Free GoogleClean CBE!

Software Description

The following is the description of GoogleClean as per the developer:

GoogleClean – Control Google spy functionality

Switch off Google spy functionality

Many Google Applications collect Information about their users and send data back home. Google exactly knows which websites you visit and what contents you are looking for in the internet. It is almost impossible to deactivate some of these spy features manually. With GoogleClean you can switch off those data transfers easily.

We support:

  • Google Web Applications (Search, Mail, Maps, etc.)
  • Google YouTube
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Analytics Tracking (used by many websites)
  • Google Toolbar
  • Google Desktop Search
  • Google Earth
  • Google Updater (integrated into many applications)
  • Google Picasa

Delete Tracking-Cookies

Tracking-Cookies were invented to observe your surfing behavior. Cookies are small data spies that are stored on your computer while surfing. Cookies enable websites to track much information like how long you remain on a certain web page or what for links you click.

Delete Google-Traces

Find and delete Flash cookies (also known as Super-Cookies), form data, surfing traces and data garbage of Google applications.

Protect your Computer automatically

No need to delete surfing traces manually. The Google Radar is a small application that will permanently look out for Google traces and data garbage on your Computer. The Google Radar starts up with Windows and will keep your system clean automatically.

Note GoogleClean CBE is a special “ComputerBild Edition”. It has all the features of GoogleClean as mentioned above except for Google Radar.

dotTech Advice

I don’t like GoogleClean. Not because it has “bad” features; no, it has some handy good features that, although not unique, raise awareness about some Google services/products that users may not necessarily know otherwise. (Although all information about data collection is explicitly stated for all of Google’s products and services in Google’s privacy policies.) I don’t like it because it is a scare mongering program. Look at the first line of the software description:

Control Google spy functionality.

Seriously? “Spy functionality”? I mean yeah, Google likes to collect and aggregate data (so it can better serve advertisements, I believe), but “spy functionality”? Let me guess: Google is secretly run by a bunch of Communist pigs who are trying to overthrow the free world and data collection is just step one in their master plan to take over the world. The developer of GoogleClean – Abelssoft – basically makes Google products and services sound like malware that is spying on you in order to try to get you to purchase GoogleClean.

It is almost impossible to deactivate some of these spy features manually.

Really? I think not. Most features of Google products/services that collect data can be turned off, although some are harder to turn off than others. If you just take the time to read Google’s privacy policies regarding whatever service or product you are using, you can learn how to turn off whatever you don’t like.

Google exactly knows which websites you visit and what contents you are looking for in the internet.

Yeah… just like Microsoft knows what websites you visit if you use Bing, or Yahoo knows what websites you visit if you use Yahoo. What product are we talking about here? Does Google in general spy on everybody or are we referring to a particular product? If you use Google Picasa does Google know what websites you visit? How about Google Desktop? Google Earth? Oh wait, are they referring to Google Toolbar? Google Toolbar uses the data on what websites you visit to display and gather PageRank data; just like how Alexa toolbar does that for Alexa; just like how WOT add-on does that for WOT; etc. PageRank is a feature of Google Toolbar – users should know about it before they install Google Toolbar, instead of crying wolf when they learn about it after the fact.

I am not trying to defend Google in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Out of all major tech giants, Google is definitely the one that pushes and tests the limits on “privacy” the most and they definitely have done questionable things in the past. I just have a really bad taste in my mouth with how the developer is trying to scare people into buying GoogleClean. It is like users are a damsel in distress being attacked by the big bad dragon Google and GoogleClean is the white knight that is going to save us. Yeah, as if.

That said, there are a some aspects of GoogleClean itself that I dislike such as how it recommends turning off transfer of misspelled URLs to proper URLs in Chrome, scares people with Chrome “browser ID” even though that has been depreciated early in 2010 and even then wasn’t a privacy risk, misleads people into thinking Google is using Google Analytics to collect data about users whereas Google Analytics is a tool used by websites (including dotTech) for analytic and statistical purposes, how it never differentiates whether Google is collecting non-personally identifiable data or personally identifiable data, etc. Furthermore, I noticed that GoogleClean doesn’t always properly identify tracking cookies, listing some non-Google cookies as “Google Tracking Cookies”; and probably the most useful feature of the program, Google Radar, is disabled in the CBE version. Lastly, GoogleClean covers a range of Google products and services but it never informs users about how to opt out of Google cookies, such as the ones related to Google ads, nor does it provide any tips/pointers on how to best use Google’s online services like, Gmail, etc. in regards to privacy.

