Free jv16 PowerTools 2011! [48 hours only!]

Software Description

jv16 PowerTools 2011 is a great freebie.  Here’s what Macecraft, the makers of jv16 PowerTools, has to say about their flagship product:

Key Features

  • Cleans and fixes your computer
  • Uninstalls software and gets rid of all the left-overs
  • Optimizes Windows
  • Improves your safety by detecting potentially dangerous files
  • Improves your privacy
  • Recovers deleted files
  • Safe to use – automatic backup feature and numerous additional safety features
  • Multilingual user interface

dotTech Advice

Although Ashraf has never formally reviewed jv16 PowerTools, he has never been shy about showing how much he likes it:

Although never formally reviewed on dotTech, jv16 PowerTools is among the top-tier when it comes to system cleaning, maintenance, and optimization utilities. jv16 PowerTools is what I like to call a “focused” system utility. Instead of including a wide spectrum of tools, like some other system utility programs out there, jv16 PowerTools focuses on system cleaning, maintenance, and optimization features which range from registry management to privacy cleaning and everything in between.

Freebie Details

Version being given out for free: v2.0

Free updates: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000+

Download size: 9.5MB

Giveaway time frame: 48 hours


Download and install jv16 PowerTools 2011 like normal.   You’ll be walked through a multiple-step setup process at the end of which the program will restart.

Then download and extract the license file. It should contain a simple license.xbin file.  Just put this file onto your desktop for it to be detected automatically.  You may have to restart the program.

In what has to be one of the easiest giveaways ever, you now have a working copy of jv16 Powertools!  It’s a great find and an even better freebie.

[via Freebiest]

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  • tuiruru

    @vika6: My situation exactly. I’ve given up on it – got better things to do with my time, especially considering the posts since my last one. 2010 worked so i’ll stick with that ’till next time!

    Now I’ve got to let SWMBO tell me all about THE WEDDING!!@&*

  • jayesstee

    There are also good reviews out there as well. See the Bruce Fraser post above about motives. On the other hand, some reviewers talk up rubbish software.
    All I can say is that I regularly used jv16 Power Tools 2009 from December 2010, then jv16 Power Tools 2010 from February 2011 and jv16 Power Tools 2011 since April 4, 2011. I rate it highly.
    Note, it is worth downloading the 82 page (PDF) manual. How many paid-for applications offer this?
    My advice is: make sure you set a restore point, install and explore!

  • Sunny

    I am concerned at the number of bad reviews given to jv16 PowerTools.
    Have a gander at this Softpedia page and see what you make of it.,.html

    If these reviews are genuine, then there are a lot of bugs in the program that haven’t yet been ironed out. Some people appear pretty angry about this software.

    In contrast to the other major optimiser programs out there, jv16 gets a very bad rap.

  • Sputnik

    I have just uninstalled the 2011 version to reinstall the 2010 version.

    jv16 2011 was unable to perform the cleaning after the scan.

  • vika6

    @ Blue
    Why you recommend 2010 version of TuneUp Utilities – is it superior over 2011 ?

  • vika6

    I also got an alert from Comodo Firewall about a shellcode injection from a buffer overflow and am not able to run the program (Comodo refuses it to run).
    I didn`t have this kind of problem with 201o version.
    What should I do ? Is it serious or false positive ?

  • Blue

    @Johnmw1: JV16 has been around forever and it is completely clean of malware. Granted, it does do some odd things with initial program startup that could cause ill-mannered security programs to crash/give false alerts/otherwise freak out but what it is doing is not malicious.

    That doesn’t mean that JV16 is a *good* choice; just not malicious

  • Blue

    IMHO, the 2010 version of Tune Up Utilities that’s being given away is a much better choice.

  • redmaledeer

    @Bruce Fraser: I second this comment. This site looked fishy to me for exactly the reasons mentioned.

