In 25 years the human species has registered more than 200,000,000 domains

On March 15, 1985 the first domain name was created: By 1992, a modest 15,000 existed. Can anyone guess how many domains are registered now, in 2010? I will give you a hint: The number contains more zeroes than my paycheck.

According to a domain name industry analysis report released by Verisign in November 2010, we as a species have collectively – assuming no alien intervention – registered over 200,000,000 domains to date:

To be a little bit more precise, the actual number of domain registrations is 201,800,000 plus or minus, oh I don’t know, a few million. It must be noted, however, that there are not necessarily 201,800,000 websites in existence. The 201.8 million number represents the amount of domains that have been registered. There are many domains that have been registered but are simply parked waiting to be sold at a premium (i.e. no website – 12% of all .COM/.NET domains have no website); then there are millions of  blogs/websites that operate as sub-domains (i.e. websites that are not counted in the domains registered number) on services such as Blogspot, WordPress, Posterous, Tumblr,, etc.

Out of the 201.8 million domains, 103 million are .COM and .NET domains and 79.2 million are ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains – domain names specific to countries, like .DE, .US, .CN, etc.). Out of all TLDs/ccTLDs, the top ten most popular are, in order from most popular to least popular, .COM, .DE, .NET, .UK, .ORG, .INFO, .CN, .NL, .EU, and .RU. (Seriously, our German and English buddies are on fire.)

Regardless of the exact breakdown on the types of domains and how many actual websites exist, I don’t know about you but I don’t know of any other species that can register over 200,000,000 domains in 25 years. Three cheers for us: Hip-hip-hurray!

[via Digital Inspiration]

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  • newJason

    Thank you. I stand corrected.
    I thought that number seemed a little extreme.

  • Ashraf

    @newJason: Hmmm? 201,800,000/6,890,112,427 isn’t 34; it is 1/34. You mean to say there is one domain for every 34 people, not everyone has 34 domains.

    Anyway, the running-out-of-IPs issue is already happening; that is why the shift to IPv6 is being made.

  • newJason

    that’s about 22,000 per day.
    Of the 6,890,112,427 people alive now today, each one would have about 34 domains.
    Cool. makes me wonder..
    based on the current system of IP adressing (123.456.789.012) how long before we run out of IP addresses?
    how many digits will your phone number need to be in 25 years?
    How long before we start to use safely compressed frequencies above 10 exahertz (1019 Hz), to deliver signals faster than light speed?
    fun stuff. :-)

  • MikeB

    How many by other species?

  • David Roper

    I didn’t mean anything by my comment. Just a dumb domain name that a beaver might like to own.

  • Ashraf

    @DonnyP: Oops, LOL! Fixed, thanks. :-)

  • DonnyP

    In the third paragraph, under the chart, you typed, “the actual number of domain registrations is 201,800,000 million plus or minus”… 201,800,000 million? That would be 201 quadrillion, 800 trillion domain registrations – plus or minus a few million (statistically insignificant in a set of 200 quadrillion).

    I love ya, Ashraf, and love your dottech website. I just thought this was funny, and I hope someone else gets a laugh out of it too. :-) Keep up the good work!

  • Troll

    @David Roper: Sorry, badly written joke. What I meant was: Beavers, being another species, building a lot of dams and being very territorial, would probably love to register their territory (domain) if they knew how to. The word play got lost in my joke..

  • Nektar

    xaxa :-)

  • Troll

    @David Roper: Yes, I meant beavers claiming the right to a territory (domain) by building a dam. Sorry, bad joke..

  • David Roper

    @Troll: River.dam?

  • Troll

    Well, I guess beavers would be able to do that if only there had been enough rivers and creeks for them to claim the right to, and if they knew of a way to register them.. :)