please do not take this post as an endorsement/rejection or review of the program. This article is simply to inform about the availability of this program as a freebie; nothing more, nothing less.

NOTE: This promotion is available to everyone; however this is a promotion. Please do not directly link to the registration page. Rather, if you want to share this offer with others, provide a permalink (alternatives link) to this article. Thanks!

  • After you have registered, check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from with the subject of AppBooster Pro 1.3 License Key. In the e-mail you will find your registration key:

  • Download and install AppBooster Pro v1.3.
  • After installation, run AppBooster Pro v1.3 and register it using the key you got via e-mail (note when running AppBooster Pro v1.3, you may be prompted with a window that tells you to download AppBooster Free v2.0 – just close that window):

  • Enjoy!
  • (Optional) As a way of thanking Software Applications Studio for this freebie, please provide them with feedback regarding their software in the comments below. Feedback can be anything including but not limited to bugs fixes, desired features, desired changes, ways to improve the program, input on the current price, etc.

If you have trouble getting AppBooster Pro v1.3 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • Je?li masz problemy z uzyskaniem AppBooster Pro v1.3 za darmo, pisa? poni?ej i inne dotTechies lub postaram si? pomóc.

  • Witam pozwoli?am sobie skopiowac i prosic o pomocJe?li masz problemy z uzyskaniem AppBooster Pro v1.3 za darmo, pisa? poni?ej i inne dotTechies lub postaram si? pomóc. tak tez czynie pozdrawiam i mysle ze kobiecie pomozecie Barbara

  • As far as yesterday 1/11/2011, App Booster Pro was available. I did installed in my second computer without any problems. Please check for availability. Thanks!!!

  • eq5150

    @jSwann0 – iobit game booster shuts down a certain set of processes that can not be altered. This has a default set but can be customized. In fact, this tried to shut down my FF browser but have the option to remove that from the list of processes it will stop. I will work on the settings but for now I am using game booster. (Version

    I don’t care for the new version of Game Booster. In fact, I like the older version so much I am going to submit it to (Iobit will not give out the older version….I know I emailed them about it.) Some people use it just to free up some RAM when their computer is running too slowly.

    AppBooster Pro is probably better once you customize it.

  • jSwann0

    ThanX for your reply. I appreciate.

  • Ashraf

    @jSwann0 and @farhad: Download works fine for me. Can you try it again, maybe in a different browser?

  • Ashraf

    @jSwann0 and @Ed: I haven’t explicitly compared the two, but just looking at them both I would say Game Booster and AppBooster are similar programs that perform similar tasks. Sorry I can’t give more details than that… I am not a regular Game Booster user.

  • Ashraf

    @Jimbo: While they may help you do the same thing, Process Lasso and AppBooster are different programs. Process Lasso helps manage CPU usage; AppBooster closes down programs/processes that are not needed. They can work together just fine.

    That said, it is hard to say if you need it or not based off just CPU specs. It depends on what you do. In general, however, I would say if you don’t feel any lag while play games, watching videos, etc. you don’t need AppBooster.

  • Jimbo

    I have two questions that I hope Ashraf or someone will take the time to answer.

    1) Can this be run with Process Lasso?
    2) Would anyone need this if they have 6GB of ram and a dual core processor?

  • Ashraf

    @joel: Not sure; I couldn’t find an upgrade policy on their website. You may want to e-mail them and ask.

  • joel

    If I buy the license, does it have free lifetime upgrades?

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: You are welcome! Also, I don’t celebrate Christmas, so please don’t be offended when I say happy holidays!

    @Jabtano: Are you sure you have v1.3 and not v2.0? This key won’t work on v2.0.

  • Jabtano

    keeps saying invalid key

  • Ed

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how this compares to Game Booster?

  • James Kelly

    Thanks this is interesting. Clouted my IM and Skype as well as Chrome and some cloud services. No big loss. If I’m watching or playing I DON’T want to be distrubed. Thanks again.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you for the promo :-)

  • coco

    Thanks ! :)

  • I had the problem that everytime I ran the Booster, it multiplied the running icons next to the clock. Anyone else expericence this?

  • farhad

    download link is not working properly.only downloads 2.1mb

  • jSwann0

    Merci beaucoup, Ashraf, and what’s the difference between AppBooster Pro and IObit Game Booster Premium ? Et Mary Kristmus !
    (and your download links behave very strangely)

  • Linda

    Thank you. Merry Christmas

  • Do Do Re

    It work like a dream if after you use this soft,you wil use Advanced System Care function:Turbo Boost.Thank.In this mode my second hand computer work very fast.

  • I’ve been using Process Lasso (which, as I’ve said — I’ll buy something useful if I find it — I bought a 5 copy license for my house). This looks like it does a few things that, if Process Lasso does them, I haven’t delved enough to find them. I’ll have to see if they play nicely. Will report back! :)

  • azziz

    Thanks you verry much, i was wondering if i could win AppBooster 2 from
    [REMOVED. No spamming please. We have a forum where you can share license limited giveaway details.]

    But now thanks to you i can have version 1.3, good enough possibly. Merry Christmass