  • Hatman

    Thanks. Cool.
    Activation Instructions
    Note: There is no need to open the license file, just save it to your computer. Your computer will not be able to open the license file, this is normal.
    1. Open the downloaded license file and place the license file on the desktop.
    2. Start jv16Power Tools. If you don’t have it installed.
    3. From the Main menu select “Help” and than “License Tool”.
    4. Click “Install a new license” and go to the desktop file licence.xbin and select the licence file.

  • Waqar

    Because Ashraf has not personally used this product, I googled for reviews and found this page which is unflattering for this software:

  • tuiruru

    @Locutus: Thanks Loctus

  • @tuiruru: Here’s what the press release says:

    This extraordinarily versatile program includes utilities for encryption, privacy management, system optimization, file and directory management and data security. Additionally, jv16 Power Tools 2011 has significantly improved the performance standards of both its registry cleaner and software uninstaller, and has added many features not found in prior versions.

    “We have made a number of highly useful additions to the software,” said Faisal Habib, spokesman for Macecraft USA. “We truly believe that our latest version is the best optimization and tune-up utility suite on the market today.”

    Existing customers can take advantage of a special offer to purchase the new jv16 Power Tools 2011 for the discounted price of $5.95, no matter which prior version they’re using. “The regular price will be $29.95 for first-time buyers,” according to Mr. Habib, “which is still a tremendous value for a product of this quality.”

    According to Mr. Habib, users of jv16 Power Tools 2011 will experience an improvement in the overall stability of their computers, which keeps computers running faster, smoother and error-free. More details on the features of the new release can be found at

  • tuiruru

    In my case it was when I tey to run the program for the fist time (just done it again without downloading the PDF’s (last option on the install prompt. The first couple of times the end of the download of the pdf’s and the program runnin first meant it was difficult to see which had caused it.

    I’ve got the 2010 version with no problems – what does this version offer that’s better/new? So is it worth my while wasting time with it?

  • @Anthony: Other than the fact that it’s widely acclaimed to be just about the best in the business, no 8)

    @naf: Most every complaint everywhere is that it’s too complicated, except for a few that say it messed up their computers. For a tool with so many functions, though, how would you make it look nicer?!

    @jbyrdmor: It’s never been dirty before, and both I and Ashraf know this developer is clean, so it’s probably a false positive.

    @Art: Does it crash on the installation, or on the program load?
    @Johnmw1: What’s giving the positive results, the key file, the installer, or the finished product?

  • Roland

    Had the 2010 version licensed under TipRadar. Just install this and it automatic used the same license. So I just deleted the older version and everything is fine. Thanks for this.

  • Johnmw1

    Must admit to having issues with it also. Was immediately informed from Immunet Protect that there were 2 breaches of security in the form of W32 something or other, and it also crashed my PC.

    I have never had problems using previous versions of this software and have always thought highly of it, so not sure of what gives this time around?

  • @Al LIPSKY:
    My bad problem solved

  • aqua

    license is smaller in size than other licenses,,but well at the botton of the program it askes me to ad exclussion in my antivirus program..
    when i put the tipradar license back…””no messages like above”

  • Been using Iobit’s version. Don’t see any reason to chenge. Thanks, to…

  • aggio5

    Great tool. Used JV16 2009, JV16 2010 and will use 2011 for sure. Thanks for this free version.
    One advise: use it with care and it helps a lot.

  • jayesstee

    I downloaded this last time it was offered as a freebie (from TipRadar). Like all this of type programs, you have to take care:
    However jv16 PowerTools 2011 often offers the option to back up items being removed, I not tried this yet, but it does give some confidence.
    The jewel in its crown for me is the “Registry Finder” under “Registry Tools”. This allows for a search on multiple words, very useful when getting rid of the remnants of an uninstalled program. Yes I do use Revo and Ashampoo Uninstallers and CCleaner, but they still leave the odd one or ten items behind.
    I would rate this as a “must have” together with “TweakNow PowerPack 2011”.

