Microsoft introduces Windows 8 (!) at CES 2011

Okay before all you Windows fanboys pee in your pants, Apple fanboys scoff at Microsoft’s next failure, and Linux fanboys hammer out a wordy condemnation of closed-source software, let me say this: The title of this article is a little bit very misleading. Microsoft didn’t actually introduce a fully functional Windows 8, nor did they even call it Windows 8. Rather, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Microsoft showed off the “future version of Windows” with the “current Windows [Windows 7] user interface” demonstrating Windows 8’s “system on chip” capabilities. Confused? A video is worth ten thousand words:

(Note: The above video is an eight minute clip I extracted out of Microsoft’s hour long keynote speech.)

So what does this all mean (aside from the fact that Steve Ballmer apparently has an appreciation for beautiful hardware)? What is all this “system on chip” mumbo jumbo? Without going into too many technical details, it means Apple smartphones and tablets are going to take over the world.

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