[CC] Free Sonic PDF Creator! (Facebook users only.)

Sonic PDF Creator is the following:

Professional, Secure PDF Creation

Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features you’ll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more.

What it Can Do For You

Reliable PDF Creation

  • Sonic PDF Writer creates PDF documents fast that are professional business quality.

Document security

  • Create fully secure PDF documents using leading edge encryption technology and by password protecting created documents.

Advanced PDF Editing Features

  • Useful editing features, such as: add waternarks, stamp text and images, add pages, split and merge PDF documents and more.

Features List

  • Create a blank one page PDF file and open it for editing with Sonic PDF Creator.
  • Open an existing PDF file for editing.
  • Open a PDF file from the file folder using the “open” or “open with” context menu.
  • Dragging a PDF file and dropping it into the Sonic PDF Creator program window will open the file in Sonic PDF.
  • Sonic PDF Creator supports opening and editing multiples PDF files at the same time.
  • Edit and save PDF documents using Sonic PDF Creator.
  • Create a new email using the active document as an attachment.
  • Print your PDF document out on a printer before or after editing.
  • Insert pages into the active PDF document.
  • Delete selected pages from the active PDF document.
  • For the selected PDF pages, rotate them 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
  • Change the original paper size of the selected PDF pages in the active PDF document.
  • Change the size of the PDF content in the active document.
  • Crop pages by adjusting the margins of selected pages in the active PDF document.
  • Add text or information, such as date, time, page numbers, bates number or the filename of the document, in the top or bottom margins of the active PDF document.
  • Stamp text on the active PDF document.
  • Stamp an image on the active PDF document.
  • Overlap several PDF pages onto one PDF page.
  • Create a new file or several new files using pages from the active PDF document.
  • Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file.
  • Attach a PDF file into the active document as an attachment.
  • Add bookmarks to the PDF document.
  • Re-arrange pages to make compact 2-up, double-sided booklets.
  • Combine multiple PDF pages onto a single sheet.
  • Set passwords on the active PDF document to protect the document from being opened or modified.
  • Modify title, subject, author, and keywords for the active document.
  • Enjoy one click PDF creation from your MS Office applications.
  • Sonic PDF Creator has a unique user interface that lets you be sure what type of PDF documents you are creating, either regular or secure PDF.
  • A variety of PDF compression options, including text and color images, to make your PDF documents extra compact for easy sharing.
  • Add watermarks to your PDFs for branding purposes.
  • Batch creation capabilities into PDF from a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML and a variety of image formats.
  • Split by page – split the output PDF file into some files, 1 page per file.
  • Stitch two adjacent PDF pages into one page.
  • Font/Color and Display options.
  • PDF to Text extraction capabilities.
  • Create PDF from over 300 Windows applications.

Sonic PDF Creator is being given away by Investintech on their Facebook fanpage. Unfortunately it appears you must be a Facebook user to get this freebie because you have to “Like” their fanpage then fill out a short-form. After you fill out the short-form you are e-mailed your registration pin code.

Investintech fanpage/promotion page: http://www.facebook.com/Able2Extract?v=app_4949752878

Download link: http://www.investintech.com/download/InstallSonicPDF.exe

Product page: http://www.investintech.com/products/sonic/prod_sonic.htm

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  • The information provided over here are appreciable. The PDF Creator is very demanding nowadays and is very necessary in business houses, educational field etc. There is another application available for this to create portable documents file or to convert the document(.doc, .xls, ,docx, .ppt etc) into PDF.

  • Herald Redds

    I wouldn’t join FaceCrook if you gave me a gold plated camel with Lucy Lu as the camel jockey!

  • janet


    The features listed are NOT editing features. Editing features allow you to make CHANGES to a document; the listed features let you ADD annotations, NOT make changes. The program is in effect just a VIEWER and PRINTER–all pdf viewer/printers have these basic annotation facilities. If you cannot alter the original document in any way, it is not an editor. This program is a real rip-off—PDF XChange Viewer (FREE!) has infinitely more annotation features!

  • Josh


    This is what the publisher’s website says on the first page. (You have to click on a link to get more details): “Useful editing features, such as: add watermarks, stamp text and images, add pages, split and merge PDF documents and more.” In fairness, they do not claim that it edits text, as in adding/deleting/changing words, but they also do not state that it does NOT do it. Instead, they just say “and more”.

  • dan

    What exactly kind of editing can SONIC PDF CREATOR do? After installation I cannot add/delete/change a word in the document !?! The company was very prompt in supplying the installation key but they need to explain in detail exactly what their editing is capable of.

  • Josh


    You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it. The basis of my remark was that a promotion should be as user friendly and ethical as possible. In fact, your reply mentions even more hoops to jump through. And, like you and the other hundred million non-Facebook users, I have no inclination to sign up.

    If this Facebook marketing ploy continues to grow, who knows what we will be forced to sign up for next or what other conditions will be added? It’s a known fact that these things have a way of evolving a growing and more demanding culture of its own on the Internet. The increase in Facebook promotions already indicates this.

    To tell others that you like something, without even seeing it, seems dishonest to me. How many people do you think will go back and change it to unlike? Will it not eventually affect the universal value of user opinions? Surely the publishers could use another, more ethical and less cumbersome method to exploit additional value for their generosity, apart from the “free” exposure they are already receiving?