However, generally speaking GoogleClean does have some handy features; and the scare tactics are definitely tuned down within the program itself with many features being described as being a privacy risks if the computer is shared with other users are opposed to Big Brother Google watching over our shoulders. If you use a lot of Google products, look through the fact sheet displayed under the Software Description above; see if you think you can make use of many of the features. If you can, give GoogleClean a try and see how you like it. If you find you will only use one or two, there is no need to download a whole program for that – there are other ways to achieve most – if not all – of what GoogleClean does. If you don’t use many Google products, don’t waste your time.

Freebie Details

To get GoogleClean CBE for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v3.0.99 “ComputerBild Edition”

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 13.9 MB

  • Visit the promotion page and download GoogleClean CBE.
  • After the download has finished, install GoogleClean CBE. (The installer is in English.)
  • After installation, run GoogleClean CBE. (GoogleClean CBE is in German, but I will show you how to turn it into English.).
  • Once you run GoogleClean CBE, you will be asked to register it. Fill out the form in the top half to be sent a serial key:

  • After you hit OK, the registration window will close and GoogleClean CBE will open. Close it. If you have any browsers window open, you should see a popup in which case you need to click on Program beenden:

If you don’t have any browser windows open, GoogleClean CBE main program window will open – you can just X that out like normal.

  • Go to C:/Program Files/GoogleClean/lang and delete the German language files:

  • Now go and check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. There should be an e-mail from Abelssoft <> with the subject of Abelssoft: Ihr Freischaltcode. In the e-mail you will find your registration code:

Copy the registration code.

  • Run GoogleClean CBE and register it using the code you received via e-mail:

  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting GoogleClean CBE for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • BenAsp

    Bet you’re eating humble pie now that the scales have fallen from your eyes. (And they have, haven’t they?)

    Sorry if I sound harsh but you ask for it with your sarcastic comments about “spy functionality”.

    The funny thing is, for those willing to keep their eyes open, there have been plenty of pointers for a number of years to the connections between Fort Meade and Langley on one side and Mountain View-Googleplex, Seattle etc. on the other.

  • Bernard Ribot

    It seems that GoogleClean don’t recognize Google Earth among my installed Google applications.
    GoogleClean version : 4.0.
    OS : Windows 7 x86

    Bernard Ribot

  • internet explorer

    @internet explorer: I forgot to add that you don’t even have to check your email to get the registration code, as it is now shown on the bottom half of the registration window and all you have to do is click on the German button at the very bottom of that window.

  • internet explorer

    Believe it or not, this offer is still good and it’s even for a newer version, 3.7.109, plus it has several more languages to choose from, but your method of changing from German to English still works just fine. Also, the download size is now 17.4 MB. Thank you for keeping these older posts available for us to find such nuggets. P.S. the program seems to be running OK this time around, so they must have fixed whatever it was causing problems before.

  • Giovanni
  • internetexplorer

    After having now tried this on a second computer, I have come to the following conclusion: GoogleClean must be one of those (thankfully rare) programs that does not like either multi-core (dual or tri) CPUs or else 64-bit Win7. This may be due to some change that has occurred in the program in the past year, such as adding multiple languages, or perhaps some incompatibility with the latest .Net, for example? Anyway, the program is definitely a non-starter (literally) for me, and anyone with a similarly equipped PC may just be wasting your time trying to get this software up and running. A word to the wise, if you know what I mean. Oh, and I should have mentioned that the free offer is still good, surprisingly enough.

  • internet explorer

    Followed your instructions, and everything went fine until I tried to run GoogleClean at the end of it all. It put up a splash screen and opened a process, but nothing happened. Either it’s broken for some reason beyond my pay grade, or else it’s incompatible with 64-bit Win7, so I uninstalled it and put it behind me. Is there a way to find out when they put out a new version as I want to see if I have better luck with that?

