[CC] Free Steganos Privacy Suite 12!

Update: The freebie is actually Steganos Privacy Suite 12, not Steganos Security Suite 12. My bad.

The following is the description of Steganos Privacy Suite 12, as per the developer:

Premium security — privacy you can trust

  • Working on a PC or laptop that’s connected to the internet offers lots of advantages. But there are plenty of disadvantages too. Our laptops, USB sticks and CDs help transport documents, photos and movies all over the world. But what happens if a stranger gets a hold of the data on your hardware?
  • The risks: USB sticks with irreplaceable vacation photos can fall out of pockets. DVDs that contain personal financial information get lost all the time. Laptops with e-mails, contact info and calendars can be accidentally left behind in taxis.
    All your passwords are neatly stored on an Excel sheet. But unprotected documents leave you vulnerable to data thieves.
  • You’ve deleted all the data on a PC you plan to sell. But did you know that someone could easily reconstruct the data you thought was gone forever?

The solution is Steganos Privacy Suite™ 12.

  • Safes: Locks and encrypts documents, photos and your e-mail post office in a virtual data safe. Secures USB sticks, CDs and DVDs when on the go.
    Password Manager: Organizes and manages all of your passwords and access information. All securely encrypted, of course. Supports Drag and Drop, or fills out website forms automatically.
  • Shredder: Shreds unwanted data permanently—cannot be reconstructed by data recovery applications.
  • Plus: E-mail and web favorites encryption functions, trace destructor and Steganography.

Complement your firewall and antivirus software with a first-rate data protection and encryption system.

A detailed list of Steganos Privacy Suite 12 features can be found at the features page.

Typically Steganos Privacy Suite 12 could cost $69.95. However, for a limited time, it is available for free! Simply visit the promotion page and enter your e-mail address. (Be sure to untick the checkbox if you don’t want e-mails from Steganos.) Then check the inbox of the e-mail you entered and an e-mail from Steganos GmbH (no-reply@steganos.com) will contain your registration serial number and download link:

Simply download and install the program; then register it with the product code provided in the e-mail. The promotion is in German but the program is in English.

Thanks Godel for informing me about this freebie.

[via TipRadar]

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  1. guest

    Ashra, don’t worry about the name to much – it seems that even the company itself is rather unsure about it. :) They switched between “security” and “privacy” several times with previous versions – but actually it is the same product!

  2. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    Quick update: The freebie is actually of Steganos Privacy Suite 12, not Steganos Security Suite 12. My bad, I messed up the names. The features shown above, however, are the correct ones for Steganos Privacy Suite 12.

  3. Jeania


    :) of course, now…get to work ;) nah, i’ll be w/o net for a while, moving.. but, eventually mister! ^^

    Erm, I didn’t try it, I’m not going to switch out something that works great with something that’s not 100% all there.. and I didn’t mean the instructions, i meant the advertisement ^^

    And A lot of software still say security suite, unless i’m mistaken lol

  4. Tony

    Hi Ashraf,
    You are absolutely right about open-source softwares, but this one is convienient for me
    and beside I don’t have greater need for a more secure one. I somewhat agreed with Jeanie that they need
    to improve the English instructions.
    I believe the right term is Steganos PRIVACY suite (” Security suite” is an old term, no longer used)

  5. Jeania

    @Ashraf: Yeah, i was thinking it didn’t look the greatest, but part of it is the description they have of themselves.. it seemed really erm.. i don’t know how to put it but they def need to work on their advertisements, someone needs to be fired lmao

    And aye, was thinking that.. and i love Outpost, they actually found 3 backdoor trojans last year in my computer that Kapersky only could tell there was one but couldn’t isolate it, trend couldn’t find it, online armor etc, but outpost nailed them dead on the spot.. sadly it was too late to to do anything about it (was purchased software that was infected) but, still rocked

    I love reading your opinions on stuff, gotta tell ya i take it with more then a grain of salt. So, thank you :)

  6. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    @Jeania: I’m not that impressed. That is not to say it is a bad program; rather, all what this program does can be done with free or open-source software. Plus when it comes to encryption, open-source is the standard.

  7. Ashraf
    Mr. Boss

    Yes, I know. Technically I’m not a “Guest Author”. I just figured since this article is, more or less, community content since a dotTechie informed me about it so I can post it as such.