    I have looked at the product description and noticed another problem ( one which is quite heavily emphasised by this publisher) that I have with many PDF utility publishers – the claim that they can “edit” PDF documents. Invariably this turns out to be a half truth when you read the fine print. I have always assumed that editing primarily involves changing the text or content in a document. It may be technically justifiable to say that adding watermarks, notations, etc., constitutes editing, but, again, this borders on misrepresenting the features of the product if it does not have the ability to change the text. Yes, I know you can convert most (unlocked) PDFs to Word to truly edit them, but it does not change the fact that the word play in the publisher’s description is somewhat misleading.

    Having said that, I’m not inferring that the particular publisher or their product is undesirable . I just don’t agree with the principles involved in this type of promotion. Numerous popular programs started out as free apps, easily downloadable everywhere, became famous and were eventually sold for profit or turned into popular commercial apps, based on their effectiveness, without the need for this questionable type of angling.

    Anyway, it’s a personal choice and too each his own.

  • Jackie


    I agree with Mike. I just use Facebook for the free offers. That’s it.

  • MikeR

    @janet: Thanks Janet for the clarification — much appreciated. The problems you’re encountering aren’t acceptable; you’re absolutely right to say that a commercial app of this nature should be able to manage vector files (and do so with ease.) As noted, my need is for Word doc conversions, and it’s fine for that, but a software marketed as this one is should be far more than a one-trick pony. Thanks again for the heads up.

  • As always, you have come through to save the day.

  • janet


    If all you need it for is Word docs, sounds like a good choice on the basis of your experience. Whether the images are full page or not does not make any difference–it will reproduce them the same. Most of my pdfs are made from within CorelDraw, and Sonic PDF seems to be hopeless on the vector parts, as well as on the text within the CorelDraw (= vector program) document. In other words, those who need it for graphics (vector graphics, not just images) will probably be disappointed…..A proper pdf reader or editor or converter should be able to handle vector graphics…..I might mention that this is the only pdf reader I have ever tried that was unable to read pdf’s made from vector files….

  • MikeR

    @Josh: Mike (t’other Mike!) has already answered your comment — and really, there’s no difference signing up to a disposable Facebook account as there is to a disposable email addy. Me, I can’t see what Facebook’s appeal is, but millions of others do. Also, I can’t be bothered to sign up to it even on a disposable basis. However. . .

    As I work quite a bit with pdfs, my son has allowed me to use his FB account for this promotion. He’s logged in, clicked the ‘I Like’ button — which, let’s be honest, is pretty meaningless: would YOU buy software just because someone you didn’t know had said ‘I Like’ on Facebook????? — and DL’d it to my PC. Job done.

    As to your remark about ‘having to fill a form in’ — huh? You would only have to open your disposable FB account once using a disposable gmail addy; the software developer doesn’t ask you to fill anything in about yourself.

    Re the product. The license key is sent very quickly but activating it is a mite clumsy because as soon as you open the app, a splash screen appears which effectively freezes the thing, meaning you can’t do any screen re-sizing so as to allow the developer’s email to sit alongside it and copy the code from there. But then, you can’t copy and paste anyway: in my case, the three fields required three inputs.

    So we finished up closing the app, writing out the license code on a scrap of paper, and starting again. So yes, I’ve known smoother ways of getting going.

    That said, my experience (limited so far, I admit) is the exact opposite of Janet’s at #1. I have a *lot* of pdf’d Word docs which include full page images. More to the point: the documents vary from portrait size to landscape size according to the images used. Although changing individual page formats within a Word document is easy, problems crop up when pdf’ing ’em with Bullzip, because — in my case — blank pages always appear in the pdf document wherever the original Word document has gone from a portrait page to a landscape page (or vice versa.)

    I’ve just run through a half dozen such conversions of Word docs and (a) the Sonic software rendered every one of them perfectly — including text/pix documents up to 36 pages in extent and (b) the Sonic software allowed the fast and easy cutting of all those unwanted blank pages between portrait and landscape pages.

    I’m now playing around with it some more but so far, have no complaints at all. The developer has been around for many years (it’s based in Toronto) so there’s no question over provenance (and no, the developer doesn’t attempt to sneak in add-ons during installation.) Whether or not it’s worth the Canadian (?) $70 retail, I’ve no idea — but as things stand, anyone who *seriously* needs to edit or manipulate pdf documents can hardly go wrong with a free offer such as this.

    Heck. . . I might even take out a disposable FB account myself if this is the way software product marketing is going nowadays.

  • Tom Davis

    I must say that’s not a very “professional” way of pushing their software. Having to sign up with a website and “Like” something before you even can honestly evaluate it. I’ll pass on this one…….

  • Mike

    I never get how much people rail against Facebook offers.

    It’s very easy to do:

    – after you Like an offer/person/company and obtain the offer, simply unlike the offer/person/company at your Facebook page, if you want; or

    – just keep a Facebook page for offers alone.

    Really, it’s very easy to do.

  • Josh

    Have to be a Facebook user AND have to fill out a form AND have to like them BEFORE you can get a key? Optimistic, but not a good start! Try again mr Investintech.

  • jimy

    Why is this for only those needy facebook using people?
    There are actually some of us that are not the needy types who visit this site.

  • janet

    VERY disappointing–it seems it can only open old or very simple files……:-(…….Graphics content comes out very poorly…..