[New dotTech Feature] Have a freebie, program, website, service, etc. you want to share with the world? Now you can through dotTech’s Community Content section!

Here on dotTech we have a forum where users can share information regarding programs, websites, freebies, etc. However, many posts on the forums go unnoticed, regardless of how good the freebie/program/website/etc. may be. Therefore, I have decided to introduce a new section on dotTech: Community Content.

The idea behind Community Content is to allow dotTechies to share information with other dotTechies, without being limited to the forums. Any submission to the Community Content part of dotTech will appear like a regular blog post on dotTech’s homepage. All Community Content articles will be clearly marked with a [CC] in the title, and full credit will be given to the person submitting the article.

The rules of Community Content are simple…

All submissions must be in English, no advertisements, no fake reviews, or self promotion. No illegal, adult, or offensive content either. In regards to freebies, keep them legit. For security purposes, no images or videos are allowed on user submissions. You may, however, provide links as you please.

…and the best part is, you don’t even have to register on dotTech to submit an article!

So, be part of the community – publish your own article on dotTech today!

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