  • ted

    thanks Ashraf i followed your instructions and it worked perfect keep up the good work mate

  • Harlan


    It’s Capitalist Pigs (a la George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”) and Commie Stooges (a la every U.S. newspaper in the 1940s and 1950s). Please be more careful in characterizing our Public Enemies.

  • spell

    Citizen makes some very salient points. Add to that google’s utter disdain for privacy laws (there are over a dozen countries currently investigating google on breaches of privacy laws) Then we have the google CEO Eric Schmitd’s insidious remarks labeling anyone who supports online privacy as deviant.
    This, after hypocritically blacklisting CNET for ‘invading his privacy (via google search btw) and later lambasting other websites and newspapers for revealing his ‘private’ extra-marital affairs. The major problem here, is that google has the same questionable company ethics as its CEO!
    There are many highly respected internet pioneers including Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the world wide web) who have publicly criticized google over online privacy issues.
    It is not just a few paranoid net-liberals who are concerned about the surreptitious nature of google, but a growing number of venerable intellectuals.
    I am sure George Orwell would of loved the internet, but also horrified at our lamentable defense of personal freedom and privacy.

  • waynos

    Like Spredo I have also had a strange experience with Google, while at college I opened a John Smith gmail account using my student ID number only to find at the end of the year that Google had accessed the administration computers ( probablly through an Administrator using googles desktop search tool ) and found out my real name and address and sent my throw away gmail to my home PC. This and googles annoying text adds in the middle of paragraphs that you are reading, and the pop ups lead to me investigating all the opt out options only to find you cannot stop google altogether , you can only stop them tailoring the adds to suite your profile. As a user of Windows, an Israeli virtual system, a Chinese back -up prog ,a German back-up prog. I know every one knows everything about me and it can’t be avoided, but I just hate the way google interrupts my internet experience. I also read an interview with someone from the American Dept of Defence saying they will not use google. Anyway Ashraf Im sorry that I block all your adverts as I know they keep Dottech running but I would rather give a donation than accept google adds.

  • Stan

    @Dave: Hi Dave, 09/11 was nine years ago. When you have an administration who bypasses the congress to approve his appointees, works against the majority of the people who put him in office & doesn’t acknowledge or actually ignores our judiciary system when they say you can’t do such and such, It is much different now then it was then. Also the ties between Google as well as other ties to the White House makes me very uncomfortable… say the least.

  • Stan

    Hey Ashraf, I am not sure if your joking when it comes to privacy invasion by google But, I do believe with Google, Net Neutrality & others there is many who want to take U.S. down. We are the biggest obstacle in creating a New World Order. Hopefully the Free Stand Strong. Happy New Year To You & Yours Ashraf as well as the many who are on

  • Jackie

    I just wish Google would get rid of the left Everything sidebar. And the right ad sidebar. That would be Google clean for me.

  • blue

    @Dave: “Google is the least of my concerns.”

    That’s what Chinese citizens thought … until they got thrown in jail with Google’s assistance. Mother Goog is NOT your friend.

    You can’t really escape Google but you can minimize their information. Use FireFox, one of the opt-out extensions for it, and a search scraper like

  • citizen

    It’s not that Google is evil because of all that they know, or that we should fear their “spying”. It’s not even the volumes of data collected, associated, and mined that scares me. Governments are reaching out to the private sector for data and it’s being handed over with far less controls or caution than years ago. Many times just rubber stamped… here you go. That concerns me. And on top of that Governments are building very large databases in an effort to profile individuals because they want to prevent crimes from occuring. That concerns me. But my biggest concern of all is identity protection. There’s all this data out there on individuals that culminate in a profile, and if one is mistaken for someone else it can be really quite difficult or impossible to clear your name.

    So today Google resists the subpoena. Who’s certain what’s happening behind closed doors? Who’s to say what will happen in the future?

