[CC] Power Scheme Switcher for Win 7

Do you use more than one power plan?  I normally use Power Saver, knowing that the computer will switch off the monitor, then the hard disk, then go to sleep and eventually go into hibernation if I get called away or distracted.

However, when carrying out computer intensive activities, i.e. video rendering, disk imaging – anytime I don’t want the computer to shutdown,  I use High Performance.

Up to recently, to change the power plan required me to open the Control Panel, then Power Options, and then select the required plan.  Now I have found a free gadget which the Developer claims:

– Shows the active power plan with an icon and a tool tip in the system try

– Right click the icon to get the list of available plans and change it

– Lists all plans even the user defined ones

– Always updates status even when the plan is changed externally

– The list is always updated with latest additions/removals

– Automatic management of power scheme depending on the power line AC/battery

– Set a plan when Battery Life % is less than a value

The application is only for Win 7 and is in beta, but I have used it fairly intensively for the last 5 weeks with absolutely no problems.

I can only strongly recommend it.  It can be found at:


Note: It needs no registration and there is no hint of a donation request.  The guy has produced a neat little program and deserves support.  Go have look!

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  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: Yup, power management on a Desk Top! For the reasons given in my original [CC] above!!

    @Weylin: Way to go man! Stick up for the Desk Top users!!

  • Mike

    @Ashraf: Like you, I have wanted to have both High Performance and Power Saver modes accessible via the Notification Area battery icon, but alas, it does not seem possible with Win7 alone. When I looked into the issue earlier, I found out, if I recall correctly, that the icon will only show 2 modes and 1 of them is immovably set to Balanced mode. Another one of those, “why the heck did Microsoft do that?” moments.

  • weylin

    Thank you for this tiny tool. I switch power plans often (on my desktop) from always on to my extreme power saver plan. This makes it much more convenient.
    Good to see you back Ashraf!

  • Ashraf

    @Refpeuk: This is true. But that is just a pain, although a one-time pain. I guess it comes down download a program vs setting it yourself. Although, I must admit, not too many people know this fact… sounds article worthy.

    @RedJ: Yes, but those specific settings don’t change the nature of the power plan. In other words, for example, you can customize the screen to dim at different times depending on if you are on power or battery, but high performance will still be high performance. That said, however, your point still stands: If you go to “Change advanced power settings” you can customize the same profile to do two different things depending on what type of power you are using (just like Refpeuk said).

    @jayesstee: I’m sorry you lost me. What do you mean don’t use flash laptops? Are you saying you use power management on desktops?

    Oh and you are welcome! Feel free to submit tips as you please.

  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: What battery Icon? Some of us don’t use flash Laptops! What I use for a PC is probably only good as a “door stop” for you. :=D
    I stand corrected about the “alpha/beta” status – don’t know why I thought it was “beta”. I probably wouldn’t have risked if I had realized, however it seems to be stable. The author has contacted me and says that he is planning to update in the near future – presumably making it compatible with earlier Windows versions?
    Finally thanks for the promotion to the “front page”, I am humbled (almost).

  • RedJ

    @Refpeuk: @Ashraf: @Ashraf:
    @Refpeuk: @Ashraf:
    Not sure why several people have said the Win7 doesn’t natively allow for different power plans depending on whether on battery or plugged in. Open Power Options, then click “Change plan settings” next to any profile and you get “On Battery” and “Plugged in” variations for the profiles. I am running Ultimate, but have to assume this is available in all flavors or Win7.

  • You could always press Win-X and change it there.

    Also, Windows 7 doesn’t allow for automatic changing of power plans depending on whether you are plugged in or not, but it does let you customize the plans to do different things depending on whether or not you are connected to AC.

    I like to leave my laptop on balanced; but I customized the plan to work like high-performance when plugged in, and even more efficient than the default power saver when running on battery.

  • Emrys

    @ Ashraf…Thanks for your comment and a hearty welcome back. You have been sorely missed, and the website has been a little bleak without you. I just got a Win7 machine and I love it. Power is no problem, but a brief overview of Win7 from you would be of great interest to many. Be well…

  • Ashraf

    I am not too sure why you are always going to Control Panel, but you should be able to easily switch between power profiles by clicking on the battery icon in your system tray.

    That said, though, this program is still very useful. For one, for the life of my I cannot figure out how to get “High Performance” and “Power Saver” (my two most used profiles) to show up in the popup at the same time when I left-click the battery icon in the system tray. “Balanced” seems to always be there and it won’t budge, so I can either get “Balanced” and “Power Saver” or “Balanced” and “High Performance”.

    Furthermore, I really love how this program has the ability to change profiles based on if you are running on battery or plugged in. This feature alone makes this a must-have. I don’t know why Microsoft didn’t include such a feature in Windows natively.

    Lastly, I just want to point out this program hasn’t been updated since December. So while I am not sure when it will come out of “Alpha”, if it works right now… who cares.

    Good find!