[CC] Free PretonSaver Home Edition!

PretonSaver Home is a tool that allows users to save ink and paper when printing:

PretonSaver Home is a revolutionary software for home printing that helps you save money without compromising on quality.

It works with everything!

  • All formats: documents, presentations, photos – everything!
  • Any printer type: inkjet and laser jet printers
  • Any standard model: HP, EPSON, Canon, Lexmark,
  • Xerox…and more!


  • Adjust cost-saving levels for each print job between 0%-70%
  • Automatically omit pictures and graphics
  • Set your savings levels per format type (text vs. photo)
  • Comprehensive reports


  • Dramatically reduces toner and ink usage
  • Provides up to 70% cost savings while maintaining print quality
  • Prints more than double the pages per ink or toner cartridge
  • Easy to install, easy to use

System Requirements

  • 32 or 64 bit Operating Systems.
  • .NET 2 SP1 and up (relevant for Win XP).
  • At least 20MB of available hard drive space.

PretonSaver Home is available for free for non-commercial use only. You need to fill out a short form, and you will be e-mailed your license:

Giveaway/license page: http://www.preton.com/freelicense.asp

Download link: http://www.preton.com/Downloads/HomeStandard/last14/PretonSaverHomeEdition.exe (32-bit) or http://www.preton.com/Downloads/HomeStandard/last14/PretonSaverHomeEdition64.exe (64-bit)

Product page: http://www.preton.com/pretonsaver_home.asp

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  • jaccob91

    Hi can you Give me the serial of this program

  • John Comber

    After puttin gin licence it comes up with :=

    The Activity key has exceeded its allowed number of activities.

    It refused to work after the first time. This is very frustrating as I have used the free version for quite a while . Noe I have paid for the proper version it wont work!

  • S66

    @Donna Rae: I rolled back the installation when AVG warned me but when I restarted the computer the were annoying problems and I was told some images couldn’t load because they couldn’t find a .dll file. But all good after restoring to a earlier point. Hope program works good for you if not please come back and comment.

  • Donna Rae


    Same here. Avg wanted to send to vault and do a restart on PC. Am going to wait. Not sure what AVG is finding in the program. Although I would like to use it. It seems it is exactly something I could use!

  • s66

    AVG Antivirus 2011 calls it Malware so I’m following comments like yours.
    In theory it’s a great idea; IF its exacly what it says!
    I await more feedback. Thanks for your input jayesstee.

  • jayesstee

    Just spent one hour fighting PretonSaver Home.
    It appeared to install and register OK, but refused to find my printers. Then Win 7 refused to load apps. and blamed low avail memory in spite of CleanMem indicating usual less than 50% use. Outpost firewall questioned every thing.
    Tried to uninstall PretonSaver Home, but Revo and Win uninstaller couldn’t find it. Ashampoo Uninstaller 4 froze during uninstall. Finally used system restore, and removed all residue registry references manually. (Why are they still there after a system restore? Thank goodness for jv16 PowerTools Registry Finder!)
    So was it my set up or is this program a menace?
    P.S. My Outpost is still relearning, presumably there is an Outpost file that has been corrupted or deleted during the installation.

  • Karl

    I’ve been using this for many months (not sure how long .. 6 months?) and it works great. I think the quality will vary depending on the printer so experiment with levels to see what works best for you & your printer. Never used iPrint so can’t compare. Occasionally it won’t intercept the print request and the dialog doesn’t pop up allowing you to change the settings if desired but that’s only happened a few times after dozens & dozens of uses. When that does happen you just get your normal print levels.

  • Charles

    Finally figured it out. Had to stop Java from executing scripts.

  • Jimmy

    I have been using PretonSaver Home for a while, clicked on about says 100 days elapsed. Works well when my nephew wants to print school projects. One can enable or disable ink optimization.
    Thank you for reminding me it’s free, I can renew my license

  • Mario

    I’ve installed it about 4 months ago and now again. In both instances could not make it work, that is, there’s no way for it to even create an icon with which I can enter into the program and ask something. The services are loaded but when I send something for printing nothing happens. Will have to un-install it again. Pity, because for what I’ve researched it really works.

  • s66

    AVG Antivirus 2011 doesn’t like it. Says its Adware/Spyware so I didn’t install.
    Anyone prepared to say it’s absolutley safe?
    (Seems like a great idea, so it was a shame to stop installation, but I do hardly any printing so better safe than sorry.)

  • greg bern

    Just got support reply which was fast saying new ver is 1037. didnt say diff but will get. is a 1 yr lic.
    so will get this new one offerred.

  • Is this really better than the print qualities options of Windows ?

  • Mike

    Note: at least when I accessed the site last week, the free license is for 1-year. While I like free things, I dislike the idea that after you’ve been “hooked” for a year, you’ll have to uninstall the software if a new license is not then offered.

  • Charles Sullivan

    Gave up after 10 tries on the capchta code

  • Ashraf

    @greg bern: Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t taken advantage of this freebie so I don’t know what version it is – sorry!

  • greg bern

    have been using home edition for w7 64 for long time. easy to use and hard to tell diff on ink on paper at 35 percent . so get this if do alot of printing. the version is not listed . I have 1035.

    dont see on home page or download either. Mine says 118 days lapsed so I am thinking still have alot of days. but would like newer version if diff.

  • Ashraf

    @Ed: I haven’t tried this product myself but I believe PrintWhatYouLike and PretonSaver are similar but different. PrintWhatYouLike allows you to selectively remove content from a website (text or images) that you don’t want. PretonSaver helps you save ink/paper by printing multiple pages per sheet, not printing images, etc.

    In essence, I would say PrintWhatYouLike gives you more control but PretonSaver is faster and easier.

  • Ed

    Is this like the website Print What You Like or does it do more?

  • Ashraf

    Anyone know how PretonSaver Home compares to iPrint (http://dottech.org/freeware-reviews/13720)?