    Yes the Internet is a public place, but privacy laws apply… yet people don’t have that expectation. It’s as if they’re thinking, well it’s the internet so we shouldn’t expect lawful protection of our privacy. I disagree. It’s so “public”, i.e. no privacy, because people are utilizing technology and law and social conscience re: privacy haven’t kept up… this is typical and to be expected. I just don’t think we have to maintain a defeatist attitude. We should demand the same protection of privacy laws in the virtual/online world that apply to the real world. Remember, government workers are servants of the people. Yeah I know that’s not always or even often reality, but it is the intent. At least in democratic forms of government.

  • I think people are especially worried about Google spying on all of us because everybody has Google ads:
    Hmmm…. maybe that’s not the best example ;-)

  • Encarnito

    Dear Ashraf, thank you very much for this informative post. And for dotTech.

  • Giovanni

    Ashraf: “Seriously? “Spy functionality”? I mean yeah, Google likes to collect and aggregate data (so it can better serve advertisements, I believe), but “spy functionality”? Let me guess: Google is secretly run by a bunch of Communist pigs who are trying to overthrow the free world and data collection is just step one in their master plan to take over the world”.

    LOL…look at here:

    That’s no funny at all, man!!

    Be wary of Google: BIG(G) BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU without (almost) anyone knowing!!

  • Moseph Joseph

    Thanks for the review, Ashraf! This app does nothing that I can’t do for myself with a little effort, so I will pass; and I use very few Google services anyway. Besides, everyone tracks you on the internet, not just Google – you may as well just unplug your connection if you don’t want to have your internet activities monitored by someone.

    I don’t really care that trackers know I am shopping for size 14 sneakers, but I agree with kcs3295 as far as having information stored on my computer goes. If they want to pay my for using the space, then we can talk!

  • Giovanni

    GREAT FREEBIE Ashraf!!

    However, if I were you, I wouldn’t play down the risks we all are running following the so called “Google Spy Activity”.

    The version that lawmakers (especially in US) is foisting upon naive people crowding the NET nowadays is that governments and corporations should have control over our private information, but the problem is that only the “right” people will be allowed to access it.

    In my humble view both privacy and anonymity are a strong safeguard against totalitarianism, tyranny, oppression, and corruption and must be protected as essential rights at all costs.

    Those who wish to strip the “protections” of a free society such as people’s privacy should be viewed with the greatest suspicion, as you can’t protect the freedom of speech by destroying the basis of a free society (free competition, people’s privacy, free market etc…) for the bloody profit’s sake.

    For this reason I strongly believe that we should have many quality search engines out there besides GOOGLE that actually believe in protecting our privacy rights rather than selling our “habits” and “tastes” to big corporation and Public Bodies as instead GOOGLE does on a daily basis.

    Because of this policy, PRIVACY on the web is increasingly under attack day by day, as our searches and websites visits are recorded and combined into personal and behavioral profiles by the major search engines such as GOOGLE whose multibillionaire business is to send this sensitive data to corporations and ads agency.

    In fact, as you should know, while you are searching something on the the internet, these engines register the time of your searches, the terms you used, the sites you visited and your IP address that makes it possible to trace your computer or even the household that carried out the search.

    And in most cases people are completely UNAWARE of this kind of threat while surfing the net…tha’s the problem!!!

    Don’t get me wrong!! I don’t hate Google but I do think we need to support alternatives as don’t like the idea that our every Internet activity may be tracked by only one search engine in the world every bloody day 24-hour-round-the-clock…LOL!

    This is the real battle that everybody in the world should pursuit for the (real) freedom’s sake.

    So if I were in your shoes I’d be much more worried about this tricky matter !!!

    Take a peep at these articles:

    ==> Close relationship between GOOGLE and CIA:

    ==> Google’s plans for world domination


    So if, for some reasons, you don’t want to download this SW, I recommend you at least to install 2 Firefox Addons called BETTER PRIVACY and IXQUICK PRIVACY SEARCH ENGINE, to make sure your sensitive data will never fall in wrong hands while using search engines:

    I also recommend you using the HTTPS version of IXQUICK, which means the web pages you visit are encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.

