How to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700P on Android 6.0.1 [Guide]

1471020452-4430There are many reasons out there for people wanting to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700P smartphones (thousands of in fact), but if it’s backing up that you don’t currently enjoy, then you will want to check out the Titanium Backup app from Google Play when you are done with this guide. Being the root user means having full control over the operating system with nothing standing in an apps way that might otherwise have prevented them from doing what they want to do. For backup apps like Titanium Backup that allows it to read other apps data which is part of what makes it so useful and why alternative backup apps that run without root access cannot rival what it does.

When you hear about apps potentially being able to read other apps data on a rooted device it’s usually always a picture painted in a negative light but what they fail to mention is the abundance of positives that come from that extra ability too. The only reason not to install Titanium Backup once you are in control of the root user account on your Android is if you have no interest in taking backups at all or if you plan on installing a custom recovery and using the NANDroid feature that is up for grabs from the custom recovery image instead.


  • The following guide roots the Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile versions of the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone that come with the SM-J700P model number.
  • You need to have a computer that is running a version of the Windows operating system to use this guide that makes use of the Odin flashing tool. The CF-Auto-Root is always a rooting tool that is flashed with Odin.


  • You need to unlock the Developer options menu from the Samsung Galaxy J7 settings and then turn on the USB debugging mode from the Developer options menu.
  • Enable the OEM unlocking option also available from the Developer options menu while you are there inside the Developer options menu.
  • Make sure you install the Samsung USB Drivers on the Windows computer before you get started so that when you do connect the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable the Odin flashing app can detect your device and thus allow for the rooting to take place.
  • Rooting the Android operating system is not illegal in the United States or most other countries in the western world. In other words, it is illegal in the United States for a corporation like Samsung to not look at your device under warranty if it has root access thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. However, that doesn’t mean corporations will abide by those same rules. You might want to check with your carrier or service area on what their regulations are for people with root access before going ahead with the guide if something like a warranty is important to you.


  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root one-click rooting tool by Chainfire directly to the Windows computer.
  2. Extract the CF-Auto-Root file to the desktop of the computer and you get the rooting file ending in the tar.md5 file extension and the Odin flashing tool that has conveniently been bundled in by Chainfire for you to use.
  3. Click on the Odin flashing app file so that it opens on the desktop and leave it open.
  4. Boot the Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700P smartphone into the Download Mode and then connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  5. Check you can see a yellow or blue color coming from the ID: COM port and an added message appearing in the message box. (Those of you who don’t see either of those two things still need to get the Samsung USB Drivers working on the computer).
  6. Click on the AP button from Odin and then select the MD5 file that is on the desktop to upload to this location in Odin.
  7. Do not make any adjustments from the Odin options tabs.
  8. Click on the Start button and then the rooting of the Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700P begins.
  9. Since the CF-Auto-Root for the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software update is what Chainfire calls a systemless root, it can take longer than the older versions of CF-Auto-Root if you are more familiar with those. Read the information that is rolling down your display that has been programmed by Chainfire to let you know what is happening and what to expect.

In conclusion, that is how to root Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700P running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by using the Odin-flashable CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire. You can start installing any of the root apps you planned on installing now that you are the root user with full control over what is installed and uninstalled on your device.

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