  • Sputnik

    Thanks to naf for its link to fileforum : there, the comment of carlvui is very percussive.

    Personally I think that there are very good ideas under this software, but there are a very poor ergonomics and visual conception.

    So, the developper should try first to achieve a better product under these aspects and repair all the bugs before doing anything new.

    Maybe he should associates with a good graphic designer, there is a big problem there : surfing through the various windows of this software gives us the impression that we deal with different softwares.

    I have been working for many years in the printing industry and I know that the visual regularity is really fundamental in order to achieve a good visual presentation.

  • Art

    4x Now and no joy ????????????????????

  • Art

    Have downloaded this 2x and in both instanced this crashes before loading, am now downloading for the third time but am not hopeful that this will load up OK.
    This within the given time frame of 48 hrs.


  • Theo

    Read what Anthony above says, he’s got a valid question. Someone should answer his question. Also, do you really want a program that causes “buffer overflow”?

  • o(o.o)o

    I normally shy away from utilities that offer registry cleaning. I don’t get the logic behind cleaning/deleting say a hundred registry entries to speed up the computer considering that a typical Windows install has tens of thousands of registry entries?

    This might be a good utility though for cleaning temp files and the like.

  • S66

    Sorry got it sorted. Something went wrong but downloaded another licence.

  • Rick C.

    @ Doug, I would have to agree with Bruce Fraser on this, as when i went to softwareindustryreport web site… W.O.T. Blocked it stating… Trustworthiness -Very poor, Vendor reliability- Very poor, Privacy- Very poor, and finally, Child safety – Very poor. Does anyone have SiteAdvisor or SafeWeb or LinkExtend so that we know what they say. Thanks

  • S66

    It says trial limitation in effect- 60 days left. Is it a trial freebie only?

  • jbyrdmor

    So what’s the final word on the “possible” buffer overflow attack alert from Comodo Firewall that I also get when I try to start the program after installation? Is this something like a “false positive” and I should “skip” (ignore) it?

  • MrLasky

    I started using this program years ago (20+?) when it was free, and have been a BIG fan
    ever since.

  • naf

    Most users gave this version bad reviews for creating problems n their computer. Read the reviews at:

  • Anthony

    How is this better then the free Auslogics registry cleaner and disk defrag. And, why would I want this over Revo Uninstaller and CCleaner? Is it better then those?

  • James Blue

    Same thing happened to me.

  • I’m too late this time Locutus.
    Best regards.

  • Bruce Fraser


    Actually, I would use the “” website with caution! This is a thinly disguised ad for competing software, which aims to scare people away from using jv16PowerTools. They “review” software in other areas, and somehow always manage to end up finding their own — otherwise unheard of — product as the editor’s choice. What a laugh!

    Look for serious reviewers of software, and you will find near-unanimous acclaim for jv16.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you for the Giveaway :-)

  • Michael

    I had previously downloaded the 2010 version from the last promo given on this website. Since then, I have completely fallen in love with this program. In less than 3 months since I installed it, I have already used it over 40 times and it has immensely helped me clean up my registry junks and help my laptop run smoothly and faster. Of all the free and commerical registry toolboxes out there, I find this to be the best and most thorough specialized registry cleaner. So naturally I downloaded this latest version.

    Thanks guys at for sharing this awesome program!!! This program rocks!

  • tuiruru

    Have two Previous versions of this software which did no do this.

    Has it happened to anyone else. I’m using Vista SP2 with what I thing is the latest version of Comodo Firewall Free

  • tuiruru

    It Produced an alert from Comodo Firewall about a shellcode injection from a buffer overflow. Comodo refuses to let it run. Tried install again – same result. Will now uninstall with Revo and wind back to the Restore Point I set before starting

  • Thamza

    Thanks Locutus. This is in deed a great find. Cheers!

  • Merlin

    Works well. Good stuff, thank you.

  • Anon

    Looks interesting. Thank You! :)