    Ixquick is a meta-engine, so it searches other search engines and uses AES-256 bit high grade encryption, which is very impressive indeed!

    And say bye bye to GOOGLE “spying” online activity once and for all….LOL!!

    Hope this helps!

    Alternatively you can also use Hidemyass Anonymous Google Search Engine service which is in my view very effective indeed:

    Happy New Year from Italy!!

  • David Roper

    I am in step with Ashraf. I don’t like the term used either.

  • Anemainame

    Thanks Ashraf! As always, an unbiased review.
    And Happy New Year!

  • Harry Callahan, Sr.

    So called marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over my lifetime and at the expense of privacy, but not just on the internet. Marketing departments have been figuring out how to track customer buying habits long before the internet was used. If we lock down our browsers and PCs with all the privacy security needed to prevent this it would slow things down so radically it would take 5 minutes just to load my home page. I prefer to not put anything out there I wouldn’t want the entire world to know about. I just remember, the internet is a public place.

    Happy New Year to Ashy and everyone,


  • spredo

    Is Google evil?
    I don’t know, and I really do not care. That much, anyway.

    On the other hand, I recently got an email from Linkedin, asking if I wanted to connect to what they believed could be interesting people for me to be connected to.

    I am on Linkedin to be connected, so I was not surprised to receive an email like this. What surprised me, was the fact that most of the suggested “contacts” was not someone I had any real connection to whatsoever. The only connection I had to these people was the fact that I had googled them all about a month ago. I googled a lot of people because of some research I was doing, and for some reason, all the ones I googled that had a Linkedin account was suggested to me as “new contacts”.

    Does this scare me? No, not really, but it DOES annoy me. I know a lot of data about me is recorded when I search, surf, yeah, almost if i THINK about the Internet. This is just part of the game. But it did feel annoying to get some of that information thrown back in my face as some sort of “service”.

    (And yes, as soon as I heard about it, I did click the “do not track my searches”-button in google. A long time ago. Not that I really thought they would stop tracking me, but I did have a small hope they would. And the email, to me at least, proves they are still tracking as hard as they can).

    I’ll give this program a try, but I do not have the greatest hopes that it will erase my tracks from the Internet. And as I have already stated several times, I do not really care either, there are so many ways to track us anyway, so…

  • kcs3295

    The way I feel about any website and their storing of data on my pc is…..the pc is mine – not a server for their data or any search engine. What I look at including their ads is ok. I’ve begun to use browsers other than Firefox due to excessive script & ad blocking meaning the websites are less attractive.

    I pay an ISP for their service and I know websites have untold expenses and work that too many people will never understand and most don’t care. Also, I very much appreciate this website and valuable info. In fact, based on Ashraf’s advise and evaluations – I will not even bother to download a give-away program including GATD. They are in need of serious evaluations and help.

    Just too many sneaky ways to place info on someone’s pc – new hidden ways being continually discovered by the people who visit various sites. Patrons boost the value of a website like a hit counter, subscribing as a member, and posts – this reflects activity and success. That makes legitimate money in the long run.

    So I’m in the process of building and setting up 2 identical pc’s just for web surfing and going with the virtualization method, meaning if one pc is down by virus and other despicable methods from surfing – then I have a duplicate standing by. Collect my IP address – it’s static & I don’t hide it. I will click your links to hopefully bring you revenue. But don’t use my pc to conduct your business to make money, where some collect and sell everything including their granny if they could.


  • chuck

    Happy New Year Ashraf! The software aside,this is one of your best efforts as a reviewer/writer to date.Though I’m not always in agreement,your candor,honesty,and perspective are well received and appreciated by this loyal follower.Looking forward to my next “heads up” email.Be well,and God bless

  • newJason

    I forgot to mention how interesting it is that on the Google Clean site, There is a right column Ad about 4×4 inches for GOOGLE . And his site has a button to bookmark ot to google. LOL.
    It reminds me of a guy who started a site called clearwiresucks do t co m where he would complain endlessly about clearwire’s services, yet when asked dierectly who his IP was, he admmitted it was still clearwire, and the “get Clearwire serive now” Ad’s all over his site were kinda strange to me. Yet I read that he used the Ad’s revenue to pay to keep his site up and “free”. lol.
    Sometimes I wonder if these kinda sites and programs are actually brilliant marketing schemes by clear or google. either way it’s all so very odd.

