[CC] Use Disable Startup to monitor and control what runs at Windows startup

(Sorry in advance for my bad English.)

I looked for a software warning of any attempt to add something at the Windows startup. I first fall (without hurting me) on  “Startup Guard“, but after a while I must note that it consumes lots of CPU on Win XP – sp3. I was therefore obliged to seek further and found “Disable Startup“.

Disable Startup is a freeware tool for protecting Windows startup from changes:

Disable Startup is a free startup manager and monitoring program, it can scan all Windows Startups on your computer, and monitor all new startup items, helps you control, manage and optimize Windows Startup configuration.

Additionally, it helps you prevent homepage hijacking:

Disable Startup can also monitor the start page of Internet Explorer; stop any change that you don’t know.

Housed in the Windows taskbar and consuming virtually no CPU, you will only notice the presence of this small program (installed, it takes up only 1.51 MB) when it shows a popup window to inform you about a change and asks you what to do.

This software is designed for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32 bits and 64 bit); I don’t know if it works with Windows 7.

One last important thing to note: The way to access the settings of Disable Startup is by clicking on the icon in the tasbkar. It is as simple as that!

I’m sure some of you have already another solution to this problem (I’m listening) but I hope this tip helps some others.

Disable Startup Homepage: http://www.disablestartup.com/

Disable Startup Download Link: http://www.softsea.com/download/Disable-Startup.html

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  • Mario

    @prema, I’ve used Soluto but on my machine, running Vista Home Premium, I had a problem : for all programs that I asked to load later, that NEVER happened, that is, Soluto was not able to load any delayed launch of a software at a later time. It treated all delayed launch as a no launch at all. I could live with that launching some software manually at a later time and not delaying other. BUT, when I un-installed it, by mistake I must say, it NEVER returned some software. Some programs were not being loaded anymore – they were just taken out of the start up sequence, although Soluto info was that it would return all software to the state prior to Soluto. As this is a beta software I would not use it anymore. Does anyone else had these problems?

  • @MikeR
    … Also, I’ve not used the right term : “the program doesn’t block processes…” in the place of “…stop processes…”.

  • @MikeR
    I saw this in the help of WinPatrol to go :

    “Configuring Startup Programs

    button “Monitor”
    This button allows you to configure how frequently Scotty checks the Startup Programs list for changes. You can set this frequency in minutes, and even set it to 0 minutes to disable checking of the Startup Programs list entirely.”

  • Ruchir

    Not a good software to write about.No Windows 7 is no software.Many free alive softwares like Startuped free from Outertech,even Ashampoo startup tuner,rated 4.5 by CNET and free.Winpatrol is a necessity.no comparison there.And a good firewall looks into startups and more like Zonealarm free and Security suites.Not being cynical but much better alternatives and many there but not many excellent ones.Best combination maybe a good AV+Zonealarm and Winpatrol and maybe Anvir as well but Anvir interface is too clumsy,not very friendly,even false detections like K-Meleon was recognized as a spyware

  • MikeR

    @Jeanjean: WinPatrol is a live monitor and alert system. If it detects an activity it doesn’t recognise, it tells you. Er, that’s it. I don’t understand your remark about it only functioning at a specific time????? You’re correct though in that WinPatrol doesn’t suddenly stop an app or service from running because it thinks that’s the right thing to do — nor would I ever trust my computer’s well-being to a third-party program which made decisions which I, as the user, should be doing myself.

  • Thank you all for your encouragement.

    Without denigrating the quality of WinPatrol (I have the free portable version on the PC), I understand that the program doesn’t stop processes but checks the list of programs at the time specified by you (in minutes !) and then warns of a change. Am I wrong ?

    Anvir Task Manager seems better about this point, but is a big consumer of RAM and CPU in certain circumstances (dixit Ashraf).

    As for the comparison of the two with Startup Delayer, the portable version of Win Patrol having not this possibility I have not yet been able to test it (but I will not fail to do so with the installer version).

  • MikeR

    JeanJean: your command of the English language is a damn sight better than my tenuous grasp of any language. So don’t apologise for anything: you’re doing just fine with one of the most difficult and nuanced languages out there.

    Re Disable Startup and, possibly, its teaming with Startup Delayer. I think you’ll find that Bill Pytlovany’s WinPatrol is the Godfather of all such apps: the longest-established, the most respected, and with a global user base that feeds back to Bill to allow him to continue to improve and refine.

    WinPatrol monitors and alerts just as Disable Startup does. WinPatrol allows items to be disabled or deleted from start-up (disabling is safer.) WinPatrol allows delayed start-up of whatever you might care to choose. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, really: this little app has considerable depth to it, hidden behind a deceptive simplicity.

    Finally. . . only WinPatrol has Bill’s little black Scottie dog, ready to ‘woof’ a warning (if you happen to have your PC speakersd turned on.)

    Whilst I generally subscribe to the view that Jack-of-all-Trades software isn’t as effective a solution as dedicated apps for dedicated tasks (hence my wariness of all those much-vaunted ‘suites’ out there that do everything from registry cleaning to making coffee) I find WinPatrol’s comprehensiveness — and simplicity — makes redundant the need for any pairing of apps such as Disable Startup and Startup Delayer. Unusually for something that was the first in its field, WinPatrol is still — in my experience — the best.

  • @ Ashraf : I don’t mind. In fact, I was hoping on your intervention if you decided to publish. Thanks.
    @Bruce : I use Startup Delayer too. But it does not warn you and don’t stop the process waiting for your decision. In some circonstances, it will thus be too late.

  • cassius

    Years ago, Mike Lin wrote two small programs that are worth having. One pops up whenever a program tries to insert itself into your startup. You get to say “yes” or “no.” When you run the other, it shows what programs run at startup (there are several locations where startups may be). You can uncheck the check boxes for those you don’t want to run when you boot. If you change your mind, you can recheck them. Find these at http://www.mlin.net/ .

  • Bruce

    There are some useful capabilities here, but I do dislike any program that thinks it has the right to put things on my taskbar or anywhere else, without my permission. And definitely no toolbars!

    A very useful and somewhat related (free) program that I use is called Startup Delayer, and that name is a bit of an understatement. It scours your setup, finds all programs set to start at boot time, and lets you select whether you really want to let them run, and if so how long after boot it should wait before letting them go. I once had a terrible clog at boot time, but after a bit of experimentation with this program all is now well.



  • prema

    Ashraf- doesn’t soluto do a similar thing?

  • Ashraf

    Very nice tip Jeanjean! And don’t worry – your English is fine! (Although, I did make a few minor editing changes; I hope you don’t mind.)

    I believe WinPatrol and AnVir Task Manager do the same thing as Disable Startup: http://dottech.org/freeware-reviews/4809 and http://dottech.org/freebies/dottech-exclusives/7292.