  • belacan

    TRY this add on for Google Chrome..’Click&Clean’..i hope u all like this a little application,powerfull and easy to use.

    Scan your PC for Malware
    – Delete your browsing history,
    – Remove download history,
    – Erase temporary files,
    – Clear cookies and Empty cache,
    – Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
    – Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
    – Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity,
    – Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space, icluding secure file deletion using external applications, like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner.
    – Watch flash videos offline, without being connected to the Internet!

  • newJason

    It is no secret that google’s intentions are to have it’s fingers in Every web page and every application and to act as a “cloud” over the entire web, absorbing and collecting data. Google’s CEO said it himself a few years ago. I’d say they are well on the way to accomplishing that. Website owners like analitical stats, and applicaton developers like to be able to put their app where it’s potential users are. It’s a demand driven market. As far as spying goes, If you have gmail or whatever g-tool is your favorite, you give up your annonimimity in trade for a great free tool. GoogleClean does nothing that can not be done with your browser settings and or a tool like advanced system care. But then again, I suppose it is easier to get a “why google is evil for dummies” than for a dummie to actually learn about what thier broswer and browsing can or can not do. I admit, reading and understanding the IE8 help file for a casual computer user is probably a excersise in futility, but, if you dont know what you are using, and how to use it, why would you be on the net anyway?
    I guess it’s a developing niche to bash companies who are sucessfull. I mean, why should only they make all the money? hmmm

  • Hi Ashraf,

    Happy New Year, good health, much love and friendship and anything your hearth desires for 2011 (and beyond…) to you and everyone else here!

    There has been so much ado about security issues with Google/Chrome and some other Google products that I’m losing trace (or rather, have lost track already a couple of months ago…)

    Can I find a comprehensive (preferably centralised and update) list or site on this subject somewhere?
    I think that may be a very interesting resource for lots and lots of people. Surely something of this kind must exist online but I haven’t found anything so far.And of course, I may have overlooked the obvious…

    Any ideas anyone?

    Many thanks!

    PS: I have also questions about Wolram Alpha site and related stuff, but that will be for some future post in another section…

  • Emrys

    First, thank you Ashraf for yet another service that many might find useful. Even if you don’t like it, being a tool to use just what is in the EULA, lesser members of your following can benefit from your hard work. (Like me). If I chose to. I don’t. If Google is the root of internet Evil, than I must be a Dark Lord of the Sith. Really, if anybody has that many privacy concerns, you’d better quit browsing those unsavory sites. Next, ok, you swear off Google. Who you gonna call? Bing? Ive looked at “safe” search sites and they are slow and weak and usually rely on Google for results. Your readers may shoot me at dawn, but I still am with you and Locutus.

  • rebula7

    HAPPY 2011 TO ALL

  • acr

    I uninstalled it. I think most of what Google Clean does can also be accomplished by other programs. GC seemed to be very intrusive when loading up- my Online Armor firewall/HIPS went crazy. Maybe GC has to be so intrusive to perform correctly? Maybe that’s because of how deep Google gets in a system? Beats me…but I’ll stick with CCleaner and a few other programs.

  • Dave

    ….Right after 9-11. TimeWarner/AOL, Bell’s, Verizon, AT&T, Yahoo, etc., all turned over to government their databases and files for anyone and everyone without so much as a warrant. Google said no, take us to court and they won, which is why I have been a Google fan since. They all trace and track, while Google is the least of my concerns.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Have you all watched the documentary –
    sarah connor chronicles
    It warns us to watch out for the creation of –
    I don’t think Google is it.
    PS There is a share trading program that scans all news releases, etc, and picks up on key words, etc.
    It then decides itself, to execute Trades on the Stock Exchange.
    That is something that should be banned.

  • Phil Kennedy

    If you don’t like it, why post it ?
    Appreciate the “make your OWN mind up” attitude, though.